iAR - 3D model decoration AR app for IOS

Look no further, our ARIOS comes handy with its brilliant 3D objects. Simply place the objects next to each other on the screen and see how it’ll look actually without moving it. The application is insanely handy! All you need to do is point your camera to what you need to makeover/place.

  • Service :

    Mobile app devlopment and design
  • Role :

    Multiple category AR, 360 degree rotate an object, Save image in your mobile gallery,Share your creation image) with your friends and family, Remove AR object, Zoom in and Zoom out,Rotate an object in left, right, up and down,Admob and interstitial ads implementation,Great for people who want to check whether and how the change will look, Friendly interface
  • Skill :

    .xib files , nib files

Select the 3D object you wish to place it and save your creation. We’ve rendered some of the most useful 3D objects that you can then virtually place where you like. Currently, we’ve handpicked a few ones from broad categories like fashion, home decor, and plants & gardening. ARIOS is easy to understand and has a simple interface. You can save the rooms you create or looks you assembled by selecting various outfit options.

Watch the demo