The Major Admin Dashboard Alternatives: Hope UI vs Creative Tim


The consistent search for the best admin dashboard template continues, and we have come up with a new article series of major admin dashboard alternatives. In today’s better-off topic, we will compare the Hope UI admin dashboard with one of the most popular admin dashboards Creative Tim. 

What is the Hope UI Admin Dashboard? 

Admin Dashboard Template | Hope UI Pro | Iqonic Design

Hope UI is curated to save hours of research and development in building a modern admin panel. Fully equipped with a production-ready dashboard UI kit and a massive, industry-rich Design System, Hope UI comes with a lot of potential to supercharge any website/app business. 

Hope UI is powered with various features that can easily become the starting point for any designer or webmaster. Accessibility at its core, Hope UI is the BIGGEST and most advanced admin dashboard template available in multiple frameworks like Bootstrap, Vuejs, Laravel 8, Reactjs, Tailwind, and Design system in Figma + XD + Sketch available in the marketplace. 

Hope UI is a bundle of finely crafted Starter Apps to help speed the development process and empower UI UX creators with clean-coded, highly functional, and future-ready layouts.

Overwhelmed by the response of the UI UX community, Hope UI has evolved as a world-class, immensely powerful premium Hope UI ProAdmin Dashboard Template.

Built for the best and domain-driven perfection, Hope UI Pro offers a galaxy of plugins, components, and elements to make admin panel and backend development fun, functional, and the finest of the time. 

What is the Creative Tim Admin Dashboard? 

Creative Tim Admin dashboard is a collection of coded UI tools, kits, and dashboards to build web app projects.

Creative Tim has been one of the popular sources for products that can be downloaded for free under the MIT license. With the idea of facilitating UI frameworks, Creative Tim comes with plugins and complex kits to make front-end development feel like a cakewalk. 

Available in Bootstrap, Vuejs, Reactjs, Angular, Laravel, SaaS, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma design systems, Creative Tim enables to maintenance of the harmony of design and development. 

Key features of Hope UI Admin Dashboard Template

400+ components

100% responsive 

60+ Menu styles

Entire Design System 

Doc Viewers – PDF, Excel, etc

360 product view

3D – Threejs

Image Customizer


Signature plugin

Drag and Drop File Upload

Light and Dark Mode 

RTL support 

Supporting features: 

Cross-Browser compatible

Multiple pages 

Hover effects

8 Dashboards

Collapsible navigation bar 

Multiple customizable layouts

Various form types

Google Maps

Authentication pages

Error pages

Set of utilities 


Search setting

Owl carousel 

Font awesome 

Google fonts

Key features of Creative Tim Admin Dashboard Template

300 UI elements 

15 plugins

50+ pages


100% responsive

What do you get in the Hope UI Admin Dashboard package?

  • All dashboard demos
  • Design System
  • All technology framework versions
  • All HTML files
  • JavaScript source files
  • Library and plugin files

What do you get in the Creative Tim Admin Dashboard package?

  • Pre-built pages
  • Friendly support team 
  • Modular components 
  • Modern interface 
  • Fast development 
  • Responsive UI components and more!

Plugins of Hope UI Admin Dashboard

AOS Animation



Circle Progress

Vanila Datepicker

Font Awesome 

Google fonts 


Plugins of Creative Tim Admin Dashboard






Google Maps

Here are three recommended free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard templates for you 

Vito Lite: Free HTML Admin Dashboard Template 

SocialV Lite – Free Social Network HTML Admin Dashboard Template 

Sofbox Admin: Free HTML Admin Dashboard Template 

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