3 Solid Reasons Why Flutter Is The Future Of Mobile App Development


The world of mobile app development is constantly changing. With new technologies and paradigms emerging every day, developers need to be able to pivot their skillset as needed. Flutter DevTools is one such technology that has been making waves in the industry for its ability to create high-quality user interfaces for both Android and iOS devices. 

Flutter has received some very enthusiastic reactions from developers and founders all over the world. Its navigational drawer and hero animation are particularly praiseworthy.

According to Abin Baby, the widgets available in Dart Pub make app development a breeze.

Nearly 90% of the widgets they required for the first version of their app were readily available. In addition, the Hot Reload feature makes experimenting with user interfaces and fixing bugs a lot easier.

Is Flutter as Developed as it is Supposed to be in 2022?

Yes!! Flutter is the best option for cross-platform app development, with a market share of 42%. Every month, half a million developers use Flutter. Its single codebase and performance, similar to native apps, ensure rapid app development and smooth interfaces. Here’s how it keeps the ball rolling, with its new version sweeping the developers off their feet:

Here are three reasons why Flutter is the future of mobile app development.

High Startup Latency

The new release brings a lot of improvements in the startup latency of apps, showcasing a perceivable impact in the app development industry. Together, it can reduce the time to start up an app by 50% on low-end devices and a 10% improvement on high-end ones (tested on Google Pay).

Many enhancements in Flutter’s way of influencing Dart VM garbage collection policy ensure avoiding poorly timed GC cycles during startup.

Enhancing and Featuring Devtools

Debugging performance issues in Flutter apps can be difficult, but the tracing feature in Flutter DevTools makes it a bit easier. This feature helps developers identify UI jank due to expensive layout and paint operations.

It includes track widget builds, layouts, and paints as three main tracing features; when enabled, the timeline shows new events for each. Additionally, it also provides support for profiling the app’s startup performance.

Improves Web Performance

Flutter has made changes to web platform views that allow developers to host native UI components.

Hosting platform views in HTML elements with Flutter web significantly reduces the number of canvases being created. In previous versions, embedding a platform view resulted in the creation of a new canvas, which became expensive.

This release introduces a solution that allows developers to create multiple instances of canvases, which reduces the scrolling jank while using platform views. This ultimately avoids performance degradation.

Why Flutter is the Future?

There are many reasons why hiring Flutter developers is a good idea for app development.

Flutter DevTools

Flutter’s single codebase makes it an attractive choice for companies because it’s compatible with multiple platforms, which reduces development time and costs. Some of the most successful Flutter appsHandyman Service, Restaurant QR Menu, Ricetta like demonstrate the endless possibilities with this platform. 

Our team believes that Flutter is an ideal choice for your next project if:

You will need an app for both Android and iOS that has an exceptional user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). As a startup, you need to focus on launching your app quickly and efficiently.

We have developers who are experienced in following an agile methodology to ensure that projects are completed on time. You can also work with a consultant to help you develop a strategy and process that meets your needs.


Flutter has the potential to entirely change how mobile app development is done. It is very well supported by Google, offers great performance, and has an easy-to-learn SDK. If you are looking for a powerful cross-platform SDK that will make development fast and easy, then Flutter is the right choice for you.

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