5 Most Popular Complete Clinic Management Solutions 2024


Managing patient bills and appointments used to be chaotic in hospitals and clinics. No longer! Since the introduction of clinic management software, a structured procedure has developed. The best feature of this program is that it has decreased the use of paper while keeping all crucial data accessible in one location. Because prescriptions, bills, and other computations are kept digitally, the software has assisted with time savings. This makes it easier for doctors to focus on their primary duties.

Allow me to introduce you to the most popular complete clinic management solutions.  

1) KiviCare

KiviCare is a one-stop shop for all your needs related to clinic management. Because Kivicare comes with the whole ecosystem, this Eco-system is packed with Plugins, premium themes, and apps. Below is the item that is included in the Kivicare Eco-system. 

Plugins – 

KiviCare – Google Meet Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)

KiviCare Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin is a high-quality plugin that allows you to manage clinics and patients efficiently. The functional built Patient and Doctor Appointment Booking Using Google Meet Plugin is instrumental in making the advanced and widely popular integration of Google Meet possible. Consequently, this will enable you to provide better care for your patients.

KiviCare Pro – Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add On)

KivicarePro is a dope, Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on) for doctors. Optimize medical data using the EHR Management System for the WordPress site.  KiviCare Pro, an advanced Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on) is a cloud-based, EHR Management System for WordPress site solutions for small to large clinics, hospitals, or multi-specialty healthcare centers.

KiviCare – Zoom Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)

Kivicare is a super advanced Payment Gateway (Add-on) that allows for two-way integration. This means it’s perfect for doctors, medical professionals, healthcare providers, and anyone involved in the medical field. Kivicare allows you to provide remote patients with access to medical services using the latest Telemed technology.

WordPress Theme – 

KiviCare – Medical Clinic and Patient Management WordPress Theme

KiviCare is a top-of-the-line Medical Clinic and Patient Management WordPress Theme with everything you need for a modern-day complete Clinic Management solution. The bundle includes exclusive home pages for medical professionals, like the Oncologist landing page, Neurologist landing page, ENT Specialist page, Cardiologist landing page, and Audiologist landing page. Plus, users can opt from niche home pages like Clinic Management, Dental Clinic, Eye Care Clinic, Skincare Clinic, Fertility Clinic, and ENT Clinic.

Application – 

Kivicare Flutter 3. X App – Clinic and Patient Management System 

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular in the healthcare industry. Therefore, we have created the KiviCare Flutter 2.0 App – Clinic and Patient Management System. This app is perfect for doctors, patients, healthcare providers, Med-tech companies, and other related service providers. 

The KiviCare Flutter 2.0 App – Clinic and Patient Management System offers a unique dashboard that includes the ‘Doctor Module.’ This module allows doctors to keep track of medical records, appointments, diagnoses, and tests.

2) 10 to 8 

10 to 8 

A cloud-based service for booking and scheduling appointments called 10to8 is available for small to large organizations across numerous industries. Although not created with medical offices in mind, its capabilities are suitable for any practice seeking appointment scheduling software. It gives consumers access to a personalized booking website where they can make reservations, pay for goods and services, and view current bookings.

10to8 connects with Gmail, Outlook, iCal, and other calendars, and appointments are immediately synced with user calendars. Reminders can be sent to patients by email and text message. Users can save notes, surveys, and other patient information in addition to managing numerous calendars if necessary.

3) Pick a time

Healthcare workers can schedule or reschedule appointments based on availability, manage holidays or leave using labels, and manage any recurring medical appointment across various locations using Picktime’s online calendar. It enables customers to send personalized SMS reminders about forthcoming appointments to patients and personnel in an effort to lower the incidence of no-shows, double bookings, and late check-ins.

Picktime connects to a number of external platforms, including Facebook, WordPress, Stripe, Mailchimp, Weebly, and others. It enables businesses to request client feedback, delegate work to team members, and control access. Administrators have the ability to create, print, and download invoices that provide information about discounts, exclusive deals, or available goods. Additionally, it facilitates organizations’ ability to see revenues and services on a single dashboard.

4) Hospital AutoManager

Hospital AutoManager is a robust hospital management software. This software has some excellent features and modules. Moreover, this system provides a healthcare facility, a user-friendly dynamic website, a mobile-friendly application, a separate control panel, and 100+ more exciting features.

5) Setmore

It’s simple to connect with patients for no cost thanks to Setmore’s customizable online booking website. Practices can integrate the online appointment booking feature into their Facebook page or website.

On either a desktop or a mobile device, healthcare businesses can post availability and services provided, accept appointments round-the-clock, send automated appointment service reminders through email, and receive real-time information about any forthcoming medical appointments. An online calendar, a dashboard for employee hours and expenses, and push notifications are further features.

Users of the program can hold virtual meetings with clients thanks to the integration of Teleport. video. By adding a “book now” button to their website and social media networks, users may enhance traffic to booking pages.


In conclusion, a complete clinic management solution is essential today. It will be beneficial to combine a phone system for healthcare with a clinic management system. With the help of this technology, several developed nations have automated their medical sectors. Clinics and hospitals in India are quickly catching up and installing clinic management software for enhanced productivity and better services. You can read our enduring piece on the benefits of updating your clinic software here.

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