The Biggest Sale Of The Year On WordPress Themes, HTML Products, Plugins, & Applications 


Countdown starts! The black friday sale 2022 of the year has begun everything is on sale for the beneficiary of the developers and designers community. Were you looking for a best black friday deals for programmer and developers then look no further because here you will find perfect deals for WordPress themes, HTML Products, Plugins, and Apps.

In this offer, you will find up to 50% Discount on 45+ Products, take a look at this portfolio of Iqonic Design on Themeforest and code-canyon that has 24,500+ sales with 4.5 ratings and 700+ amazing reviews from the community.

This black friday developer deals will definitely ease the life of developers and designers. This Developer black friday deals 2022 will make your development skills more enhanced. Take a look at this article, find yourself a suitable product, and save yourself coding hours and time.

WordPress themes for Black Friday sale -

1) Slainte - Winery and Wine Store WooCommerce WordPress theme

Black Friday deals 2022 on Winery and Wine Store WooCommerce WordPress theme

Slainte will build a Wine Store responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme in a minimal time. This theme comes with multiple uniquely designed home pages, pre-built designs, sections, and online WooCommerce support store creation features.

2) Markethon - SEO & Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio WordPress Theme

Markethon-SEO & Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio WordPress Theme brings the finest and most creative template for marketing and digital agency. This theme features Revolution Slider, mega menu, Bootstrap 4, Vibrant colors, and many more. It is suitable for every screen device without any lacking problems. Markethon is fully responsive and retina-ready.

3) Nicol - Creative Agency WordPress theme

Nicol-Creative Agency WordPress theme is fully ajax reloaded, and dynamic, also features fluid animations, Ajax pages, WooCommerce, and many more. This theme is suitable for every modern business. Nicol serves multi-purpose branding solutions for multiple niches.

4) Mill - Industry Engineering Factory WordPress theme

Mill– Industry Engineering Factory WordPress theme can be utilized for portraying multiple industrial-type websites with a high-quality look. Mill comes with multiple home pages like the Master homepage, Metal factory or related manufacturing homepage, Oil Industry homepage, Warehousing, and Storage industry homepage.

With multiple cleanly coded inner pages that include an about us page, blog page, contact us page, service page, and many more.

5) PowerHour - Therapy WordPress theme

PowerHour-Therapy WordPress theme is a professional WordPress theme for the therapist which comes with multiple home demos and appointment booking. PowerHour comes with amazing design and high-level UI elements. PowerHour is very useful for medical professionals, therapists, and medical industry-related web projects.

6) Knost - Creative Agency and Portfolio WordPress theme

Create an innovative and amazing design that showcases the core idea of a modish digital agency. Knost comes with multiple home page demos like Digital Studio, creative agencies, horizontal sliders, and coming soon pages. Now transform your brand into big credibility with this creative agency and portfolio wordpress theme.

7) Farmin - Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme

Farmin- Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme is a theme for the farming niche that is neat and clean looking which comes with multiple home demos and gallery options. Farmin comes with agriculture-related products and service entrepreneurs. That builds multiple types of website for the farming industries and support the WooCommerce system.

8) Ealain - Digital artist creative portfolio WordPress theme + Figma

Ealain - Digital artist creative portfolio WordPress theme + Figma | Black Friday Deal | Iqonic Design

Ealain-Digital artist creative portfolio WordPress theme + Figma is a perfect choice for creative thinkers it comes with bold designs and a unique layout that will help in making a statement. Ealain helps in showcasing and engaging your work in a professional manner. This theme will make your site look more unique and outstanding than your competitors.

9) Kidsjoy - Kindergarten WordPress theme

KidsJoy – Kindergarten WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

A WordPress theme for the preschool, nursery, daycare, or babysitting website. For the early childhood education or school businesses. Kidsjoy- Kindergarten WordPress theme is a very clean and minimal design that is easy to navigate and it’s responsive layouts. Kindergarten is user-friendly and engages your visitors.

10) Consultab - Consulting business and finance WordPress theme

Consultab is a modish and responsive WordPress theme for businesses like consulting, finance, corporate, advisors, real estate, and insurance brokers. With such multiple demo home pages, this theme is easy to customize and craft as per your project needs. Consultab is the perfect fit for your business.

