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Latest Flutter UI Kit For You To Build A Mobile App – KiviCare EcoSystem

Having a mobile app is a vital to any business, especially in the healthcare industry. It is much more easier now with technologically upgraded world, every hospital or individual clinic should make use of the tools and system to take care of each manual activity. Kivicare is one of the most resourceful Clinic and patient management system

While there are some of the obvious benefits of Online Clinical Management app, Kivicare too includes reduced paperwork, simple access to reference records, effectual billing of different services, enhanced hospital administrations, no record duplications, minimized documentation, rapid information across various departments for doctors and admin staff, optimized bed occupancy checks, critical stock information, improve cost control, and more. Let us dive deep and help you build an unbeatable mobile app for Clinic and patient site

What is KiviCare?

KiviCare is a blazing ecosystem.

KiviCare is a complete ecosystem for medical, hospital and patient management system. If you want to create a mobile application in the health and medical space, KiviCare template will come in specially useful as well helpful. When it comes to doctors, specialists and physicians, being approachable is significant. Considering what features in a Clinic and patient management website will be most applicable, we covers everything from appointments to records and invoice keeping. 

Having an idea to develop an all-inclusive website and mobile app in healthcare, KiviCare is made for doctors, dentists, physicians, maternity specialists, clinics, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and wellness centers. Each of these homepage templates is designed to cater to the niche of the industry along with it. KiviCare pre-build inner pages are commendable and steadily responsive. 

KiviCare Flutter 2.0 App – Clinic & Patient Management System

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KiviCare is a complete Clinic/Hospital Appointment and Record Management for doctors and Patients app. It helps patients to book their doctor appointment easily at any point of time. Using KiviCare app you can build, manage and track all your patient records such as personal information, medical reports, medication, visit history, clinical notes, patient history, and other notes. Appointments for your patients can be easily managed using KiviCare app. All your patient medical records will be available for you to look at it immediately. So no more juggling through papers to see the previous history of your patients, everything is readily available for your diagnosis. KiviCare is all-from-one-source. You need not require any expensive or complicated software and hardware to manage your patients’ health records. KiviCare app lets you can manage all your electronic medical record (EMR) very easily. 

Application Features:

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Doctor Module

  • Total appointment list
  • Total patient list
  • Today appointment
  • Book appointment
  • Patient Add functionality
  • Encounter Dashboard
    • Bill detail
    • Edit bill
    • Problem
    • Observations
    • Notes
    • Prescription list
    • Other information
  • Add Encounter
  • bill Module
  • Services add, edit and delete
  • Holiday schedule
  • Session create
  • Change password

Patient Module

  • Dashboard
  • Today and past appointment list
  • Create appointment
  • Encounter detail view
  • Feed
  • Change password

Receptionist module

  • Upcoming appointment list
  • All appointment list
  • Doctor list
  • Patient list
  • Add Services
  • Add Holiday
  • Add Session

KiviCare – Medical Clinic & Patient Management WordPress Theme

Latest Flutter UI Kit For You To Build A Mobile App – KiviCare EcoSystem Cais5VoWG88 XA5O5p35sTItotYpkxNFgz02RK4KulruYUduKIrtwAOhlsNvSX6TeIxiTmJWco4OjxHdbPsreFvvYsDKjngN1QH1KVC76De1P7DsNbSxnzmf7IX1VB0jm5MMxAR6

KiviCare is a first of kind theme with a fully functional clinic management solution built into it. You get a complete Appointment booking engine, Patient records, Medical history, and much more. KiviCare is packed with fully customizable Elementor widgets. Our ultimate Clinic and patient management wordpress theme is powerful & functional. It would save you 1000+ Hours and dollars for setting up software for your clinic. Its Theme Options allow crafting almost any imaginable design.

Home Pages

Latest Flutter UI Kit For You To Build A Mobile App – KiviCare EcoSystem 0i5qtZRp6u6EAeucV03HZR1aj0 UahZWacWq90bNyXD9JEK3pi7WD3FGjNcGYCJKynmeBPYyNQVyI ZIsqWtD8O9APQCmg7IcIklY89KBWhSGcO3 uZuCq1f5oD8t9aLBGVY17pH
  • Clinic Management
  • Dental Clinic
  • Eye Care Clinic
  • Skincare Clinic
  • Fertility Clinic
  • ENT Clinic


Latest Flutter UI Kit For You To Build A Mobile App – KiviCare EcoSystem WGyMAKGjNW33YmxhTWgLxa9ASTQPQgjonQnYa09hnyJiIImVEZyfAFrHXlyF iRnZMoc40PUJj91emK4a4xJnJ6XBvvo9YdCwt hfz8fsUL1p7CtCChj7de0AjD5m9vaINLOC9t8


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Main feature of clinic management software

  • Hassle-free 24×7 appointment bookings
  • Maintain patient records
  • Maintain medical history
  • Manage all encounters and process them
  • Add holidays and important events and notices
  • Provide customizable templates for clinic and patient management
  • Super Admin can view complete activity log for all doctors
  • Super admin can create doctors, patients and other users
  • Keeping track of appointments
  • Manage day-to-day encounters
  • Create and check invoices/encounters
  • Check on the status of clinic session changes

KiviCare – Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)

Latest Flutter UI Kit For You To Build A Mobile App – KiviCare EcoSystem dGsKvHZyB 0vNwlnrGrYAfPgHYpi5wf2Ia6SVARjKWFJN7MFhEH GL sNmJCHnYigl8nJtSaqRHVNV3bGfIsXSkOk3zJ8zmxBIHNApnO IUdfk2tRZ3i1 ZSyYe5thsGYuI0BKGb

KiviCare – Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway is an impressive clinic and patient management plugin. It is developed for doctors and clinics to handle multiple doctors’ appointments and encounters at the clinic. It allows you to make, manage, and track appointment booking of patients for doctors. Add holidays, receptionist, set reminders for appointments and set the email notification for doctors. Keeping privacy on forefront, each doctor’s appointment can be kept private to others.

Telemed feature enables two-way, face-to-face interactions on a computer or mobile device with high-quality Zoom video and audio. Doctors and patients can communicate remotely in real-time over a secured wired or wireless internet connection on Zoom application. Doctors can send Zoom invites to the patient. So this way, it also allows third parties (such as caregivers or language translators) to participate in a virtual consultation.

Latest Flutter UI Kit For You To Build A Mobile App – KiviCare EcoSystem uTkS2T5JCy1YXtN6XcIAtmefrcdZLJX1C3llBTW 8yZHamIOWMvIYD4Eaz1VCjxqznvsSePrLT2TU6ZcI9 U4oBof8tOJ7bbwlvV41jHhv5DYrpszL Vj1VoSbCOV77ovI7wcI7Y
Latest Flutter UI Kit For You To Build A Mobile App – KiviCare EcoSystem amikHupe86THCDgKNlZ 4YIWw72if0GgUb8vjk46FVMkyZ5 yybC g87tgfgZwM UmqXetTMW8aNVspR9eU2i4DMsBe8qop8kzwftd9 73kvHK4J9YQH5gORC44ZaLFhtenyXeV3

We understand that hospital staffs are capable to perform all things effectively but there are a lot of information which needs to be monitored and analyzed. Hence, too much of dependence on the manual process will have a significant impact on productivity. To keep your hospital staff productive, you should start with Kivicare’s complete Clinic & Patient Managemenet Ecosystem. Subscribe to our newsletter which will onboard you with all exclusive benefits, special discounts and how-to guide to successfully launch your project.

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