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We all are highly fascinated with Video Streaming platforms, like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Voot and so many more. Spend almost an entire day by binging to our favourite show, browsing around upcoming seasons, sending memes based on our favorite show and talking about a thrilling episode all day long.

We know you love it too, and if you’re planning to launch an OTT platform in the near future. Then, this video streaming WordPress theme is just for you!

Yes! Streamit is the right choice for your upcoming project.

video streaming WordPress theme

With an amazing-sleek UI and clean design, it has some very unique functionalities and UX-UI elements. Holds pages like, About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Contact Page, Pricing Page, and Privacy Policy. An ultimate package to make your video-streaming seamless and captivating

The Streamit video streaming WordPress theme is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari and Firefox. Talking about the software version, it includes WordPress 5.0.X, WordPress 5.1.X, WordPress 5.2.X, WordPress 5.3.X, WordPress 5.4.X, WordPress 5.5.X, WordPress 5.6.X, WordPress 5.7.X.

Still, looking for some more reasons to go for Streamit?

5 Winning Reasons To Buy Streamit

1) Customisable Watchlist – 

Wandering from one preview to another, we often come across a breathtaking trailer. We wish to watch it later but soon forget about it due to the busy schedule.

Well, now you can watch it later by adding it to your watchlist and this feature will surely assist your customers a lot.

2) Rate Videos – 

Feedback plays a very important role in a video streaming platform. It helps to gain engagement, boost visibility, promote content, and develop reach.

The more they interact with our content, the more optimised our website gets. Streamit – video streaming WordPress theme promotes this practice with the help of a feedback option presented below the video. Here, users can rate and share their valuable comments about the visuals.

3) Advanced Search – 

There must be a lot of videos and visuals on your website, high chance that the user might get confused about the selection or can’t get the actual video he/she was looking for. In such a situation, we simply think of a search box.

Yes, we’ve taken care of that too. It has a custom search engine that empowers users to easily search and find videos they are looking for with a single click.

4) Restricted Pages/Content Tool – 

Users of Streamit hold the ability to limit access for the video streaming website pages or maybe the complete site with the intrinsical content restriction tool during this Video Streaming WordPress theme.

5) Professional Support- 

Streamit Owners is a premium WordPress theme and the entitles will get the most reliable and fast technical support from our side. The owner only needs to open a support ticket at the Support Desk or check the Knowledge-base articles pr browse our YouTube Tutorials for assistance.

A powerhouse of all appealing demo pages, that enables you to create amazing visual-based websites. Take the optimum advantage from this stunning OTT WordPress theme and check out the two versions, Streamit HTML and Streamit Flutter App.

Want to avail the same? Click now on Streamit.

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