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Top 5 Rejuvenating 3D Icon Assets to Make Your Website Attractive


Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

In this competitive era, everyone is pushing themselves to become the best and acquire the very first position in the race. Then why are you lagging behind?

Presently, Web Development is not just about making your website clear and comprehensive. Moreover, it’s a competition to be more alluring and bewitching to grab the attention of visitors at the very first glance.

If your website does not look attractive, then ultimately no one will make the effort to read even the first paragraph.

Introduce 3D Assets into your website, and make yourself stand apart from the crowd. It’s a well-known fact that visuals are more captivating than texts and everyone will prefer 3D over 2D.

So, in this blog, we’ll cover some amazing 3D icon packs that will rejuvenate your website and grab your potential customer’s attention even faster.

Starting with the very essential aspect, i.e., What are 3D assets or 3D icon packs?

What Are 3D Assets?

As we see, flat icon. Design is everywhere and so to stand out from the herd, designers nowadays are adapting the 3D technique and trying to make this innovatively cool.

When it comes to being creative, having a full spectrum of tools like shadows, gradients, materials, and textures is much simpler as compared to 2D icon packs where everything just stays on colors.

Always try to provide your viewers with a unique prospect.

Factors & Benefits of Selecting an Amazing 3D Asset

  • Make sure, your icons are trending and align with your website content.
  • 3D icons should be adaptable to your smartphone apps.
  • They should represent your niche precisely.
  • 3D assets are attention-grabbing, so they should be placed with a set of informational Content or the one you’re pitching for.
  • 3D assets display the innovative approach, so make sure your website’s content stays up to the mark.
  • Our generation is highly attracted to the Dark Mode, and developers must prefer that. Have a look at the 3D Icon LED-Dark Technology Pack.

Now, let’s move on to our next segment, which is the listicle of the Top 5 3D-Icon set.

Top 5 Rejuvenating 3D Icon Assets :

BlackGold Vol2 Pro – Premium 3D Icon Pack For Technology

Premium 3D Icon Pack for Technology | Black Gold Vol2 Pro 3D Assets | Iqonic Design

Is your company belonging to the technology domain? Then this one is going to be the best choice for you!

A premium 3D Icon Pack for tech-savvy companies that are looking forward to revamping their website or Apps. This Premium 3D icon pack is solely dedicated to technology, Every icon is carefully handcrafted to deliver amazing-looking designs. The developers can also create visually appealing frames by interacting with various icons together. 

BlackGold is also available as a free variant as BlackGold V2 – Free 3D icon pack for technology.


  • 150+ 3D icon files
  • Transparent PNG Files
  • 2 premade scenes
  • Blender Files
  • Figma Compatible
  • High resolution

Hallows Eve Pro – Premium Halloween 3D Icon Pack

Premium Halloween 3D Icon Pack | Hallows Eve Pro | Iqonic Design

Halloween is coming guys! Don’t you want to look trending?

If Yes! Then what you’re waiting for?

Go grab this opportunity and implement this on your website today!

Designed to suit any creepy and haunted theme project, these premium Halloween 3D models are ideal for multiple types of UI or UX design projects. With some distinguishing features and identical elements to match the festivities, the Halloween – Premium Halloween 3D icon pack is designed to make a lot of sense and engage observers with a curiosity to stay and wander around.

Halloween – Premium Hallows 3D Icon Pack comprises multi-angle 3D icons like corpse, pumpkin, cadaver, flame, coffin, etc. 


  • Pre-made objects
  • High-Resolution PNG Image
  • Gorgeous UI projects
  • Blender File

Tienda – Best Free 3D Icon Pack for E-commerce Stores

Best Free 3D Icon Pack for E-commerce Stores | Tienda | Iqonic Design

Have an E-commerce Store? Want to make your brand a High-selling one? Then try these 3D icon pack to make your Website even more fascinating.

Tienda is an alluring and the best free 3D Icon Pack for an E-Commerce stores. You can Get more store visibility by adding these free 3D assets to your website.

It believes in featuring the most trending and to-the-point UI/UX design trends, The free 3D assets for E-commerce stores come with an amazing collection of UI elements and components to construct and elevate any e-commerce website.

Widgets and 3D icons like Search, Cart, Profile, Notification, Updates, Delete, Wishlist, and more, these free 3D UI elements for E-Commerce Stores have everything an online store owner would need to add to their website. 


  • Pre-made Scenes
  • 40+ elements
  • Transparent Png File
  • 3 Camera Angles

TecDig Pro – Premium 3D Icon pack for Digital Marketing

Premium 3D Icon Pack for Digital Marketing | TecDig Pro | Iqonic Design

TecDig Pro is the ultimate premium 3D icon pack for digital marketing design projects. Premium 3D UI elements for digital marketing web applications or design projects. Providing an opportunity to build a perfect website layout and design which is the very first step in establishing a perfect digital marketing website / Application project.

TecDig Pro – Premium 3D assets for Digital Marketing the best choice for enhancing a professional-looking digital agency website. The Premium 3D Icon Pack for digital marketing contains 45 uniquely designed 3D icons, each with several angles, which can be easily and quickly integrated into any modern design.

Ready-made layout scenes are designed for digital marketing and related businesses. TecDig Pro – Premium 3D Icon Pack for Digital Marketing also comes with a transparent PNG file that aligns with any color palette of web/app design projects.

TechDig Pro Smart Suite – Premium 3D user interface elements for digital marketing also include Blender files. Every 3D UI element is Figma compatible and has high resolution to ensure that every 3D symbol is sharp and clean.


  • Pre-made Scenes
  • 45+ elements
  • multi angels of 3D assets
  • Blender files

Nairobi | Free 3D Icon Pack Based On Money Heist

free 3D Icon Pack based on Money Heist | Nairobi | Iqonic Design

Any Money Heist Fans here? 

Nairobi is a bold character, isn’t she? So, we’re offering a free 3D Icon Pack based on Money Heist. Enhance the look and feel of any web or app design with these free Money Heist-based 3D UI elements.

Nairobi is a  part of the most popular overseas streaming service show and the latest collection of free 3D icon packs based on Money Heist. Add the punch of the most applauded heist web series with this free 3D Elements UI based on Money Heist. Royal Mint of Spain and enhance any web or app UI / UX project with Nairobi’s free 3D assets based on Money Heist. This Nairobi 3D is one of the best free 3D Icon Pack.


  • Pre-made Scenes
  • 45+ elements
  • multi angels of 3D assets
  • Blender files


So far, So good? I hope you enjoyed this fun learning and gained some great insight by revamping your website.

These 3D assets are a great trending opportunity that you can avail yourself of now before it becomes usual.

Visit our website Iqonic Designs and leverage your website to the fullest. If you’re eager to learn more then click on Meet The Future Decision Maker, 7-Steps Guide To Launch.

Thank you for staying till the end, we value your time and efforts. Feel free to acquire any assistance from our team. Our executives will be delighted to solve your queries and ensure secure payments.

Until then, see you next time!

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