How Can Data Visualization Improve Healthcare Decision-Making?


When they say little things mean the most, have you ever wondered what are these little things’ count? In the world of digital data forest, how exactly will you find your ‘little thing’? We are under the influence of the most powerful era of Data Visualization – in work and life. In general definition, Data visualization is a pictorial or graphical representation of data to analyze and understand trends in a specific business domain.

Working with an elephantine amount of data and communicating a clear picture in a visual context is setting trends in this big data generation. Every industry from e-commerce to financial institutes, and hospitals is now looking to leverage data visualization to maximize efficiencies in decision-making. 

Effective deployment of Data Visualization strategies can bring bounty to businesses and service providers.

Data Visualization in Healthcare Domain 

Data Visualization in Healthcare Domain | Iqonic Design

Healthcare being the most significant revenue-generating domain industry is now the most evolving, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data technology-driven prospective industry. Recent research reveals that Big Data in healthcare will be increased by $34.27 Billion in 2022. The rise in the number of data increases the risk of being lost in the pool of relevant data to help facilitate medical assistance to patients through efficient decision-making by professionals. 

How Data Visualization Can Impact & Improve Decision-Making 

Data Visualization in Healthcare Domain | Iqonic Design

Data Visualization strategies help healthcare professionals communicate effective results from analyzing the data. From patient satisfaction ratings in a Bar chart, staff, and operations trends in a Line graph, the effectiveness of healthcare in a Pie chart, and so on, Data visualization unifies diverse medical data from all sources and transforms it into visual content in the form of infographics and mini-infographics, charts, data tables, timelines for patients data, scatter plots and more. 

As today’s Healthcare system collects and tracks gigantic amounts of information around the clock, a need for Electronic Health Records (EHR) comes into play to save all the necessary healthcare data. Having access to data isn’t just enough to save lives. To deliver life-changing decisions, healthcare professionals need to visualize their data in a very precise and clear form. This not only improves healthcare system solutions but also makes sense out of quantitative and qualitative data. 

Data Visualization Tools Used In Healthcare Domain

Data Visualization in Healthcare Domain | Iqonic Design

Data Visualization strategy encompasses tools to fabricate dynamic data of patients, clinical records, and other administrative data for management and administration. Articulating an extensive database, healthcare, and EHR system is exploring interactive visual formats to set out a sensible and predictive model of operation for doctors and professional practitioners. 

  • SAS web app Visual Analytics: The web-based application offers multiple access of information by users simultaneously from loaded data in the default memory server which helps in knowing the metrics of Electronic Medical Record
  • Tableau: A leading platform for modern business intelligence that lets you analyze data in multiple niches and function-rich WordPress charts and graphs

Major Benefits of Data Visualization in the Healthcare Domain

Data Visualization in Healthcare Domain | Iqonic Design

The cost of maintaining a patient record can be cut down to the most extent with data visualization tools. Moreover, a robust Data Visualization tool can also secure your data which matters to optimize healthcare solutions for patients. 

  • Patient Record: At the core of Data Visualization for the healthcare industry is the process of streamlining patient medical details/ EHR. Data Visualization can help incorporate the entire medical history of a patient in a single dashboard using visual tools like graphs, charts, and tables
  • Faster Responses: As speed is vital in the healthcare industry, data visualization allows medical professionals to check the metrics and make an informed decision at the earliest. 
  • Care Coordination and Administration: Visuals can not just be helpful to doctors and medical practitioners, but also to business owners and stakeholders who are linked to the health care center’s operation and administration. With data visualization, you can create insightful reports regardless of any data literacy or business analytics knowledge

Challenges Faced By Healthcare Service Professionals

Data Visualization in Healthcare Domain | Iqonic Design

Data visualization in the healthcare industry goes hand in hand with data modeling and data preparation through the Electronic Record System. So what are the challenges faced by healthcare service professionals in the AI-driven world? 

The main challenge was to custom-create a highly intuitive, functionally sophisticated, and resourceful dashboard with visually easy-to-understand reports for healthcare professionals, administrations, and patients.

Solution through Data Visualization

Data Visualization in Healthcare Domain | Iqonic Design

A statistical dashboard can be devised using data visualization for patient data for a hospital database. Data visualization takes into account all the Electronic Health records of patients from Excel sheets, Rest API, CSU, or SQL and chunks these numbers into the most digestible and visually meaningful way.

Data Visualization Outcome For the Healthcare Domain

Launch a UI-rich dashboard for hospitals or healthcare centers with a real-time overview of the operational ability and performance of doctors and medical service providers at a single glance. 

Key Takeaway and Recommendation

Data Visualization tools are flexible and help provide the most significant data in literally the most simplified way. Data visualization not only offers breakthrough evidence-based decision-making to medical professionals, but it also saves the cost of losing data and its meaningfulness. Hospital owners and administration staff can quickly integrate patient data and Electronic Health records of patients from anywhere to ensure healthcare organizations predict costs and improve the quality of care. 

Visualize your healthcare data with Graphina

Besides being able to interpret a deeper understanding of information, Data visualization in the healthcare domain is crucial. With the help of data visualization tools, these piles of Electronic Health Record data can help in improving care delivery and coordination among hospital staff and healthcare admins, educate patients on diagnosed data, and enhance patient medical service performance.

 If a data visualization tool for improving decision-making in healthcare is something that you are looking for, try Graphina which can give you a quick start. Graphina is created as a Data Visualization WordPress plugin.

The Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables specialize in building charts and graphs using data visualization strategies. Create simple or atypical charts or simply integrate a ready-made chart from the package into your system and edit information to create a radical visual presentation with all your Electronic Health records

Build a healthcare dashboard that your organization will love, the administration will thank for and patients will find it highly resourceful.

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