What Is The Difference Between Telehealth And Telemedicine?


The terms ‘telehealth’ and ‘telemedicine’ are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two.

Telehealth is a broad term that refers to the use of technology to improve patient health. This can include anything from patient education to remote monitoring of vital signs.

Telemedicine, on the other hand, is a specific type of telehealth that refers to the delivery of medical care and advice via telecommunications technology. This could be a video consultation with a doctor or the use of software to monitor a patient’s health..

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What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is the ability to provide healthcare from a distance using telecommunications. It encompasses live video conferencing, mobile health applications, electronic medical records, and remote patient monitoring. With its recent expansion, telehealth has the potential to revolutionize the way millions of people access healthcare. Consequently, telehealth technologies, tools, and services are increasingly becoming integral to the healthcare system.

Benefits of Using Telehealth -

Remote health monitoring  

This innovative method of monitoring health makes preventive health checkups possible. This fills the gap between physical healthcare settings and where patients live and work. Remote technology enables physicians to keep track of the patient’s health and share reports with them from a distance, which is optimistic for the patient’s health.

This type of facility is beneficial as it allows physicians to constantly monitor patients for any abnormal deviations and identify areas of improvement and small problems before they become big problems.

Mobile Heath

This platform presents the ongoing health status of the person through mobile apps. Both patients and healthy people can use it to its potential. mHealth  allows patients and mobility disorder specialists to deliver healthcare and educational support materials via mobile phones, tablets, and laptops/computers. Communication can be performed through SMS, Social Media Applications, over the phone, etc. Mobile health is a reliable mode of communication that offers services despite location constraints.

Video Consultation 

Live video consultation makes it easy for patients to connect with doctors through video calls and discuss treatment and lab results. It also works well when doctors in different locations collaborate on diagnoses and identify the best possible treatment options from around the world.

What is Telemedicine?

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Telemedicine is the use of technology and telecommunication networks to bring healthcare to patients who are geographically far from their doctors. For example, a radiologist might analyze and interpret imaging results for a patient in a distant county whose hospital doesn’t have a radiologist. If a patient has a non-life-threatening health condition, a physician might provide urgent care through video. Telemedicine is the umbrella term for the practice of medicine through the internet and electronic applications.

Benefits of Telemedicine -

Reduced exposure to Pathogens

The lack of face-to-face interactions between HCPs and patients decreases the likelihood of diseases being spread through pathogens.

Increased Access

Patients in rural areas can get specialty services, such as mental health treatment or post-surgery follow-up, that they would otherwise have to travel a long distance for. Patients who live in federally designated, underserved areas now have increased access to primary, dental, and mental healthcare.

Online Psychiatric Support – Psychiatric patients often benefit greatly from the care of physicians. Some perks include quicker recoveries and personalized care.

How do Start your own Telemedicine using a Complete clinic management solution?

When you’re ready to start your own Telemedicine service, you want to be sure you’re making the best choice for your clinic. Research different Clinic Management Solutions to find the one that will help you get your Telemedicine service up and running quickly and easily. With the right solution, you’ll be providing great care to your patients in no time!


Overall, telehealth and telemedicine are both great ways to improve patient health using technology. However, it is important to understand the difference between the two. Telehealth is a broad term that refers to the use of technology for a variety of purposes, while telemedicine specifically refers to the use of technology for medical care and advice.

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