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For a few, the thought of creating a mobile app from scratch sounds like an uphill task full of cliched, complicated, and irritating coding activities. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Before developing a new mobile application, you need to design it first. It’s critical to proceed with every step, and at some prong, you might want to recoil and inspect what you’re building.

If you have any business, then you need a mobile app. It’s no longer an option, but an essential requirement. A mobile app helps businesses stick out more customers, upgrade marketing strategies, endow value to the customers, increase brand consciousness, increase customer engagement and allegiance, and create one or more competitive advantages. Additionally, mobile apps can improve your bottom line.

When the average user spends more time looking at a mobile phone than watching television or using a desktop or laptop, what excuse does your business have for not having a mobile app?

The question arises, where and how to start to create a good application? But the answer is only one. You can start with Prokit – The biggest Flutter UI kit. You can start your first phase and the rest of the phase with this.

Basic App Design Process

The basic app design process consists of Setting the scope.User/market research, UX wireframe, Prototype, UI design in which you can use our UI kit so that You can save your time and skip to another step. The next is Animation, Software architecture, iOS development, and Testing, and the last step is Release.

We collected the optimal Flutter UI Kits or Templates for your next mobile application. Without further disturbance, Let’s have a glance at our biggest Flutter UI – Prokit list.

Prokit – Flutter App UI Design Template Kit

Prokit - Flutter App UI Design Template Kit | Iqonic Design

What is Prokit?

Prokit – UI Design Template Kit is the ultimate and most extensive library of app templates combined into a high-quality UI kit built for developers. Design different screens easily by customizing templates. Combine and edit any UI element, text, or image and launch your app in days.

As the name says, Prokit is the Biggest Flutter UI kit. It is the ultimate library of Flutter UI app templates combined into a high-quality UI kit for Android developers and iOS developers. 

The collection consists of app UI kits, full apps, and UI themes. This Flutter kit is designed in dark and light mode

Prokit – Flutter UI kit also has the most trending face unlock and biometric integration app UI. This biggest flutter kit is perfect for a business like e-commerce store apps, bus and travel booking apps, hotel booking apps, grocery delivery, and food delivery apps, online education and online learning apps, digital wallet apps, health and gym apps, movie streaming, and much more.

Prokit has several stunning ready-to-use widgets like scale transitions and floating action buttons. We have built Flutter UI kit elements and styles based on Material Design Guidelines. With its clean code and single code base, this set of mixed App UI kits, and UI themes, is easily your standalone solution.

Design different screens rapidly by customizing Flutter UI kits. Get this mix App UI kit, combine and edit any UI app kit, text, or image, save your time and efforts with these well-thought pre-designed and ready-to-use full apps and themes, and just launch your app. Prokit has everything you will need for a faster workflow and better results. 

Themes UI

Biggest Flutter UI Kit | Prokit | Iqonic Design

We have provided per-build 11 themes to save your development hours. The following are amazing themes for you:

  • File Manager Flutter UI Kit
  • Exercise Tips Flutter UI Kit
  • Food Recipe Flutter UI Kit
  • Feed App Flutter UI Kit
  • E-Wallet Flutter UI Kit
  • Gym Flutter UI Kit
  • Hotel Booking Flutter UI Kit
  • E-Commerce Flutter UI Kit
  • Music Streaming Flutter UI Kit
  • Digital Wallet Flutter UI Kit

Full Applications

ProkitThe biggest Flutter 2.0 UI Kit has an amazing set of design and layout features that can be used in your application.

QIBus – Bus ticket booking App Flutter UI

QIBus – Bus ticket booking App Flutter UI

Quiz – Quiz Flutter App UI

Quiz – Quiz Flutter App UI

Learner – Digital Learning app Flutter UI

Learner – Digital Learning app Flutter UI

Social – Social media Flutter UI

Social – Social media Flutter UI | Prokit | Iqonic Design

ShopHop – E-commerce Flutter UI kit

ShopHop – Ecommerce Flutter UI kit | Iqonic Design

Food App – Restaurant and Food Flutter UI

Food App – Restaurant and Food Flutter UI | Iqonic Design

Grocery – Grocery store Flutter UI

Grocery – Grocery store Flutter UI | Iqonic Design

OraPay – Payment app Flutter UI

OraPay – Payment app Flutter UI | Iqonic Design

Flix App – Movie and Video Streaming Flutter UI

Flix App – Movie and Video Streaming Flutter UI | Iqonic Design

SmartDeck – Online learning Flutter UI

SmartDeck – Online learning Flutter UI | Iqonic Design

Integration: Ready-to-use code integration

  • Before After Image
  • Google Sign In
  • Wave Widget
  • Signature Pad
  • Liquid Swipe Walkthrough
  • Event Calander
  • Confetti
  • TinderCard
  • Show Case View
  • Raised Buttons
  • Flat Buttons
  • Material Buttons
  • Outline Buttons
  • Floating Action Buttons
  • Facebook Reaction Buttons
  • Button with Progress bar
  • Card
  • Location Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Color Picker
  • BottomSheet
  • Range Slider
  • Shadermask
  • Like Buttons
  • Liquid to pull refresh
  • Folding Cell in ListView
  • Shimmer
  • Sticky Header in ListView
  • Toast
  • Snackbar
  • Google Map with Clustering
  • Google Map Sliding Panel
  • Razorpay Payment Integration

Dashboard: Single Pages

  • Food
  • E-Commerce
  • Furniture
  • E-Wallet
  • Hotel Booking
  • Laundry
  • Medical
  • Home Automation

Also, you can go through various and fully interactive ready-to-use Flutter widgets.

In conclusion, we have fully interactive themes, full applications, dashboards, and integration which are ready to use and ready to use flutter widgets. Prokit is the ultimate UI kit that any non-technical or fully novice user can also use to launch his/her project. Feel free to contact us for any questions and do not miss our special discount, preview, and insights on Design UI/UX trends by the experts. 

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