We’re on a mission to empower developers to build successful projects – super quick! .

IQONIC Design™  is a part of Braindora Technologies FZCO. Behind these awesome digital products is a team of 70+ passionate young and creative professionals. We are a madhouse of designers, explorers, thinkers, and tinkers who loves to build in web and mobile technologies. We design, code, and develop the most likely future in a way that is aligned to today’s requirements.

At Iqonic Design we believe in the power of community to drive universal learning & growth. Over the years we have utilized, accomplished, and skilled up using tons of community resources and projects. To contribute to the development community, we invest heavily in building products that are free, functional, and scalable.

We’re a technology-driven Web & App Designing and Development company serving products & solutions across the globe. As a team, we are committed to diversity, the inclusion of technology, and trends to make a better digital space. We aim to distribute and share most of our learning with the booming developer community by diligently investing in the creation of free & open source products for the community.

We Specialize in

Products we create are based on the solid framework which we cultured over several years. Every project is designed and detailed with the sole purpose of simplifying the development process for the creators like you. With all these years of experience under our belt, we go above and beyond the ordinary to create immersive digital experiences and stand strong as an ideal home to design inspirations.

Our work encompasses design, web & mobile architecture, and digital experiences. With the unique mix of practicing designers, innovative thinkers, and digital savvy coders in our team, whether they work together or independently, they are accustomed to produce the best of both worlds.

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