7+ Best On-Demand Handyman Flutter Apps of 2024


We are facing the continuous evolution of technology. The evolution of such technology has its own benefits for businesses. And such advanced technologies have turned our daily basis interaction and innovative approaches higher. 

Think about a situation where it is the weekend and you are sitting in the bed and you are lazy for cleaning your house. Now think if you have a magic wand that you can use for having an on-demand home services app

Talking about the On-Demand Services app!

This on-demand home services app almost always borders up with all digital marketplaces, which makes it easily accessible to a wide range of home services. These apps make it easy to work with on-demand home services, cleaning services, home maintenance, and on-demand cleaning services. 

Knowing that client bond becomes strong with us on basis of the service given, providers should keep up with 5-star service. 

Below are a few of the Best On-Demand Handyman Flutter Apps – 

1) Handyman Service – Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution

Handyman Service – Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution | Iqonic Design

Handyman is Flutter On-demand home service app with a complete solution. This Flutter home service app comes with multiple pre-designed and customizable UI screens.

Now launch your own mobile-based Handyman service flutter app with Handyman Service. It comes with easily customizable templates that let the dev community set up a service booking system to accept a booking from end-users to anywhere in minimal time. 

This Flutter Home Service App comes with multiple responsive pages like the Sign-In page, Sign up pages, Payment methods page, booking lists, service type demo, handyman detail page, coupon page, and many more. Such high-tech quality Handyman Service Flutter App allows you to start a booking service system in no time. 

Provider of the handyman service app can assign the task to the handyman and can boost the services. This Flutter home service app comes with a Laravel PHP admin panel to have the right insights from the admin dashboard. The assigned task of multiple roles like admin, service provider, handyman, and the customer using this app. Additionally, such apps support multiple languages and RTL support. This customizable, ready-to-use app offers light and dark theme support and pushes notifications to engage with clients in a more engaging way. 

Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution UI Screens In Package: 

  • Categories
  • All Services 
  • Service Details 
  • Provider Details
  • Booking Screens
  • Payment Screen
  • Coupon Screen
  • Review Screen
  • Dashboard Screen
  • Provider Screens
  • Listing Services screen
  • Service List Screen
  • And many more.

2) Thumbtack 


This app lets you book a handyman for an estimation of their work and time on an immediate basis. You can quickly grab the option to book a handyman from the app and easily hire the specific service.

3) Housejoy 


HouseJoy is a home maintenance service company that offers a variety of services to make everyday life easier. With its home-centric services, you’re insured by the app no matter if you’re building or renovating a house, doing interior design, painting, or cleaning. 

HouseJoy offers a variety of other services not offered by its competitors, such as qualified and background-verified professionals, that make it the top of the charts.

4) Urbanclap 


Urban Clap is the world’s largest provider of home services, connecting customers with service professionals to fulfill their daily needs. It is an emerging online marketplace for local services, allowing you to hire reputable home services such as yoga instructors, plumbers, cosmetic artists, massage therapists, electricians, and more. This app connects you with a range of specialists that can come to your house or office, so you can easily find and choose the services you need.

5) Mr.Right 


Looking for a trusted professional to help around the house? Mr.Right has you covered, with over 300 home-related services available at the touch of a button. From house cleaning and TV repair to packing and moving services, Mr.Right is your one-stop shop for everything home-related. Plus, with verified professionals in your area, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service. So why wait? Download Mr.Right today and get started on making your home a happy, healthy place.

6) KnockNok


No matter what problem you’re facing, KnockNok can help. With everything from appliance repair to home repair, remodeling, plumbing & heating, and pool care, KnockNok is the ultimate solution. And with our convenient chat feature, you can get help solving your problem in no time. So why wait? Try KnockNok today!

7) Urban Company 

Urban Company 

Urban Company, formerly known as Urbanclap, is a leading marketplace for at-home services. Services ranging from beauty and wellness for women and men to house repairs and maintenance, such as air conditioning service, electrician, and carpenter, can be booked using the app. In addition, it also provides health-at-home and cleaning & pest control services. With more than 50+ services offered and 5 million customers served, Urban Company is your go-to for at-home service needs.

8) Angi 


If you need help finding quality, cost-effective home improvement professionals, Angi is a great option. With 500+ categories to choose from, including home remodeling, renovation, repair, cleaning, and more, you can find the best price for the services you need. Plus, you can read ratings and reviews from other users to ensure you’re getting a reliable professional. Payment is quick and easy, so you can confirm your service and get started right away.


On-demand home services apps are becoming more and more popular. They are a great way to get the services you need without having to wait. This article listed some of the best on-demand home services apps. To stay up-to-date , subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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