Ignite Your Innovation with Iqonic’s Mid-Year Sale Extravaganza!


Greetings, world shapers and digital pioneers! Here at Iqonic, we’re sending seismic waves of excitement through the tech universe. The clock is ticking, the gears are turning, and the Mid-Year Sale 2023! Brace yourself for discounts as high as a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch! We’ve got amazing deals for developers.

A Sale that Shines Brighter than a Quasar – 50% Off on Hope UI Pro

In a galaxy teeming with ordinary admin dashboards, Hope UI emerges as a supernova, illuminating the vast expanse of software development with its explosive capabilities. This Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard and enterprise-grade multi-purpose admin template is your ultimate toolbox, brimming with ready-to-use components and elements.

Just as stars form from a cloud of dust and gas, Hope UI allows you to shape your digital universe from an array of building blocks. And now, with our colossal 50% discount! You can harness the power of this astronomical product at a fraction of the cost of $49 only/- originally at $99.

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Get 50% OFF On HopeUI Pro Now!

More such developer deals are awaiting. Get a look at those web developers deals here:

The Mid-Year Sale Constellation – 30% Off on Our Most Acclaimed Creations

Our constellation of innovative products, each shining brighter than the last, is now within your reach. This Mid-Year Sale 2023, tap into the matrix of success with a whopping 30% off on our top-tier tools – KiviCare, SocialV, Graphina Pro, Prokit, Handyman and Streamit.

KiviCare – Complete Clinic Management Solution

Revolutionize your digital health landscape with KiviCare – Complete clinic management software, the most cost-effective self-hosted clinic and patient management system on the WordPress platform. With KiviCare, the futuristic clinic is at your fingertips. Get KiviCare Pro – EHR management WordPress plugin at FLAT 30% OFF this Mid-Year Sale in our exclusive developer deals. Look at our offerings:

KiviCare 2.0 – Medical Clinic & Patient Management WordPress Solution at $55 only/- 

KiviCare Pro – Clinic & Patient Management System EHR (Add-on) for $41!

Get 30% OFF on KIviCare Theme + Add-on

SocialV – Social Community BuddyPress Theme + Flutter App + Admin Template

Build your very own digital society with SocialV, a stellar social network and community BuddyPress theme + Flutter app with BuddyPress backend. Like an architectural blueprint of your online community, SocialV – Facebook like social network BuddyPress theme enables you to foster relationships and sell online courses with ease. Such deals for developers come once in a lifetime that they get 30% off! See our great web developers deals:

SocialV – Social Network and Community BuddyPress Theme for just $34

SocialV – Flutter App with BuddyPress (WordPress) Backend at only $48!

SocialV 5.0 – Vue 3, React Js, HTML Bootstrap 5 Admin Template at $20

Get 30% OFF On SocialV Theme + App

Graphina Pro – WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugin

Mid-Year Sale 2023 Graphina Pro WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugin

Navigate the nebulous data universe with Graphina Pro – WordPress charts and Graphs plugin, the most potent charting and graphing solution on WordPress. Like the Hubble Space Telescope, Graphina Pro – Data visualization WordPress plugin brings clarity to the cosmos of information, enabling you to uncover insights that propel your business to the stratosphere. These web developers deals are exciting so far… Aren’t they? For this:

Live Demo

Get 30% OFF On Graphina Pro Now!

Get Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts & Graphs for just $34!!!

Prokit – Biggest Flutter UI kit with Working App ChatGPT

Mid-Year Sale 2023 Prokit - Biggest Flutter UI kit with Working App ChatGPT

Soar through the skies of innovation with Prokit, the biggest Flutter UI kit with working app ChatGPT that’s taking the tech world by storm. Benefit from pre-designed screens, a full app UI kit, widgets, and integrations – it’s like having your very own spaceship, ready to explore new frontiers.

Live Demo

Get 30% OFF On Prokit Now!

Grab ProKit – Best Selling Flutter UI Kit for just $28!

