VIZION Is Now Powered With Elementor @30% OFF


Believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have massively impacted business in every domain and the need for a modern, AI Tech and Software Startup WordPress Theme rises. It is wiser to adapt to the latest AI and ML trends on your website to skim the cream before your competitors do. Vizion – IT Service WordPress theme is the ultimate answer for modern marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to start first and reap the benefits with an AI and ML-driven online customer journey design. And, we are just realising the GRAND update to your VIZION.

Vizion is now compatible with the coolest, most user-friendly, drag-and-drop page builder Elementor plugin. And there’s more than just this grand update, VizionAI Tech and Software Startups WordPress theme is now on the end of the year offer starting from 29th December 2021 to 5th January 2021. Get this versatile technology IT Services WordPress theme at FLAT 30% OFF

IT Service WordPress theme

As the AI Tech and Software Startups WordPress Theme comes with robust features, now with Elementor compatibility, you can create your dynamic website that is the best of both – data and design. The futuristic design concept of the AI Tech and Software Startups WordPress Theme is creatively designed to re-imagine how your customers will have their experience on the website. 

Below are the major points you can check in the latest grand update: 

  • Elementor page builder support
  • Modern and versatile design
  • Improved navigation and performance 
  • Enhanced Typography and Font styling
  • Elementor Header Footer builder 

Vizion, the AI Tech and Software Startups WordPress Theme comes with a spectrum of high definition, supreme quality homepages to cater to any industry domain. thrivingly. The IT Service WordPress theme finds innovative ways to leave every online visitor with a memorable and truly seamless experience. Grab the tech-savvy, AI Tech and Software Startups WordPress Theme at a slashing 30% OFF and launch your dream website in literally a few minutes. 

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Jasmin M

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