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Have you ever looked at your Smartphone’s Play App Store lately? Don’t you see superfluous applications for a heterogeneous interest created almost every day? People like us, now have a thin chance of finding one perfect mobile application that solves our multipurpose. Even thinner chances for entrepreneurs to stand out strong from the crowd.

The world has gone mobile and it has made mobile app development grow bazillion times than we thought five years before. Mobile apps play an important role not in our day-to-day lives and it has extended to our work life too. From startup SMEs to full-fledged product and service companies, we have seen they now have their dedicated apps.

Clients and customers are now inclined to shop, browse, entertain, acquire knowledge, learn, and even earn from mobile applications. And why not, mobile apps provide a user experience that can’t be achieved even by the most responsive websites. Irrespective of how creative it is, how appealing it is, or how dynamic it is, without an aggressive marketing campaign, your mobile application is not going to reach your masses.

At Iqonic Design, we have designed this stunning Mobile App Landing Page — APPINO — Creative WordPress App Landing Page. It has a harmonious design and super clean looks that make your Mobile app landing page look irresistible and elegant.

Creative WordPress Mobile App Landing Page
Creative WordPress App Landing Page
Creative WordPress App Landing Page
Creative WordPress App Landing Page

Appino is ideal for your digital project, agency, freelancers, brands, services, entertainment, and startups.

Having a Mobile App Landing Page for your mobile application sets your mobile application on a bigger and better ground. Businesses from all over the world are now migrating from brick-and-mortar to the mobile realm and this has raised the need to market and leverage the benefits of having a Mobile App Landing Page. There are following five ways (and many more) we see that will help your mobile app business to boom simply by having a website landing page:

1. Inform your customers

Creative WordPress App Landing Page

The first step in marketing your mobile application is picking the right channel to promote it. With some trusted Google Ads and Campaigns, you can initiate your marketing plan but we strongly believe that you get an extra cherry on the cake by applying your digital marketing campaign on your Mobile App Landing Page.

2. Be everywhere

Creative WordPress App Landing Page | Be Everywhere

The ever-increasing mobile app development industry has set a benchmark in two-way communication. Having a Mobile App Landing Page helps to increase the visibility of your brand and business. Boosting sales and enhance the value to the end user. Having a purposeful website Landing Page will ensure a better chance of promotion and a better opportunity to build relationships.

3. Provide value to customers

Creative WordPress App Landing Page | Provide value to Customer

Single out your mobile app with the loyalty program. The more people interact with your mobile app, the more points they get which can then be redeemed for great deals on the product or service. How about going ahead of the line and allowing them to pay directly from the app? Win confidence and encourage ‘direct pay’ through a promotional and informational campaign on your website Landing Page.

4. Stronger brand

Creative WordPress App Landing Page | Stronger Brand

One of the index of having a successful mobile app business is having a butter-smooth flow of communication of pre-sales, during sales, and after-sales. Foster trust in your customers by regular interaction with your target market. Be accountable to them by sharing your location through the Contact Us tab on the landing page. A follow-up message or an after-sales message has seen a magnificent rise in the sales of the brand. Push notifications and targeted promotional campaigns are much more successful in converting visitors to customers.

5. Trace the behavior

The mobile app business is usually blowing hot and cold for almost every brand. In this fluctuating business playground, knowing your customer is one of the most crucial things for success. Getting real-time data about customer profiles and shopping patterns helps an entrepreneur to customize deals and decide the marketing campaign. You can direct your customer from the mobile app to your website to form a closer look.


Not just closing at five, there are some other ways as well that prove having a website landing page has a positive effect on sales of your mobile application. The potential is huge of an Mobile app landing page is huge in today’s business environment. You can always go for a trusted mobile app developer, and hire the best for your best.

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