11) Umetric - WordPress Dashboard, Reporting, and Infographic Theme

Best Free Reporting and Infographic WordPress Theme | Umetric Lite | Iqonic Design

Umetric is an innovative WordPress Dashboard Reporting and Infographic Theme that is perfect for creating presentation sites. With Umetric create some amazing presentation sites which includes a wide range of charts and data visualization elements.

12) Vizion - AI Tech and Software Startups WordPress Theme

As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology begin to enter the world of business and website solutions, Vizion is a cutting-edge WordPress Theme for new-age entrepreneurs. High-quality, clean pixels and neatly coded assure high-quality standards. Artificial Intelligence has been infiltrating the marketing world for quite some time now, and we believe in giving an excellent user experience and powering brands. With Vizion, we can manage cross-channel promotions easily.

13) Streamit - Video Streaming WordPress Theme + RTL

Streamit is a high-quality, Video Streaming WordPress Theme that will let you launch a super engaging Netflix-like WordPress theme. This WordPress theme can run powerful videos, movies, shows, and Web series lack-free. Streamit is an impressive video-streaming WordPress theme that can be used for OTT streaming platforms. With an unique UI and clean design, Streamit has some amazing functionalities.

14) Qloud - WHMCS, Cloud Computing, Apps and Server WordPress Theme

Qloud is by far the most successful WHMCS Cloud Computing Apps and Server WordPress Theme. Its ability to manage business and infrastructure perspective makes it unique. It comes with 16 exquisitely designed site demos. Qloud offers ready-to-use inner pages, thoughtfully crafted to suit hosting service websites.

15) KiviCare - Medical Clinic and Patient Management WordPress Theme

KiviCare is a versatile and complete Clinic Management solution in the form of a WordPress Theme. With the easily accessible Dashboard, implementing end-to-end solutions is a breeze. KiviCare is also effortlessly the Medical clinic WordPress theme. The bundle includes unique homepages for medical professionals, as well as dedicated demo page layouts such as the Oncologist landing page, Neurologist landing page, and ENT Specialist page.

16) SofBox - Tech and SaaS Multipurpose Software Landing Page

Sofbox is a technology-driven, Tech and SaaS Multipurpose Software Landing Page. Sfobox comes with over 200 customizable elements. This Software Landing Page package comes with more than over 30 homepages demo like the Software homepage, SaaS platform homepage, and Analytics Dashboard homepage.

17) SocialV - Social Network and Community BuddyPress Theme

SocialV is a beautiful theme for the social network and community BuddyPress Theme that comes with responsive and ready-to-use pages. Social Community WordPress Theme was inspired by the idea of creating a Facebook-like social networking WordPress Theme for a large group of people coming together via the internet with a common interest.

18) FoodSto - Grocery & Food Store WordPress Theme

FoodSto is a Grocery and Food store WordPress Theme. This WordPress theme perfectly suits supermarkets, departments, and grocery stores. Now easily create your store with FoodSto which helps you in increasing your sales.

19) Enerzee – Renewable Energy WordPress Theme

Enerzee is a clean, Renewable Energy WordPress Theme. With this WordPress theme, one can startup a perfect solution for solar and multipurpose energy web solutions. We are hopeful this will be the perfect solution you are looking for.

20) Xamin - Data Science & Analytics SaaS WordPress Theme

Xamin is the perfect Data Science and Analytics WordPress Theme for creating advanced Data Analytics WordPress sites. Powered with easy customization and Elementor, Xamin comes with over 50 prebuilt demos, including 20 niche demos for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data & SAAS business services.

21) Appino - Creative WordPress App Landing Page

Appino is a gorgeous, Creative WordPress App Landing Page designed for mobile app owners. Mobile apps help increase downloads, but a mobile app landing page WordPress theme provides a structured and professional platform to represent the brand. The app landing WordPress theme Appino consolidates a brand’s efforts to turn a visitor into a customer, and a customer into a loyal customer.

22) Talkie – Chatbot and Tech Startup WordPress theme

If you want to change your communication methods, Talkie Chatbot and Tech Startup WordPress theme is the ideal solution. This WordPress theme comes with a chatbot and other state-of-the-art features that will make your business more competitive. Tech startups will adore the sleek, contemporary landing page design.

HTML Products for Black Friday Sale -

1) SofBox - Software Responsive HTML5 Template

The Sofbox is the ideal Software Responsive HTML5 Template for SaaS providers. With its harmonious design, clean code, and modern UI trends, the Sofbox is one of the bestselling HTML templates. This SaaS landing page offers a wealth of startup landing pages, SaaS software landing page demos, and the best landing pages for software providers, making it a universal solution.

