8 Best Data Visualization Plugins Every Digital Marketer Needs To Know About


Data visualization is the process of representing data in a graphical or pictorial format. It is an important tool for understanding and communicating complex information. There are many different software programs and plugins available for data visualization.

WordPress plugins can be extremely helpful in boosting your digital marketing efforts. With so many plugins available, it can be tough to know where to begin. However, by carefully selecting plugins that fit your specific needs, you can greatly improve your website or blog’s marketing potential.

In this blog post, we will discuss 8 of the best data visualization plugins for digital marketers. 

1) Graphina – Data visualization WordPress plugin 

Graphina - Data visualization WordPress plugin  | Iqonic Design

Graphina is a great Elementor Charts and Graphs plugin that enables you to create all sorts of charts and graphs. It is essential to have both good data consumption and data visualisation for any site owner. 

With a community of over 57k+, it is one of the most essential plugins for Elementor.

Graphina is a powerful WordPress chart plugin that makes it easy to display data in a visually appealing way. Elementor charts and graphs are highly customizable, allowing you to create the perfect graph or chart for your website. These plugins are essential for business owners and presenters who need to create reports.

  • 1000+ Variations 
  • 15+ Unique Charts 
  • 100+ Customization Options 
  • Data-Driven. 
  • User-Friendly. 
  • No coding Knowledge is Required. 
  • Multiple Google Fonts.
  • Real-time Customization.

Reasons to choose Graphina  

  • Creating graphs and charts is quick and easy with Graphina. This WordPress plugin is free and user-friendly, making it a great choice for bloggers and businesses alike. With Graphina, you can create graphs and charts in a variety of styles, making it easy to understand your data.
  • Graphina’s responsive and animated charts are amazing! They look great no matter how you view them.
  • Graphina is a library of charts and data visualisation tools that make it easy to embed charts into articles without any technical expertise. With Graphina, you can quickly create beautiful, informative charts for your blog or website.

2) Hubspot


If your organization is using HubSpot’s CRM and connected tools, you’re in luck! HubSpot’s WordPress plugin allows you to connect your WordPress site to your HubSpot account, so you can use all of HubSpot’s marketing automation tools for your WordPress site.

With this plugin, you can run ads, manage pop-ups and forms, use live chat, create content, or analyze the metrics of all of these things easily within WordPress.

3) Jetpack 


Jetpack is an amazing WordPress plugin that not only provides integration and SEO tools but also automates security for your WordPress site! With features like attack prevention, site backup, malware scanning, and secure login, Jetpack is an essential plugin for any WordPress site owner.

4) OptinMonster 


OptinMonster is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you generate more leads and grow your contact lists. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, you can easily create beautiful pop-ups and forms to collect information. You can also integrate this plugin with your other email campaign software for even more efficiency.

5) NinjaKick 


The Ninja Kick WordPress digital marketing plugin is an interesting way to keep your site visitors engaged with your content. By providing a side-scrolling form animation that is present on every page, it allows users to fill out your contact form without even leaving the page they are on. This can improve communication and website clicks, as users will not have to leave the page they are on and can immediately continue what they were doing.

6) SEMRush


This WordPress digital marketing plugin is handy because it provides users with an overall score for their content, as well as a readability score, recommended keywords, and more. In addition, it does basic grammar checking to make sure your content’s tone is even, your content is not plagiarized, and that all of your links work properly!

7) Canva 


Canva is a versatile tool for designing graphics, and their WordPress plugin makes it easy to create these graphics directly from your WordPress site. With access to millions of images, layouts, and graphics, you can easily create beautiful images for your site. Once you’re ready, your design will be automatically inserted into your WordPress post, making it quicker and easier than ever to have an attractive and engaging website.

8) Drip Email

Drip Email

Drip Email is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to do all kinds of email marketing from right within your WordPress site. It easily integrates with your Gmail account, so you can build contact lists and convert site visitors without any hassle. Plus, it’s customizable to fit your business needs.


In conclusion, data visualization is a valuable tool for understanding and communicating complex information. There are many different software programs and plugins available for data visualization, including WordPress plugins. By carefully selecting plugins that fit your specific needs, you can greatly improve your website or blog’s marketing potential.

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