8 On-Page SEO Tips To Rank Your Website On Top Search Pages


There is no reason to feel intimidated about SEO for your business. Whether yours is a startup or a local brand, you have to draw your attention to this crucial strategy. In this blog, we show you how SEO is not only for the big leagues but for each one of you who wants a better and more meaningful online presence.

We have outlined different small business SEO tips we recommenced by coordinating with the industry’s experts. It’s time to find your place in this digital landscape with SEO tips and actionable notes to start ranking today.

Having a local SEO Audit is important to know whether your WordPress website is getting the maximum benefits from the SEO or not. Many times, business owners misunderstand local SEO has to be short, easy, and least time-consuming, but it’s not. Optimizing for local SEO has multiple things that you need to consider.

We have got you covered with the major checklists that can help you to boost your local business without expanding your marketing budget.

8 On-Page SEO Tips To Rank Your Website On Top Search Pages | Iqonic Design

On-page SEO Tips For Online Business

1. Home, About & Contact Pages of Website

The home, about, and contact pages are those pages that every visitor checks as soon as they enter your website URL. Start optimizing these pages with all the relevant information about your company and what your customers find useful.

Tip: The contact page can be optimized simply by adding the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) fields correctly. Many local businesses don’t have the NAP properly listed on the website and they lose SEO benefits.

2. Footer

Just like we optimize the header/banner page and menu section on a website template, a local SEO tip is to make sure you are also adding more information to the footer. Add links to important pages in the footer or if you have multiple locations, then you can also mention this thing in the footer. And interestingly, adding the correct footer optimization leads to 50% more conversions.

3. Click buttons of Phone & Map Navigation

As we have all been hooked up with a mobile-optimized website or a responsive website template layout, always add the option to click to call feature on your number field. Your customers search a query using their smartphones, it becomes easier for all to click and call a business. Along with it, if you add a Google map near the address, it will help you strengthen your local SEO.

4. Consistency on the Web template

Web templates will make or break the look and feel of your website. Make the best first impression by choosing our well-thought and resourceful WordPress themes. Not keeping the name, address, and phone number across all touch-points is one of the biggest reasons why businesses don’t rank in local searches.

Our pro tip is to keep the NAP details consistent across all the listing sites and social media platforms.

5. Meta Description & Tags

Meta descriptions & tags include title tags, image alt tags, and Meta descriptions, all of these are very important for improving a site’s ranking in the search results. When it comes to local SEO, the Meta description & all meta tags need to be optimized with correct details and updated contact details. If you have multiple pages for different locations, make sure the Meta tags are also different for each one.

6. Mobile Responsive

It is obvious to say, even search engines emphasize the mobile versions of websites as most people begin their search on their smartphones. Your business website needs to be fluid mobile responsive and it should work seamlessly across the devices. Check out our stunning collection of Mobile responsive fluid website templates that are taking over the trend and are loved by people like you.

7. Outbound Links

Besides having a good internal linking structure, it’s also important to focus on creating a good outbound link reputation for getting better rankings.

Tip: Find opportunities in your blogs where you can link to external local links to gain more authority among the audience. Each of our popular Website themes has a dedicated Blog page layout which helps you with the on-page SEO organically.

8. Call to Action buttons

Irrelevant to whether you are running a local business or a multinational company, you need to pay special attention to the call to action. The more precisely you design the CTAs, the more conversions you will make on your site.


These are some important things that you need to keep in mind if you want to excel in the on-page local SEO for your business. If you aren’t a technical SEO expert, with these on-page local SEO tips and our listed award-winning website templates, you can optimize your business website to the next level.

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