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Iqonic Design is routing for supporters like you who believe in consistent growth and understand quality.

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About Iqonic Design Donation Initiative

Being a team of passionate UI UX creators, we walk the extra mile to ensure you have the access to the best and most advanced UI design and supreme quality code to launch your web/app project in the easiest and fastest possible way. The free items or the lite versions of each Iqonic Design products are the result of undying love of UI UX, hours of research and code development cycles.

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Each dollar you donate on using our free products will go straight to the development of other community products which eventually you’ll be using today or tomorrow.

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Awesome experience, looking forward to trying the app so far im impressed beautiful Ui
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Checkout our Customers Success Stories!

Inspiration is contagious and so we wanted you to check out some of our customers’ success stories and feedback that literally made our day and still inspires us today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Donate

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You’re A Creator!

If you are a UI UX design creator, you know what all goes in. By donating a penny or more, you will help a fellow creator.

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We share passion

Passion runs deeper when it is celebrated and by donating a dollar or two will pass this feeling to us.

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We’re all human

Not quantitative, dropping any amount of donation is the humble gesture that makes all the difference.

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Monetary ‘Thank you’

A generous thank you for the service you receive is praiseworthy and as we’re connecting virtually, care to share a virtual “Thank you.”

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You encourage us

We all go through thicks and thins of life, when we’re drained of motivation, your modest gesture of donation revitalizes us.

Have Any Questions in Your Mind?

You have a question in your mind? Great, because we have answered a few frequently asked questions to get you sorted.

Not at all! Free Iqonic Design products are absolutely free for everyone. You need not have to worry about paying any amount to use these free Iqonic Design products. Donation is a voluntary gesture to appreciate our work by tipping us. 

We can take donations or payments in most currencies. Choosing base currencies USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, IRD, YEN, THB, etc.

DM us on Instagram, or ask us a question by emailing us on We would love to hear you out.