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Untap The Gold Mine Of Plugins That Earned A Lot Of Appreciation!


As gold is one of the most premium metals available today, Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library are like a gold ore in the Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard marketplace. The backend of a site is critical to deciding how your users will experience the interface as a whole. As a webmaster, you spend a lot of time building a robust and accessible Admin dashboard that is easy to use for project admin. The Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard allows you to add Js plugins to make admin more powerful and empowered.

Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library | Iqonic Design

Hope UI Pro – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library is a gold mine with modern plugins like Drag and Drop File Upload, Kanban plugin, Image Cropper, Signature plugin, 360 Product View, and so on. In this article, we will show you how you can speed up your UI UX development and run your logic in the least amount of time. We also have a dedicated article on one of the most trending 360 product view plugins for modern eCommerce businesses. Read on to learn how 360 Product View boosts your sales conversion 5 times.

Drag and Drop File Upload:

File Upload Drag and Drop is a simple lightweight file plugin you can use to drag and drop files on your web page. Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard and UI Component Library come with this powerful plugin that allows you to save and upload existing documents/files/images/media into a drop zone that can be accessible at any given time. This Drag and Drop File upload can help you import any information files like business reports, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, etc. straight to the web page.  

Using Drag and Drop File Upload in Admin Dashboard:

Drag and drop multiple files or a single file with the Drag and Drop File upload plugin. If you are building a cloud storage project for your client or an enterprise, the plugin comes at your fingertips. Expand the ability to store files above the basic limit and it allows you to save attachments in one central place. You can download or remove the files at your convenience.

Level up your File organizing skills with the Hope UI Pro drag-and-drop File Upload plugin. You can share the saved files with your team and collaborate with the team to plan a promotional or product launch plan.

Kanban plugin

Kanban is an agile methodology for project management, the Kanban plugin gives a more effective way of streamlining a continuous workflow and encourages high-quality outcomes much faster. Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library come with a Kanban board that helps you visualize the progress of any project through multiple boards. Each board visually displays a task that corresponds to the current status of the project.

Using Kanban in Admin Dashboard:

Kanban-Board | Iqonic Design

Hope UI Pro supports the Kanban plugin which allows you to create and interact with Kanban boards for better management of any project. You can build a business admin dashboard with Kanban to create a board per sprint or have a Kanban board and move through your workflow statuses to resolve and remove project bottlenecks.

Image Cropper              

Cropping pictures online to get an exact cutout of the photo holds great value when you’re running out of time but want that exact picture for your Blog, Profile, or presentation. Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Library come with the Image Cropper plugin that offers a predefined dimension of an image as well as an easy-to-customize interface to cut and crop the picture in no time. Reserved for photos and image files exclusively, you can save the cropped image/photo in any of the popularly used extensions.

Using Image Cropper in Admin Dashboard:

With Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library, you can crop photos online from your desktop computer, tablet, or even phone. Whether you are on a vacation at home or even during your commute, the added Js plugin allows you to upload an image/picture for your social media, or blogging dashboard, or simply crop and save the image.

The Bootstrap5 admin dashboard will not only save time in cropping an image, but it also offers dimensions that will automatically fit your requirements in literally a few clicks.

Signature plugin

Gone are the days of using manual signatures on printed papers. We have entered into the age of Signature plugins which allow you to sign without any pen (even a digital pen) and save the signature to authorize action. Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library come with the Signature plugin that helps you go paperless and offers the freedom of flexibility.

Using the Signature plugin in the Admin Dashboard:

Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library | Iqonic Design

 Having a Signature plugin on your front end removes the hassle of holding up your clients/customers/patients/guests, etc. The versatile online Signature plugin is relevant for multiple domains of businesses from budding startups to enterprises, patient prescriptions, vendor orders, sales dispatch invoices, and so on.

The Bootstrap 5 Admin dashboard is powered with the smart and highly useful Signature plugin that will keep everything under your discretion. You can upload or send any document and get it signed by the authority from anywhere!

360 Product View

A 360-product viewer makes it much easier for developing brands to attract new customers by giving them a full introduction to their products but also visually engaging the customer through multiple angles. We have a detailed article on the thick, and thin, trends and trials of 360 Product view. Read on if you have an eCommerce business project or are building your Online Store.


We all know Bootstrap5 Admin dashboards aren’t exactly compelling in their true form. But the good news is – JavaScript plugins are making all the difference. The added functionality through Js plugins saves all the time in researching and coding a specific action on your UI UX project. Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard and UI Component Library will ensure you never have to settle for dull, lifeless admin panels. While you are putting your efforts into making your front end brilliant, Hope UI Pro vouches to deliver the most functional and out-of-the-box backend with the famous gold mine of plugins.

In addition to these plugins covered in the article, Hope UI Pro Bootstrap Admin Dashboard and UI Component Library come with a versatile range of plugins to suit your project needs. Explore the best Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard now. If you have any doubts regarding this admin side Js plugins, then feel free to connect with us. Unforgettable user experience, Immersive Interface – only with Hope UI Pro. 

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