Streamit – Netflix like Video Streaming WordPress Theme

Mid-Year Sale 2023 Streamit - Netflix like Video Streaming WordPress Theme

Stream your success with Streamit, a ready-to-use Netflix like WordPress theme for video streaming & OTT platform developers. With Streamit, you can construct your digital broadcasting station, ushering in an era of interactive content and limitless engagement. This is one of the best developer deals on our sale!

Streamit 3.0 Video Streaming WordPress Theme + RTL for $41 only/- 

Streamit VueJS, React JS, Laravel, HTML Admin Template + RTL at just $18

Get 30% OFF On Streamit

Handyman – On-demand Handyman Service Flutter App

Mid-Year Sale 2023 Handyman - On-demand Handyman Service Flutter App

With Handyman – on-demand Handyman service Flutter app, you can kickstart your on-demand service business instantly by creating your own tailor-made Flutter On-Demand Home Services App, just like UrbanClap. And now, for a limited time, Handyman is available at an incredible 30% off.

Live Demo

Get 30% OFF On Handyman Now!

The unforgettable one-night stand – Handyman Home Service Flutter App at just $69!

Unlock Hidden Treasures – 30% Off on Best-Sellers: Xamin, and Vizion AI

Xamin – Data science and Analytics SaaS WordPress theme!

Mid-Year Sale 2023 Xamin - Data science and Analytics SaaS WordPress theme

Venture into the tech cosmos’s hidden corners, and unearth the not-so-popular yet best-selling digital gem! Xamin – Data science and Analytics SaaS WordPress theme! Our crowning jewels, are also part of the phenomenal 30% discount. Doesn’t this collectively look like incredible deals for developers? I’m sure yes!

Live Demo

Get 30% OFF On Xamin Now!

Xamin – Data Science & Analytics SaaS WordPress Theme for $41 only/-

Vizion – Artificial Intelligence AI WordPress theme

Mid-Year Sale 2023 Vizion - Artificial Intelligence AI WordPress theme

There’s also Vizion – Artificial Intelligence AI WordPress theme. An AI-based WordPress theme that is tech-driven as well as futuristic. Both offer unmatched opportunities to innovate and create, bringing the future of tech into the now, and into your hands. Unleash your potential with the power of AI, the beauty of data visualization, and the promise of growth and evolution.

Live Demo

Get 30% OFF On Vizion Now!

Vizion 4.0 – Artificial Intelligence AI WordPress Theme at just $32!!

Hurry, Don’t Miss Out on the Iqonic’s Mid-Year Sale 2023!

The clock is quickly ticking, & the time is running out! From June 24th to 30th June, we’re offering incredible discounts on our futuristic products. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Whether it’s Hope UI, KiviCare, SocialV, Graphina Pro, Prokit, Streamit, Xamin, or Vizion AI, our cutting-edge solutions are within your reach. Join us on this limited-time adventure and secure your place in the digital future. Shop now and propel your success to new heights!

Remember, the future favors those who act swiftly. The Mid-Year Sale for developers and designers is your gateway to harnessing the power of technology, at a fraction of the cost. Upgrade your digital arsenal, unlock limitless possibilities, and embrace the path to innovation. But be warned, once the clock strikes midnight on June 24th, this incredible opportunity will vanish into the cosmos. 

Don’t let regret be your companion. Seize the moment, ignite your ambitions, and embark on a transformative journey with the Iqonic Design’s Mid-Year Sale. Shop all our developer deals before time runs out!

Catch Iqonic’s Mid-year Sale Here!

Conclusion: Catch the Comet of Opportunity!

The Iqonic’s Mid-Year Sale is more than a promotional event; it’s a comet of opportunity. Each offering in our discounted arsenal of products is a chance for you to embrace web developers deals, and innovation, forge new paths, and step into the future. With our products, you can navigate the digital cosmos with ease and efficiency. Iqonic’s Mid-Year Sale 2023 is more than just a discount event; it’s a journey toward the future. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for an adventure that marries innovation with affordability.

Join us in the countdown, and let’s leap towards a more technologically advanced tomorrow. The future is here; the future is Iqonic!

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