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Last Update:July 8, 2021
Created:July 8, 2021
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POSDash Lite | Free HTML Inventory Admin Template

Upgrade to PRO>> POSDash –  VueJS, HTML Inventory Admin Template

POSDash Lite is a clean and minimal styled Free HTML Inventory Admin Template. The significant Free HTML template for inventory management system offers overviews of key performance indicators as well as operational Business processes to manage, modify and optimize inventory most efficiently.

Geared up with SASS, Gulp, and Handlebars’ latest technologies; the Free HTML inventory admin template can speed up the development process.

With three main ready-to-use demos – Dashboard admin template, Product List Free admin templates, and Report admin template – POSDash Lite Free HTML template for inventory system is a complete package for industrial as well as corporate inventory management and reporting roles.

This clear and modern  Free HTML Inventory Admin Template is influential with its utility-driven inner pages like Products page to enlist each offering, Sales page for getting vital information on sales of the company, purchase page for purchase check and inventory management, categories page with appropriate categorization, returns page for managing and monitoring returns, reports page for analyzing the performance of other areas of department and overall company.  

Free HTML Inventory Admin Template | PosDash Lite| Iqonic Design free html inventory admin template POSDash Lite 01 min 1 free html template for inventory system free html inventory admin template POSDash Lite 02 min 1Free Admin Templates | Iqonic Design free html inventory admin template POSDash Lite 03 min 1

Upgrade to PRO

Dashboard Pages1818
Utilities Pages1515
SCSS filesNoYes
HTML VersionYesYes
Vue JS versionNoYes
React JS versionNoNo
Laravel versionNoYes
Premium SupportNoYes

Upgrade to PRO Live Demo

The first demo standout with a hand-on dashboard to overview revenue against the cost for some time during months of the year. It also comprises a Top products list which gives clear data on top-selling products and month-wise information on income and expenses as well as the detailed earnings from the order summary over the months.

With information on inventory purchases and returns, the Free inventory system admin template is handy and extremely functional.

The product list template demo is devised to manage each product variant and offerings according to product code, category, price, brand name, cost, quantity, and action. The reports dashboard brings an intuitive user interface for creating reports of sales and analyzing bestsellers and high-performing products. 

What Can You Do with The POSDash Lite – Free HTML Inventory Admin Template?

POSDash Lite Free HTML inventory admin dashboard template is ideally created for any stock management firms, product warehouses, and inventory storages, sales management agency or establishment, point of sales web-applications, and related industry domain. 

5 Official Reasons To Have POSDash Lite – Free Template for Inventory System

  • POSDash Lite – a Free HTML template for inventory system saves development time and costs to analyze company performance without having to run complicated software.
  • Tailor-make components of POSDash Lite Free HTML inventory admin template with ease and comfort to match specific project requirements. 
  • POSDash Lite, being an HTML template, can be integrated into existing systems without backbreaking work. 
  • POSDash Lite is one of the free versions of Free admin templates with all features and functionalities that are essential. 
  • A fully developed and power-packed premium version of inventory admin template POSDash is available with all functionalities of advanced level.
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