8+ React Admin Template of 2024


It’s 2024 and react admin templates has become one of the most popular face for front-end web development. With such smart minds, technology has evolved with time as does React Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component and the way developers are building websites. This collection of templates is convenient and easy to use.

React Admin templates from this collection are shared with you has a wide range of features and benefits that can complete your project in minimal time.

This collection of premium react admin templates are packed with limitless features. Such features are divided into interface elements, components, widgets, menu styles, and customizing. Pre-built templates that are ready to be added with your own custom page layouts by using the library. With such high-quality design and presentation styles, it always portrays an important aspect of visual appearance.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 8+ react admin templates that are currently available on the market.

1) Hope UI (Most Popular)

Hope UI - Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component | Iqonic Design

Hope UI is a React admin dashboard template updated with the latest UI UX design trends. It’s free for the developer community, and it comes with a creative design system that can suit any business project. The template includes special pages like a timeline, kanban board, calendar, pricing page, and billing page.

Updated with the coolest UI UX design this React admin template. This Hope UI is the key thing for the community that comes with a modish and unique design that is suitable for every project. This react admin panel has multiple responsive pages like special pages, authentication, users, and utilities. Multiple users layouts like user profile, add user, and user list.

But this does not end here, Hope UI also comes with –

Top 5 Benefits of having Hope UI - 

What can be built with Hope UI?

Hope UI is a react admin template that comes with a wide range of widgets and components that are in need for creating dashboards that can fit your project perfectly. Such a user-friendly interface can be managed and monitored easily. With the Live Customizer, anything can be easily integrated into web solutions in a few clicks. 

2) Architect UI (Popular)

Architect UI

Architect UI, a React dashboard template that not only specializes in design but also in functionality. This template is to choose from in the kit, all of which are mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, and retina-screen friendly. Architect UI delivers multiple dashboard samples that you can use and improve until they match your application best.

Architect UI is an admin web design with limited integrations, voluminous elements, tools, improved navigation, and lesser whitespace. Architect UI comes with  150 components, multiple button styles, multiple dropdown styles, icon packs, etc.

3) EasyDev (Popular)


EasyDev is a React dashboard template with some good features. With clean code and in-depth documentation, set up an admin dashboard for your site. For your information, EasyDev can be used with both web and mobile applications that quickly adapt to your needs.

In the solid kit of goodies, you will find a wide range of UI elements that you can use however you want. Moreover, EasyDev has a dark and light layout and many inner pages.

4) Skote


Skote is what you need for the application. Multiple layouts can be utilized instantly. One can choose a dark or light version. Skote has an RTL option available too.

Sketch has files, box icons, data tables, and google fonts. Boost workflow through skote and create an amazing react admin dashboard.

5) Poco


Poco comes with an expressive creative design that has modish trends. With such high-tech features, you can drop an impressive site. Poco comes with multiple applications with 4 cards, 40+ components, and 150+ page layouts.

Poco has all the necessary things for creating any type of web application and site. So now are you ready for building react admin dashboard template then Poco is the perfect choice for you.

6) Shreyu


Shreyu is a sophisticated and professional react admin template. With such an easy customizing admin template. It comes with multiple home pages and inner pages with amazing layouts that are easy to use and get-to-go pages. Shreyu has multiple updates and is way too adaptive. 

Shreyu has a creative admin panel. With such interesting elements, one can customize with shreyu easily. What can I say shreyu is one of its own kind. Shreyu has multiple apps, custom pages, forms, charts, and projects. Shreyu comes up with your convenience.

7) Veltrix


Veltrix comes with simplicity and flexibility with its own key characteristics. This template two modes that are light and dark mode. Wide range of layouts that are responsive to every screen size. Veltrix also comes with vertical and horizontal menus that are easy to use and way too smooth.

Veltrix will assist you in building admin dashboard which is very easy. Such a fully responsive design site looks good on every device. So veltrix is easy to manage and maintain your application to create a project like a professional.

8) Wieldy

Wieldy has its own reliability and comes with the key facts that are necessary for an admin site. Such react admin dashboard is built with high-tech tools. Wieldy’s features are user-friendly and come with effortless web design.


Wieldy has multiple predesigned pages, PSD files, 50+ components, widgets, and built-in apps that look gorgeous.

Wieldy has multiple color styles, fonts, google maps, calendars, custom icons, and many more. So do not worry if any visitor has a picky taste. Utilizing its outstanding features comes with unlimited possibilities. 

9) Isomorphic


It is a super clean website dashboard with an amazing design and colors. It comes with complete documentation which explains both way developers’ and users’ points of view too. With clean sections that have neat colors. Change the element of your template. The purpose of this template has a good interface that assists you in developing elegant interfaces easily.

Multiple elements that this template offers, will assist you in creating your project as fast as possible.


Multiple options are available in this collection. That is a pre-designed react admin template. But this collection has been gathered through hard work and utilizing this React Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component. Personally, I found Hope UI and Easy-dev easy to use and comes with unlimited features that assist in creating amazing admin dashboard/applications.

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