2) Streamit - Video Streaming VueJS, React JS, Laravel, HTML Admin Template + RTL

Streamit - Video Streaming VueJS, React JS, Laravel, HTML Admin Template + RTL | Black Friday Deal | Iqonic Design

Streamit is a Video Streaming VueJS React JS Laravel HTML Admin Template + RTL that is easy to use and has smooth navigation. The Bootstrap Admin Template for Video Streaming comes with a powerful admin panel that gives you full control to manage and maintain the admin template effortlessly.

3) Vito - Vue, Laravel, HTML Admin Dashboard Template

Admin Dashboard Templates: The Most Simplified and Sophiscated Template for your Project

Vito is the Best Bootstrap HTML admin dashboard, packed with features and functionalities to empower businesses and marketers. With the Live Video Conference feature, there are extensive pre-built pages to work on launching a perfect website admin panel. Vito is easy to use, making it the perfect Vue Laravel HTML Admin Dashboard Template for businesses.

4) Xray - VueJS, HTML Medical and Hospital Admin Template

Xray is one of the most helpful VueJs HTML Medical and Hospital admin template for the hospitals. Such Xray will be very helpful for the hospital to fill the online expectations of the patients instantly and give some specific online presence.

5) Qloud - Cloud Computing Apps & Server HTML, WHMCS, Vue & Angular Template

Qloud is a Cloud Computing App and Server HTML WHMCS Vue and Angular Template that is driven by software and services data stored on the cloud. The advancement of business data storage systems provides entrepreneurs and tech startups with the opportunity to adopt and launch a website that is compatible with the cloud system. This Cloud and IT Technology HTML theme is a benefit to modern businesses.

6) SocialV - Vue 3, React Js, HTML Social Network & Community Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

social networking

As more and more people are spending time on social media, it has become an essential part of businesses and a promising business opportunity. Marketers are working on creating the best-looking and most profitable social networking websites by using robust, clean, and neat templates. SocialV is a neat and nifty Vue Js HTML Social Network and Community Admin Template that developers can use to build a social media or community-driven project.

7) Aprycot - HTML, Vue, React & Laravel Restaurant Management Admin Template

The Aprycot- Restaurant Management Admin Template is expertly designed and features customizable layouts. With its vibrant design, Aprycot is a great opportunity to launch a successful restaurant admin dashboard solution. The Restaurant HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template includes multiple pages, ready-to-use demos, design sections, and more.

8) PoSDash - VueJS, HTML Inventory Admin Template

POSDash-VueJS, HTML Inventory Admin Template is the perfect, professional admin template for agencies, inventory system providers, companies, and warehouses. With PosDash one can quickly a wide range of data. With POSDash businesses that need to handle large amounts of inventory data can ensure the least wastage and avoid stockpiles or even worse inventory shortages.

9) Datum - React, Vue, Laravel, HTML CRM Admin Dashboard Template

Datum- React, Vue, Laravel, HTML CRM Admin Dashboard Template is a clean and professional-looking admin template. Datum is perfect for enterprise products, designed to manage business operations without any difficulties. With an aim to exhibit simplicity and clarity, Datum suits perfectly for such responsibility. This admin template is sustainable and comes with multiple technology framework.

10) Cloudbox - VueJS, HTML File Storage Admin Dashboard Template

As hybrid cloud technologies continue to save time and money for modern-day startups, CloudBox –VueJS HTML File Storage Admin Dashboard Template helps launch a successful data storage strategy. Powered with SASS, Gulp, and Handlebars technology, this VueJS admin template for File Storage helps developers speed up their development process. The admin dashboard template for File Storage comes with a great dashboard that has lots of features and functionalities.

WordPress Plugins for Black Friday Sale -

1) Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables

GraphinaPro is the perfect solution for adding stunning data visualizations to your WordPress site! Graphina comes with multiple types of Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables, which assists in adding big time data to your site.

2) KiviCare Pro - Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on)

KiviCare has an accurate Clinic and patient management EHR system which helps in managing the medical data without any diffculty and can easily handle wide range of data. With KiviCare one can add the appointment within few clicks,

3) KiviCare - Google Meet Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)

KiviCare – Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin | Iqonic Design

KiviCare-Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin is a premium add-on that lets you easily manage clinics and patients. The highly functional Patient and Doctor Appointment Booking Using Google Meet Plugin come with the most advanced and popular integration of Google Meet.

