The Undying Trend: Chatbots (What It Has To Do In 2024)


Entering the playfield in the millennium, chatbots are one of the newest website trends that is immortal for the coming years. Chatbots are everywhere now — from industry-specific like education, finance, health care, travel & transport to event planners, IT and software companies, real estate, food & restaurants, and freelancers. Considering the rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), everyday task is now automated to streamline workflows. Customer support is one section that has now completely operated, answered, and monitored by chatbots. In today’s post let’s look at how Chatbots have evolved and what potential benefits we can expect to harvest from this undying trend.

The Undying Trend: Chatbots (What It Has To Do In 2019) | Iqonic Design
Chatbot Template in Vizion AI Startups

First thing first, let us clear the basics — Chatbots are a very specific breed of automated AI that enables a user to communicate with the web-based (either online or offline) messenger just like a customer support representative. Originally, we all were using Chatbots.

The Undying Trend: Chatbots (What It Has To Do In 2019) | Iqonic Design

Haven’t you interacted with a voice-activated assistant — Alexa? Siri? Google Assistant? Irrespective of your accent, these Chatbots communicate with you based on scripted elements. Chatbots are nestled in the midway between the real and artificial world and whether you love them or hate them, this one trend is going nowhere.

The Undying Trend: Chatbots (What It Has To Do In 2019) | Iqonic Design
Credit: Chatbot Template in Vizion AI Startups

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How To Get Started With Chatbots

The idea of having a Chatbot of your own is one of the most exciting things (after revenues) for a company, no? So here’s all you need to get started with your Chatbot:

1. Define goals

Spend some time in R&D and know which areas in your department can be programmed. Nailing down a specific goal in specific areas will save time and resources. Chatbots can be used to provide customer support. It can also be used to generate quality leads or chat with customers on your social media too!

2. Set platform

Consider your options right. Chatbots can be on your website, on your social media messenger, or even on your Twitter!

Super tip: study your customer or visitor demographics. A demographic profile will help you decide which kind of audience would need what kind of response and at what time.

3. Build a content strategy

Construct a series of FAQs. The most likely questions can then be programmed into your chatbot.

4. Chatbot personality

Give your Chatbot a personality. A Chatbot for a Bar and lounge should have a fun and relaxed personality in communication while the one at a Multispeciality Hospital has to be serious and informative.

5. Guide with CTA

The chatbot’s conversation should lead to a call to action. Attest a CTA button so that your customer doesn’t have to wonder how and which department to connect to after he/she culminates Chatbot conversation.

Secret tip: Ask your content strategist to use emojis and gifs to make the computer-based interaction more human and engaging.

Guide with CTA | Iqonic Design
Credit: Chatbot Template in Vizion AI Startups

Chatbots in WordPress

The business application of Chatbots is diverse as we saw. Now when it comes to an online brand’s front face, do you think Chatbots are beneficial? Well, we say YES! Customers expect to get information with a click away and if this isn’t achieved, frustration brews in and the customer walks away. 2024 is a new age and live chat, self-service, social media, and chatbots are growing at a staggering rate. Chatbots are saving time by handling all the basic frontline support tasks on the website.

WordPress and Chatbots have collided with each other like never before. IBM offers a smart version of its Watson bot as a WP plugin. This is a code-free solution that shows up on your website as an open chat window. With just an IBM cloud account, this plugin is free! We’ve Botsify, by integrating it into your WordPress site, you can ease the work of your developers and eventually save time.

Chatbots in WordPress | Chatbot Template in Vizion AI Startups | Iqonic Design
Chatbot Template in Vizion AI Startups


If Hollywood has taught us anything in the very first place, it’s those computer-programmed chatbots that help in almost everything — from navigation to diagnosis to hunting down prey to tracking where your Pizza delivery is routing. The real-world automated chatbots can offer a lot more on website/online projects. There’s no doubt the future holds more for this exciting technology.

Check out our newest Chatbot template on one of our bestseller themes Vizion AI Startups Responsive WordPress theme.

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