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The Ultimate Admin Daily Dashboard: The One Dashboard You Need To Make Your Life Easy


Are you an admin who feels like you’re always running around trying to keep everything together? If so, then you need an best admin dashboard that will assist you perfectly.

An admin dashboard is a tool that can help you stay organized and on top of your work. It can also help you save time by providing you with a quick way to view the most important information for your day.

The best admin dashboards are those that are customizable and easy to use. Fortunately, there are multiple options out there. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the ultimate admin dashboard – the one dashboard you need to make your life easy.

Firstly we will go through the daily use cases that every admin goes through and an admin dashboard will assist you in the daily tasks that will make your life easy –

1) Regular Reports

Regular reports for the management chain are one of the most commonly used features on our dashboard. It can be quite difficult to get search terms correct for all of the issues they want reports raised, but our Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component combine all of the data into one page. 

With filters to allow you to select data in numerous ways, you’re sure to find the information you need quickly and easily.

2) Discovering Critical issues and Poor performers

The Notification Queue is a primary module on the Dashboard that helps managers and supervisors review agent calls and track their progress. Each row in the queue represents a different call that an agent or supervisor flagged for review. 

This module is crucial for making sure that agents are meeting quality standards and that any issues are identified and resolved quickly. When that selection is active, it displays calls that our quality assurance team has flagged for review. The flags can be for several different reasons, but the most common reason is that the call didn’t meet our standards. 

Usually, a call fails if it scores below 80%. The notification queue will require a review to confirm or deny the score. Once that process is complete, you can formulate a plan of action based on the findings.

3) Performing Coaching and receiving agent acknowledgment

Once the reasoning for a call being on the ‘Notification Queue’ has been determined, the next step would be for the Manager or Supervisor to take action. This usually includes coaching agents on their ‘Missed Points,’ as it is a more direct way to improve lower performance scores.

The ‘Comments’ tool allows for direct communication between Managers Supervisors and Agents, giving the former the ability to reference specific examples that require improvement in the latter’s performance.

4) Monitoring Ongoing performance and Improvement

You can help your agent continue to improve by setting goals based on their current performance in specific areas. You can track the progress of these goals on our ‘Coaching’ page.

While access to the Coaching page is restricted due to Call Criteria’s base pricing, please speak to your Account Manager for more information on how to access it.

5) Reinforcing KPI’s and Other performance

KPIs are key performance indicators that companies use to set goals. We all know how important they can be and how the numbers can make a big difference.

The first steps in working with Call Criteria are the creative development and customization of your scorecard within our online platform. Those customized scorecards will be incorporated into your dashboard and used by our QA analysts during the evaluation process. This will help ensure that your campaign is successful and produce the best results possible!

The Guidelines page provides you and your team with a visual representation of all sections, questions, and answers used to calculate your agents’ performance scores. This page also includes detailed FAQs for each question, explaining how the QA analyst determines the answer to each question.

Want to make these regular tasks done with more fun? Then Grab yourself a “Future of Admin UI” – Hope UI.

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Hope UI Features


If you’re an admin who feels like you’re always running around, you need an best admin dashboard that will help you keep everything together. Hope UI can provide you with a quick way to view the most important information for your day, so you can make these regular tasks done with more fun.

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