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Christmas 3D Models | Santa V2 | Iqonic Design
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Last Update:December 16, 2022
Created:December 19, 2022
Category: 3D Assets
Files Included: Blender, PNG

Santa V2 | Christmas 3D Models

Bring your website to life this Christmas season with Santa v2 – 3D models of Santa Claus, elves, and other Christmas characters.

Make your holiday season sparkle with a unique, creative addition to your website – Santa V2 – Christmas 3D Models! This high-quality Christmas decoration 3d model collection is perfect for adding festive cheer and a unique touch to any website. The realistic textures and vibrant colors bring the Christmas spirit alive on your page. Plus, with no coding required and drag-and-drop integration, you can have these fantastic Santa Claus 3D up in minutes.

Santa V2 3D is one of the best premium 3D icon packs.


  • 3 Camera Angles
  • 70+ 3D Elements
  • Blender Source File Included
  • Transparent PNG Files
  • Unique and Niche Objects.
  • Figma Compatible

Christmas 3D Models | Santa V2 | Iqonic Design christmas 3d models Santa V2 3D 1Christmas Decoration 3D Model | Santa V2 | Iqonic Design christmas 3d models Santa V2 3D 2christmas 3d models Santa V2 3D 3christmas 3d models Santa V2 3D 4christmas 3d models Santa V2 3D 5christmas 3d models Santa V2 3D 6

3 Camera Angle:-

Santa V2 – Christmas 3D Models allows you to quickly and easily insert a three-dimensional model of Santa Claus right into your webpage, giving visitors an exciting experience. With three camera angles, users can explore all the details of his outfit and classic facial features. The Christmas decoration 3d model is realistic enough that it looks like Santa just stepped out of a storybook!

70+ Elements:-

With 70 stunning elements, these Santa claus 3D will add a touch of holiday magic to any page or application. From snowflakes and candy canes to actual Santas, each element is designed with fun and joy in mind. Not only are they eye-catching and beautiful, but also conveniently sized so they won’t slow down your site’s performance.

Transparent PNG Files:-

With easy-to-use transparent PNG files, you can quickly upload vibrant and eye-catching 3D images of Santa for the perfect holiday look. These stunning graphics will give visitors to your page an unforgettable experience and really capture the magic of Christmas. Give your site that warm, cozy feeling this winter by downloading Santa V2 – Christmas 3D Models today!

Blender File Available:-

Transform your website into a winter wonderland with this santa claus 3D, exquisitely crafted with the Blender file for easy integration. With its realistic design and vibrant colours, you can instantly create an immersive and festive atmosphere for your visitors. From its jolly face to his bushy beard, Santa V2 – christmas decoration 3d model captures all the joy of the season with amazing detail.

Plus, amazing benefits:-

  • 20+ Icons
  • High Resolutions (with 2000 * 2000 px)
  • Multi File Format (.Blend, .OBJ, .Figma, .PNG)
  • Gorgeous Elements

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