10 Features Make A Great Video Conferencing Web App In 2024


From Zoom to Google Duo, video chat apps commenced with the easy idea of bringing human beings closer. And now more superior features is making company-grade utilization more talented. The video conferencing web app marketplace has been growing for many years now. It has already reached the $3.02 billion mark in 2018. It’s going to continue developing for as much as $6.37 billion through 2026.

Maximum video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype permit connection extra than 500 humans. These video chat apps access the front and rear cameras of a smartphone for regular communication through video feeds. Although a number of those apps noticed security problems in the recent beyond.

The video conferencing industry is growing rapidly. This can be attributed to the advancements in video and communication technology, as well as the massive increase in working from home and remote employees. As a result, there are many video conferencing web apps on the market. So, what features make a great video conferencing web app?

First and foremost, the app should have a user-friendly interface. It should be easy to start or join a meeting, and participants should be able to see – 

 Swift Navigation feature of video conferencing web app

One of the most essential features of any video conferencing web app or video chat app is to have a rapid navigational UI. A person’s interface is the coronary heart of any app. It allows customers to interact with the app structure for extra-person stories.

In any video chat app, UI has to be smooth to apply for absolutely everyone to get access to the telephone camera. However, in case you are designing a UI for a video conferencing web app then there are a lot greater functions to be blanketed.

The login and meeting signal-in need to be clean. It must allow multiple customers to effortlessly discover the meeting room and get the right of entry to it. The buttons that allow customers to mute/unmute the audio ought to be without difficulty on hand. It has to permit the customers to get entry to the rear or front camera right from the continued virtual meet without problems.

Navigation will become an essential part of any app. And video conferencing web apps are not distinctive on this rely.

2) Support 


The backend is the maximum vital part of any app infrastructure. Whether or not you are constructing a video conferencing app from scratch or using a SaaS answer, the backend should be seamless. The usage of the software as a solution for the backend let you with that UX.

Even though developing a video conferencing web app with an app development business enterprise from scratch is a superb idea. It allows you to construct a sound app architecture.

3) Streaming Protocol 

Streaming Protocol 

For efficacy in video streaming through your app, you want Web Real-Time Communication. It is an HTML5 specification that developers can use to add actual-time media communications at once into apps. 

It permits you to get the right of entry to the microphone and digicam that you have for your phone or pc. It facilitates anyone to capture the show of the person. You can percentage this captures display screen via recorded video or screen remotely with Web Real-Time Communication protocol. It allows staying interactions among customers.

4) User Registration

There are several types of person registrations that you could offer. Whilst some apps like Zoom do offer a person to log in without obligatory registration, it has a function where you want host permission to enroll in an assembly. 

Different video chat apps and conferencing apps provide social media logins additionally. The satisfactory characteristic may be to have the right user registration page. The one-time registration feature will make app engagement more interactive and will not aggravate customers each time they come to the app.

5) Secure Data

Secure Data

Statistics security is one of the most necessary features in video conferencing web  apps. As corporates are now using such systems to proportion key agency information for project coordination, records safety will become important. The database and servers must have high-performance encrypted security to lower back it up.

There’s also this need to add cozy fee functions in case you are to provide paid subscriptions. You may even add in-app purchases for superior capabilities. To facilitate such purchases for customers you want to have an included fee gateway.

6) Syncing Contact 

Syncing Contact

To offer seamless syncing of contacts there are two options you may use. One is to integrate social media APIs to permit syncing social media contacts without delay into your app. 

Every other option is to sync the phonebook contacts from customers into the app. To combine one of these features you could use Google touch API.

7) Hosting Features 

Hosting Features

Web hosting features are the most vital for institution calls in video conferencing web apps. A meeting host ought to be able to invite multiple customers. At least 50 users must be capable of being a part of the meet. The host ought to be capable of banning any person from becoming a member of the meet. 

You can even upload end-to-give up encryption for hosts. It’s going to allow them to regulate who can join the meet. The hosts can even have manipulated the audio and video feeds of users in the meet. Such functions permit the assembly host to have higher manipulate over the meetings.

8) Push Notifications 

Push Notifications 

The push notifications feature allows instantaneous alerts among app customers. Right here, you can upload host control over notifications to ensure that it reaches the right individual. You can additionally add push notifications with a personalization function. It’ll permit corporations to create customized push notifications.

9) Text Chat

Text Chat

Because the customers of any employer have to get entry to video calls and audio calls, they must have an in-constructed take a look at the chat feature. You could offer file sharing, snapshots, and even video sharing through those chats. You may also enable numerous emojis to make those interactions greater a laugh.

10) Onnet Calls 

Onnet Calls 

Other than video calls, these apps have to offer calls over the internet. It helps humans to speak at larger distances. A communique with an employee abroad becomes easy with any such characteristic in your app.

The audio for the duration of the video calls ought to be clear for better enjoyment. For such readability, you will need to have high-definition audio/video features in your app.

Que – where we will get all these features that we are looking for in the Video Conference Web App? 

Ans – Yes! 

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The video conferencing industry is growing rapidly, and as a result, there are many video conferencing web apps on the market. Hope UI is one of the best video conferencing web apps because it is created through some of the maximum present-day and modish UI UX designs. It facilitates evolving and serving duties to their greatest ability.

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