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The advancement in technology allows us to efficiently analyze productivity using data-driven dashboards. Hope UI Pro, a Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template, and UI Component Library, is the ideal solution for every Admin panel and Web App project, including Blogging Dashboards. These specialized dashboards run on metrics and KPIs, enabling you to measure data and break down larger numbers into small, informative chunks.

A well-defined metrics dashboard will enable you and your team to track the success of various campaigns, promotional tactics, and processes. Do you ever find yourself looking at your Blog frustrated to the bone to understand how analytics work? Don’t see the number of views as impressive as you expected? We have got you covered with Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library. The Bootstrap 5 Admin Template is made up of multiple Starter Apps and Modules including a Blogging Dashboard for personal as well as business blog analysis.

Blog metrics are surprisingly difficult for blog owners. Often blog owners track a few basic KPIs like web traffic, several views, and followers including some of the most professional marketers who fail to include Blog KPIs that hold significant impact.

Besides the numbers, bloggers and marketers even make the mistake of not allowing content enough time to be absorbed by the readers. It is essential to give time – days, weeks, and even months to gain traction on the blog. In this article, we have shared the top 10 Blog metrics and KPIs you need to keep a check on once you publish your blog.

1)  Website traffic

Analtsing Website traffic Using Blogging Dashboard

When they say Blogging dashboard, the first thing that strikes us is the traffic coming to the blog. Blog metrics will show the overall traffic the page receives over some time after it is published. Having a clear picture of how your Blog page is getting eyeballs every month will give a great insight into Blogging trends and topics to be covered in a particular phase of time.

2)  Lead demographics

Lead demographics Using Blogging Dashboard

Leads are potential customers who are readers of the blog. Having a basic interpretation of who are the leads or the demographics of your lead such as – Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Education, Relationship status, Income, Profession, Lifestyle, etc will help a marketer or a professional Blogger to craft the most relatable content that can add value to the Blog reader.   

3)  Social Media

Monitoring Social Media Followers Using Blogging Dashboard

As social media has progressively developed a role in more than just personal life, your potential customers might visit your social media and interact with you. Potential customers and even individuals, in general, are using social media to help them decide a product/service’s worth. Having a metric or a KPI to monitor the number of social media followers, and interactions will help you put in a place to plan the next promotional announcement that will reach the right set of audiences.

4)  Advertising

Tracking Advertising Goal Using Blogging Dashboard

Tracking a KPI for advertising goals gives you the latest and most accurate information that will help you make a data-driven decision in the future. Having a clear picture of the effects of an advertisement will help marketers and Bloggers plan content and product branding action plans. For instance, If you plan to run your Ad by capitalizing on your Blog as an authority and resource, an advertising KPI will show how many times your Ad is being viewed by the potential customer.   

5)  Promotional Campaign

Promotional Campaign Using Blogging Dashboard

Marketers today are very efficient in their digital strategy and they believe in setting clear KPIs for their campaigns considering the budget. From quality Ad campaigns to quality content, a lot of things depend on how the potential customer likes to understand the product/service offering. For instance, a marketer can decide that when a visitor spends over 20 seconds on a specific Ad campaign, you can safely define him as a high-quality seeker and email him the articles, media, and information that is relevant.

6)  Landing page performance

Landing page performance

Of your overall Blog traffic, how many can be attributed to the landing page of your blog will determine what information you need to remove from your landing page straight away. Adding a Blog KPI with landing page visits will give you a sense of the type of visitors you typically attract. For instance, a lot of traffic from an indirect source on the main landing page of your blog indicates that a higher proportion of your website traffic is from new visitors.

7) Successful Sign-ups

Successful Sign-ups

What kind of email sign-up form works for your users is likely to be different from what works for others. Having a great Sign-up form strategy – whether to offer a pop-up or ask them on the home page; is essential. What is even more essential is to know how many visitors clicked on the exit/cancel button and how many clicks were genuinely made with successful sign-ups. For a blogger or a marketer, it is highly critical to know how Sign Up is perceived by their visitors because this is the first step to entering the sales funnel.

8) Blog comments

Blog comments

Blog comments are the interaction that a visitor actively makes with the content/brand/product or service. Having feedback or input from a potential customer increases the overall conversion rate. Tracking how many comments a blog receives can become a deciding point of content and product your potential customer is willing to dive in.  

9)  Time spent on the site

Just like blog views per visit, the time spent on the site metrics helps indicate the overall appeal of your Blog page. A website blog page holds a lot of valuable information for the potential customer and how the marketer needs to ensure the visitor gets the most value out of it. Since the time on site, metrics are directly related to many other Blog Metrics.

10) Inbound links

Inbound links

Building inbound links is one of the most important SEO activities and monitoring how the inbound links are performing is tempting. Having a guest blogger post on your blog or you as an experienced Blogger posting on another ally’s blog page is now a way of connecting with a bigger audience and having a check on how many inbound links are generated and how many clicks you get on these links are essential to building better collaboration.


Unfortunately, the Blog metrics and KPIs are among the most important parts of SEO strategy and are one of the most commonly overlooked areas. Blog – whether a personal blog site or a business blog needs well-defined metrics and KPI evaluation to be able to track the campaign’s progress and make sure efforts are paying off to reach the ultimate goal. We hope this article will help you plan your Blog metrics and KPIs which you can add to your Blogging Dashboard.

A quick tip to measure the right Blog metrics and KPIs will always be this – setting realistic and measurable targets for anything you share in your blog. The most important takeaway from this post is to remember Blog metrics and KPIs are critical to analyzing different activities of your business – including the involvement of each department.

If you own or manage a Blog for yourself or your client, Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library comes at the close with its well-defined and smartly customizable Blog module which includes a Blogging Dashboard with customizable plugins, UI components, plugins, widgets, etc and Blog pages like main Blog page, Blog details page, Blog grid, Blog list, Trending blog, Comments list, Blog category, and other inner pages to launch a complete Blog Web App solution.  

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