The Ultimate Guide On Building WhatsApp-Like Chat Project Using Hope UI


WhatsApp was a success because it addressed a human trait that has always been popular: communication. People love talking to each other, and WhatsApp gave them a simple and efficient way to do so. SMS texting, social media messages, personal chats, and calls have always been highly sought after, and WhatsApp simply gave people a new way to communicate.

The chart shows that many people use mobile apps to communicate. This is a clear indication that the communication industry is changing, and that in-app messaging is the future. 

Mobile internet and smartphones are easy to access, which has led to more people using mobile apps. This provides businesses with a new opportunity to reach and engage with their customers in a way that has never.

How can a Developer or Designer create a project like WhatsApp chat? 

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. The app has over 1.5 billion active users and continues to grow. In this blog post, you will learn how easily a WhatsApp-like chatting project can be created with the assistance of Hope UI- Bootstrap Admin Template

The Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component library provides everything you need to create a chatting interface with all the features you would expect, including text input, sending images and videos, and voice messages. In addition, it also includes some handy features such as group chats, Video calls, Audio Calls, and GIF sharing. and many more.

Features a developer should keep in mind for making a Chat App Project? 

Hope UI - Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component | Iqonic Design

Essentially, a WhatsApp-like app for businesses connects people with their professional contacts and social networks. For it to remain in demand, the app must have features that users worldwide find attractive and useful. These features are the core of the app and attract new users. 

Keeping these features in mind you will find find a positive outcome from your chatting project – 

User Profile

Once you’ve signed in, the app will ask for your phone number. This can act as a unique identifier for different users. Additionally, it can also help with security verification, since the SMS procedure will be faster. You should also be able to create your profile, specifying whatever information you want to share. This can help others get to know you better.

Synchronizing Contacts

Messaging apps should make it easy for users to communicate with the people they need to.

This can include contacts stored on the phone, connections through social media, or a list of people within the user’s business network. Depending on the objective of the messaging app, it can pull contact information from a variety of sources.

Real-Time Message Delivery 

The app should connect the user with people they’ve synced their contacts with on the app. It must deliver messages or attachments promptly to other people. The technologies you use in in-app development must ensure smooth one-to-one chat as well as group conversations in real time.

Multiple Call option (Video Call)

Skype was one of the first apps to offer VoIP calling, which allows users to call people in other countries. VoIP calling is now used in all messaging apps, including Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Skype. This feature makes messaging apps more interactive, so you should give users the option to choose between audio, video calls, or text messages. 

Media Sharing 

While millions are chatting and having fun, they would want to share images, videos, or documents via a chat app. Here’s how they can chat without leaving the app while having the option for sharing media app-only and can share multiple images, videos, or documents at the same time. 


Notifications are a great way to keep users apprised of what is happening in the app. Using Firebase Cloud Messaging By Google (FCM) and Apple Push Notifications can make it easy to set up alerts for users. They can even choose how they want to receive notifications.

There are many important features that you need to consider when developing an app. You can launch an MVP with the essential features and then add new features based on user feedback. However, keep in mind that each feature development takes a lot of time and effort. A suggestion is to use open-source messaging libraries to speed up development while sustaining a lesser cost.

Answers that Hope UI gives to the Questions Developers ask!!

Que – Would it fulfill all the average requirements that any Chat app needs? 

Ans – Yes

Que – Would it stand out as unique and attractive in this trendy market? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Continuous new updation? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Will there be multiple components than regular Dashboards? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Interactive layers in-app, supportive devices, data savers, secured data? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Is their End-to-end encryption? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Saving time?  

Ans – Yes 

Answers that Hope UI gives to the Questions Designers ask!!

Que – Creative Design? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Customization in multiple ways? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Multiple Attractive Icons? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Communicative Logo? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Alluring colors and themes? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Smoothly Working and scrolling? 

Ans – Yes 

Que – Easy Navigation? 

Ans – Yes 

How will Hope UI serve the community and save their time and resources? 

It sounds like you’ve made up your mind and want to develop the business app we discussed. This type of app would present you with a new channel to acquire more customers and make money – on top of the other benefits we talked about.

It would be a costly endeavor to create your messenger app from scratch. Not only would you need to invest significant time and energy, but you would also need to spend a lot of money. If you were to do everything yourself, it would likely take you a couple of months to complete the project.

And that’s why to save your time and resources, we bringing you the Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component whose motto is to serve the community and comes first in their mind if anyone asks for a Bootstrap admin dashboard

Click Here to Hope UI. 

Why did you need to have Hope UI? 

Adding a chat feature to your mobile app can be tough. You may be wondering if you should do it yourself or outsource it. Here’s a detailed answer to your “buy it vs building it” dilemma. In a nutshell, your engineers should work on what they’re good at – developing your business – and leave the in-app messaging to experts like Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component. 

Below are the reasons that will come with Hope UI – 

  • Saving Precious Time 
  • Responsive Design 
  • Multiple Device Interface 
  • Interactive Web Applications 
  • Integrating 


If you’re looking to create a messaging app like WhatsApp, then the Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library is the perfect tool for the job. With this library, you can easily create a chatting interface that includes all the features you would expect, and more. So why not try it out today?

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