4) KiviCare - Zoom Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)

Kivicare is an innovative Telemed and WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) plugin. It is developer-friendly and provides two-way integration between Telemed and WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on). KiviCare helps doctors, medical professionals, and healthcare providers connect with remote patients through advanced Telemed technology.

5) Marvy - Background Animations for Elementor

MarvyPro –Background Animations for Elementor is the best plugin for WordPress websites. Customizable, Elementor animation plugin features effects and styles that will make your site more eye catchy for your visitors.

6) Streamit - Live Video Streaming Player WordPress Plugin

Live streaming has become increasingly popular, and Streamit –Live Video Streaming Player WordPress Plugin is the perfect solution. It is packed with a powerful set of features and functionalities to run a successful live media streaming project.

Flutter Apps for Black Friday Sale -

1) News - News App with Flutter + Website with WordPress Backend

Newz is the perfect way to stay informed while on the go. Flutter 2.0 News and Blog App for WordPress, Newz has outdone traditional news reading with its uniquely designed UI screens, design blocks, UI elements, and so on.

4) Bookkart - Flutter 3. x EBook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce

Bookkart | Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce | Iqonic Design

Bookkart is a fantastic Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce. It is the most advanced and user-friendly Flutter eBook app on the market, perfect for new-age mobile ebook readers and digital publishers. It supports multiple ebook formats like PDF, ePUB, Audio, and Video files, making it a complete ebook solution for businesses and marketers.

5) KiviCare - Clinic & Patient Management System

The tremendous growth of mobile apps in healthcare paves the way for the KiviCare Flutter. This EHR Management Flutter Mobile App is a robust Flutter App for doctors, patients, healthcare providers, Med-tech companies, and other related service providers. KiviCare is a comprehensive app with carefully designed unique dashboard modules like ‘Doctor Module’ to help doctors keep track of medical records, access appointments, and schedule diagnoses, and tests.

6) Granth - Full Flutter 3.X Ebook App (ePub, PDF) + Laravel Admin Panel

Granth is an excellent application for taking your experience onto another level. Through this app you can learn in both online and offline mode. With its unique layout readers become more engaged with Granth. Granth Flutter eBook App with Admin Panel is easy to browse, lookout for popular authors, and can read anywhere at any time.

7) Streamit - Movie, TV Show, Video Streaming Flutter App With WordPress Backend

Our Streamit is ready-to-use for the OTT lovers. The best video streaming app also comes with a WordPress version and an HTML version.

8) Handyman - On-Demand Home Service Flutter App with Complete Solution

Future Trends and Innovations in the On-Demand Service Industry:

The Handyman App is the perfect Flutter solution for on-demand home service applications. With easily customizable UI screens and a complete Predesigned solution, the Handyman App is the ultimate home services solution. The growth in infrastructure for both homes and office spaces has given rise to the need for home service businesses. The Handyman App is the solution to your home service needs.

9) Prokit - Best Selling Flutter UI Kit

Prokit is the biggest Flutter 2.0 UI Kit available, and it is perfect for mobile app developers. With over 960+ beautifully coded and crafted screens, Prokit is the most popular Flutter 2.0 UI Kit among developers worldwide. Prokit is all-inclusive, massively created Flutter 2.0 UI Kit that has everything you need.

10) Cryptocoin - Flutter Full Crypto Currency App for Live Tracking of Prices

Cryptocurrency is gradually becoming more popular in the Bitcoin industry, and this CryptoCoin –Flutter Full Cryptocurrency App for live tracking is the perfect solution. The Best Cryptocurrency app comes with an attractively designed dark theme. With multi-language support which allows you to create a brilliant Bitcoin-inspired mobile app business, this best app for Cryptocurrency is ideal for modern-day startups and related businesses.

11) Restaurant QR Menu - Contactless Flutter app with Firebase backend

The Restaurant QR Menu Flutter App with Firebase backend is the future of digital restaurant ordering and it is ideal for restaurant and food-related mobile app solutions.

12) HandyMan - Handyman Admin Flutter App

The Handyman App is the perfect Handyman Admin Flutter App. With its easily customizable UI screens, the Handyman App is perfect for any home services business. The growth of infrastructure in both home and office spaces has given rise to the need for home services businesses. The Handyman App is the ultimate solution for on-demand home services.

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