Flutter 2 Release – What’s New In Flutter 2.0


Flutter 1.0 won the hearts of the developers’ community in terms of reduced code development time, rendering engine, better time to market, and more. Numerous new apps were conceptualized and brought to life. Despite this, some major glitches surfaced in Flutter technology, which then led to the advent of Flutter 2.0

Flutter 2 release has sprung a lot of excitement around it. Flutter 2.0 is everything that Flutter 1.0 wasn’t or failed at. A large Flutter Apps community of developers can swear by this fact and jump on it.

Start creating your next Flutter Application with the newly upgraded Flutter framework. Here are the main features of the all-new Flutter 2.0

  • Web Support
  • Null Safety
  • Desktop Support
  • Flutter Folio: Platform Adaptive Apps
  • Google Mobile Ads plugin for Flutter
  • Expansion and improvement of iOS features
  • Autocomplete and Scaffold Messenger
  • Flutter Fix
  • Updated Flutter DevTools
  • New: Google Pay and Apple Pay plugin

Web Support

Flutter web support has transitioned from the beta channel to the stable channel. With this stable release, the code reusability supported by Flutter leveled up to the next level. Hence, when a developer builds a Flutter app, the web can also be supported. When you create a Flutter app in the stable, the web is just another device target for your app.

Null Safety

To avoid null errors, Null safety is one of the important concepts and major productivity features in the programming language that simply helps developers. Null safety is an outstanding addition to the Dart language, which further strengthens the type system by differentiating nullable types from non-nullable types. This enables developers to prevent null errors that occur during development. Sound null safety is completely supported in a stable as of Flutter 2, which contains Dart 2.12.


Flutter desktop support is obtainable in the stable channel. It includes several key things like accurate mouse dragging, text selection pivot points, a built-in context menu, etc.

The Scrollbar widget is updated to offer the interactive features that are required on the desktop, which include the ability to drag the thumb, click on the track to page up & down, and also to exhibit a track when the mouse hovers over any part of the scrollbar.

Google Mobile Ads for Flutter

Flutter 2.0 also has support for Google Mobile Ads. This plugin provides native ads and inline banners with the existing overlay format. The Developers can easily customize the advertisements with the help of Admob and Ad Manager.

Flutter Folio: Platform Adaptive Apps

Flutter supports Linux, macOS, and Linux as well. A basic question often arises: how do you write an app that adapts perfectly to multiple different form factors (small, medium, and large screens of devices), varied input modes (i.e. touch, keyboard, and mouse), and various idioms (mobile, web, and/or desktop)? To get an answer to this question for ourselves as well as for Flutter Developers everywhere, we authorized the Flutter Folio scrapbooking app.

Expansion and improvement of iOS features

In Flutter 2.0, a few widgets have been added to Ios Cupertino. A CupertinoSearchTextField offers the iOS search bar UI. The CupertinoFormRow, CupertinoFormSection, and CupertinoTextFormFieldRow widgets help in generating validated form fields with sectioned visual aesthetics of iOS.

Autocomplete and ScaffoldMessenger

The AutocompleteCore describes the minimal functionality required to get auto-complete functionality into your Flutter app.

The ScaffoldMessenger helps in the easy creation of SnackBar for the action between the Scaffold transitions.

Flutter Fix

Flutter Fix helps to enhance the framework by a huge community of developers without any changes in Flutter API. A command-line option to the dart CLI tool called dart fix knows where to look for a list of deprecated APIs and how to update code utilizing this API.

By performing the following command, you can see entire fixes we know about how to make across your entire project:

$ dart fix –dry-run

If you would wish to apply these fixes interactively in your favorite IDE, you can do that, too – all seamlessly.

Flutter DevTools

In Flutter 2.0, The DevTools is a tool that should be used for debugging your Flutter apps. A FlutterDevTool will allow IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, and Android Studio to help developers with debugging by checking for exceptions. The FlutterDevTool can recognize images that have a higher resolution.

New: Google Pay and Apple Pay plugin

Flutter 2.0 also has support for Google Pay and Apple Pay. The pay plugin is used for Google Pay and Apple Pay. The developers can easily implement the payment feature on their projects.


As Flutter gained massive popularity and an affirmative attitude among the developer community, it has arrived at healthy partnerships with big companies too. There are key industrial associations of Flutter such as,

  • Flutter has partnered with Microsoft to offer foldable support, highly useful for devices like a surface duo.
  • The publisher of Ubuntu – Canonical uses Flutter as the default selection for their mobile and desktop apps.
  • The world’s best-selling automaker giant, Toyota, plans to use Flutter to power their infotainment systems that provide the abilities of Flutter in an entirely new dimension.

These Flutter advancements prove that this framework has huge potential compared to others. It is highly recommended to build your future projects with Flutter technology.

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