5 Highlighting Features To Look For In The Modern Social Media Dashboard


Social Media Dashboard 

Modern Social Media Dashboard is a tool that can be used for harmonizing social media across multiple accounts, through a single interface. These dashboard tools are designed in such a way that they can manage multiple accounts at the same time on the same platform. 

Advantages of having a Social Media Dashboard 

  • Can manage all the Social Media activities through one dashboard
  • Shows all information in hand happening on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, linked in, and Youtube
  • The Modern Social Media Dashboard shows every little detail, which would inform you which platform is most engaged with the community. 
  • Can display the activity or feedback received through social media and can also show how much organic traffic is coming. 

Yes! I am a blogger so I do research, about the blog topics and get deeply informed on what would be beneficial for the community. So that’s why I have caught up with the Free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template that is Hope UI

Free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template | Hope UI | Iqonic Design

Below are the Top 5 features included in our dashboard – 

1) Revenue 

Revenue from social media reflects the exact amount of money you’re making specifically through your social media channels.

If you’re running campaigns for one of your e-commerce clients, you need to track this. Without a Modern Social Media Dashboard, it can be difficult to separate social revenue from other sources. Hope UI utilizes integration with Google analytics to show results

People use social media for different reasons. Knowing how much money you’re earning from each platform gives you an advantage against the competition since the same strategy won’t work with each group of followers.

If there’s a drastic difference between the revenue you’re bringing in on different platforms, you can tweak your approach and fine-tune it. 

2) Web Traffic 

Social media’s purpose is to bring traffic to clients’ sites. The Modern Social Media Dashboard shows the number of followers who have approached the client’s website through Google Analytics integrations.

This feature gives your clients an idea of how effective social media content is going to bring people to your offer. It is capable of pulling traffic from all social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit and etc

This number is good news for you and your client – it means that your CTA is effective and that your followers are engaged.

If you’re not seeing enough web traffic, take a closer look at your CTA to see what might be wrong. Keep in mind that some web traffic will come from people clicking on links in your profile bio, but most will come from asking them to visit your site. 

3) Posts statistics

Posting more often will risk making your followers annoyed. But posting less will risk being forgotten. So keep track of how you should post by analyzing your followers

Posting is a key deliverable while working with clients. The reason for tracking the number of times you post is to commit with your clients.

For example, if you have agreed on posting 3 posts per day on social media and 13 tweets per day on Twitter and that’s how you will make sure that you keep your word. The Modern Social Media Dashboard shows all figures for every account in a quick way and simpler way. 

4) Posts Feedback 

It’s important to stay up-to-date on what your competitors are posting, as well as what other businesses in your industry are sharing online. Hope UI makes it easy to keep track of all the latest activity across all platforms, so you don’t have to exit and enter different apps. 

Remember to post content that is interesting and engaging if you want to keep your followers’ attention. Pay attention to what is working well for other brands and try to replicate their successes. Use instantaneous market research to see what content is most popular and adjust your strategy accordingly.

5) Likes 

Posts on social media with more likes are seen as more successful. For business owners, this is an important engagement metric to track. More likes show that things are going well for a brand and that customers are reacting positively. 

However, potential customers may also look at the number of likes to decide if they want to trust a brand or not. If there aren’t If they come to your profile and only see a few like or not active then they would doubt your product or service. 

The main reason you’re not getting likes on your posts is that your content isn’t good enough. As you build an audience, their expectations of quality will increase. Keep providing the type of content they followed you for, and you’ll continue to get likes. If you’re not providing value, you won’t see any response, especially in the form of likes.

Mentioned, above are all the features that are a need for having a strong base on social media. And all these features are could be done quickly and easily with the Hope UI. Because Hope UI has been made for helping out the community


Modish features to look out for in the Modern Social Media Dashboard which would assist you in having a strong impact on the audience through social media. As mentioned above, will help you out exactly the way you need it to. 

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