Easily Setup Telemedicine And Payments Functionality Right Into Your Website


Kivicare –  Telemedicine Plugin is a popular video conferencing tool that can be used for providing online consultation services. It is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that can be used by clinics and patients for real-time video and audio communication.

This WooCommerce Payment Gateway with Google Meet Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily integrate Google Meet Telemedicine into your website. This Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin enables you to provide consultations to your patients via video and audio conferencing. It also allows you to manage your patients’ appointments, payments, and medical records. 

If you are a clinic or healthcare provider who is looking for an easy way to provide telemedicine services, then this plugin is for you!

Want to know how did we created such an amazing Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin? 

We have gone through the deep research in the world of telemedicine and we have came up with this top features that helped in creating this best Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin – Kivicare. 

Following are the features that will Easily setup Telemedicine and payments functionality right into your website. 

1) Video Conferencing

This two-way communication system enables doctors and patients to have real-time interactions over a secured internet connection, whether it be wired or wireless. This is so important because it allows for face-to-face interactions on a computer or mobile device with high-quality audio and video.

2) Instant Chat Messaging

This amazing feature lets doctors fire off text-based messages to patients in real time before, during or after an appointment. Not only that, but these messages are secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations so you can be sure that your practice is keeping everything above board.

3) Clinical Documentation

Remote Patient Management Plugin for WordPress is frequently equipped with ways to simply document crucial clinical information, for example clinical tests, trials, or medical treatments. During medical exams, fill out key information about patient symptoms to devise the optimum plan for your patient.

By utilizing the secure clinical documentation features, you can help to maintain patient data security and keep the data clean. This is preferable to using pen and paper or keeping a separate document, as it eliminates the risk of data breaches or errors.

4) Encryption and security protocol

Data security features, such as encryption, make it possible for us to keep sensitive patient data safe and private for all our online consultations. Telemedicine software must remain HIPAA compliant in order to follow government regulations.

5) Virtual Waiting Room

Many telemedicine systems have patient-friendly features like customizable sites and digital appointments. patients can view where they are in line and an estimate of how much time is left before their video starts.While they wait, they can view any educational materials you might want them to, such as videos or pictures. This helps to optimize the waiting experience and ensure that patients are prepared for their visit.

6) Scheduling

Many patients appreciate the ability to schedule their own telemedical appointments online, without having to rely on staff availability. This can help reduce the number of missed appointments, and provide a more convenient experience for patients.

7) Electronic Health records

When looking for a telemedicine solution, it is important to find a system that will automatically send your clinical documentation notes to your primary EHR. This will save you and your staff time and worry by avoiding having to take notes twice.

8) Billing

Integrating your telemedicine and billing solutions is key if you want to make sure your practice continues to receive Medicare reimbursement. Making sure your telehealth appointments are coded correctly and submitted in a timely fashion is essential to prevent any disruptions in your workflow.

Somethings to know about Kivicare - Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)

KiviCare – Telemedicine plugin

Kivicare’s Telemed and WooCommerce Payment Gateway features make it an ideal solution for doctors, medical professionals, and healthcare providers looking to improve patient care. By connecting medical providers with patients remotely, KiviCare helps to improve communication and coordination of care.

This Video Consultancy Clinic Management Plugin has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry by change the way doctors, surgeons, hospital nurses, clinical administrators, and all other medical service providers communicate with their patients. 

The KiviCare Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) plugin provides key features like Video Consultancy to communicate with patients and appointment sessions for doctors and patients. KiviCare’s Zoom Video Patient Consultancy Plugin is perfect for conducting high-quality Zoom sessions with remote patients.

Our Telemed and WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin provide the most comprehensive healthcare solution with a remote patient management system for WordPress. The premium Telemed plugin gives users the most convenient remote patient and doctor experience with two-way interactions that are better and effortless. With the smart WooCommerce Payment Gateway integration, users can check the availability of doctors and book appointments for clinics or hospitals.


If you are looking for an easy way to add telemedicine capabilities to your website, Kivicare –Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) is the right solution for you. Our plugin makes it easy to provide telemedicine services to your patients, and our deep research into the world of telemedicine means that you can be confident you are getting the best possible solution.

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