July 14th - 20th, 2024

HTML Admin Dashboard Templates: The Most Simplified and Sophiscated Template for your Project


Design trends are evolving with time and admin dashboards are a thing of beauty to see and adopt for your web project. We are more excited than ever to introduce Vito – Vue, Laravel, HTML Admin Dashboard Template and Sofbox Admin – Vuejs, Laravel, Angular 8, React, and HTML Admin Theme. Vito and Sofbox Admin dashboard templates demonstrate a sophisticated and simplistic look. Due to the increase in the use of mobile apps and the versatility of Bootstrap and other frameworks, admin dashboards definitely need enhanced user experience.

Sofbox Admin – Vuejs, Laravel, Angular 9, React, HTML Admin Theme

We love the designs we’ve built over the past month. Sofbox – Vue JS, Laravel, Angular 9, React, HTML Admin Templates have the power, functionality, and adaptability of the VueJS, Laravel, Angular 8, React, and HTML frameworks. Sofbox  Vuejs Laravel Angular 9 React HTML Admin Theme is the 1st of admin template with Skeuomorphic SoftUI.

The Vuejs Laravel Angular 9 React HTML Admin Theme comes with different variants – Dashboard Light, Dashboard Dark, SoftUI UI Rose Gold, and SoftUI Silver. The template vividly has apps like Target analysis dashboard, performance dashboard, data analytics, tracking dashboard, web analytics dashboard, Patient profile dashboard, ticket booking dashboard, horizontal menu, and much more. And without saying, you get a cool color scheme and an amazing deal of UI elements to choose from. 

Vito – Vue, Laravel, HTML Admin Dashboard Template

HTML Admin Dashboard Templates

Vito – Vue, Laravel, HTML Admin Dashboard Template which is more of a business-centric template with subtly designed UI comprising dark shades of black. The template comes with clean and ready-to-use demos with variants in the dashboard, like the Compact dashboard (dark and light) and the Standard dashboard (dark and light). Comprehend your project with powerful apps like video conference, eCommerce, Social Apps, To-do apps, project management apps, Email dashboards, calendars, user management, and so on.

Vito is developed in Vue, Laravel, HTML Admin Dashboard Template. The overall style has a high-contrast UI which makes it easy to navigate. And just as we know how the number of mobile users is increasing at a high rate, Vito is built responsive in nature. It just gets great on smaller screens. 


We ensure both of these templates are efficient enough to take care of most of your admin panel design needs. Along with the premium customer support from the creator team, Sofbox Admin and Vito offer additional features for the upscale. Go ahead and reach us at

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