Major New Updates Given to KiviCare: Improved Functionality And Better Services


You ask, we give! From the last 10+ years of serving the community we failed and we succeeded. But we got to understand one thing: that the client/user should always be satisfied with our services!

And keeping that thought in mind, now we have 30k+ community of our KiviCare’s ecosystem adopters and still counting!

Our user’s Always suggest us to bring something new in this EHR Management System for WordPress. Here in this article, you will find the new updates for users and make sure to bring it in!

About KiviCare's new updates

KiviCare is a Vue.Js based solution that offers a complete clinic’s daily operations. The solution covers all aspects of clinic management, from patient records and appointment scheduling to invoicing and reporting

KiviCare, the leading complete clinic management solution has new updates and certainly it improves functionality and better services.

The improved functionality includes a new interface that is more user-friendly and easier to navigate. In addition, we have included a number of new demanded features like Data Import and Service Duration based timeslot that make it easier to use KiviCare.

KiviCare now offers a number of new services for users to get the most out of the platform. These new services include a new customer support service that will reach out to you ASAP and solve your problems in minimal time!

With these new updates, KiviCare is the leading EHR Management System for WordPress available on the market today and made 30k+ strong bonded community!

New Features Included in this Update -

Data Import Feature

EHR Management System for WordPress

This new feature will make it easier to import patient and doctor lists from CSV or XLS files into KiviCare clinic and patient management system in WordPress.

Now! It’s easy and it doesn’t get messy while looking at the records!

Want to know more in detail and understand the steps on how to Import the data from CSV or XLS files? Video down below will solve all your queries!

Service Duration based Timeslot

KiviCare - Complete Clinic Management Solution | Iqonic Design

Want to always keep with the session but you didn’t take appointments according to the session’s time period?

This feature will assist you in fixing time slots as per the session’s duration!

Yes! This feature also comes with virtual video which helps you understand about this feature in a more easy manner!

Auto Suggestion in encounter clinical details

KiviCare - Complete Clinic Management Solution | Iqonic Design

Auto suggestions are to be seen when something is typed!

You can see it when you are scrolling down the button!

Patient Profile Page

KiviCare - Complete Clinic Management Solution | Iqonic Design

Hereby, a patient can get every little detail related to the hospital and everything.

Doctor rating by patient and show rating appointment widget

KiviCare - Complete Clinic Management Solution | Iqonic Design

As you can see, here is where one can review and rate the hospital and doctor on how they have been treated.

Encounter print with doctor sign

KiviCare - Complete Clinic Management Solution | Iqonic Design

A signature makes it confirm and this where doctors can also showcase their signature by signing the patients records page digitally.

For now! We have added these features and we will add further more amazing features in the near future!

Want to give us suggestions about new features which you want? Then feel free to contact us.

Newest user to our site? Want to know what is KiviCare a complete clinic management solution?

Take a look at this video which explain about what is KiviCare?

We are also offering you Live Demo that gives you the best user-experience!

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