6 Most Recommended Free Elementor Plugin for Animation By Digital Creators in 2024


The animation plugin is a powerful tool to intrigue your web design. WordPress animation plugins and Elementor plugins for animation boost the creativity of your website multi-folds. We start the ball rolling with the most popular and our most loved 6 free Elementor plugins for animation of all time. Elementor animation plugins make your site look dynamic and lively for your visitors. As a powerful Elementor page builder allows you to build pages flat-out in the least time, these animations with Elementor plugins will magnify your site expeditiously. 

There are plenty of plugins – Premium plugins for Elementor to Freemium plugins and our treasured set of FREE WordPress plugins. In this article, we are sharing our most cherished and highly popular Elementor background animation, Elementor motion effects plugin, animated background Elementor, WordPress animated background plugin, and animated background WordPress plugins that will transform your site into the most magnetic website using impressive animations.  

Marvy – Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress

free Elementor Background Animation plugin | Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress | Marvy | Iqonic Design

As compared to other popular plugins for Elementor, Marvy Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress is a relatively new kid on the block but has started gaining traction in the Elementor add-on environment. Marvy – Free Elementor Animation Plugin is gaining momentum amongst the best Free Background Animations for Elementor and is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for creatively attractive, and unique animations for their web projects. Within a few clicks, you can add animation to your design.

This Free Elementor Background Animation Plugin comes with the seven most impressive sets of background animations like ripple animation, rotate, drop effect, flying objects, wave, ring animation, gradient animation, topology effects, and snow animation. Animate your site with the all-new and latest Marvy animations for Elementor sites. There is an advanced version of Marvy with extended utility and purposefulness – MarvyPro that has always been the most famous one since its creation. 

Animentor – Lottie & Bodymovin for Elementor

free Elementor Background Animation plugin | Animentor – Lottie & Bodymovin for Elementor

Animentor is an unofficial free elementor animation plugin theme to add a Lottie widget. Highly intuitive UI and everything configurable pitching Elementor using widget controls. You can manage and re-use animation with the help of WordPress Media Library.

With Animentor, you can customize the speed of animation, allow autoplay on page loading, opt for either loop or play once animation, or even choose to play reversed. The free elementor animation plugin also allows styling options like width and max-width, opacity, borders, and box-shadow styles. 

Animated SVG icons & Lottie animations for Elementor Sites

free Elementor Background Animation plugin | Animated SVG icons & Lottie animations for Elementor Sites

Design your site your way with this amazing set of more than 200 animated SVG icons and over 50 Lottie animations in your next project. SVG animation features customizable stroke colors, scaling icons to any size, setting time to animation duration, uploading and animating your SVG icon, hovering to draw interaction option, and so on. On the other hand, Lottie animation features scroll-based display options, alignment and margin settings, CSS filter settings, opacity settings, hover animation effects, and much more. 

JSON Based Animation for Elementor

JSON Based Animation for Elementor

Add life to your creativity with a JSON-based free elementor animation plugin using Lottie animations. JSON features more than 5 animation options, easy-to-customize alternatives, scroll-based animation, autoplay animation options, on-click, and on-hover animation effects, mouse over-out effects, scroll-based animation, inline animation, and much more. 

Scroll Triggered Animations – Animate your site

Scroll Triggered Animations is a stunning free elementor animation plugin for your WordPress sites. Besides being highly customizable, Scroll has a user-friendly interface for implementing CSS animation efficiently. Whether you are a professional website designer or have no flair in designing experience or web coding knowledge, Scroll Triggered Animations makes the animation procedures extremely easy. With easy-to-use animation, and over 20 preset simple animations, Scroll Triggered Animations lets you globally control your animations. 

Scrollsequence – Cinematic Scroll Image Animation Plugin

Scrollsequence – Cinematic Scroll Image Animation Plugin

Designing a website with the latest animations is now easy and free. Scroll Sequence – Cinematic Scroll Image Animation Plugin lets you create beautiful image sequence animations that are controlled with a mouse click or touch. Add animation sequences on the landing page of your website, engage with your site visitors, and let them consume your awesome website content. Scrollsequence is SEO-friendly and features backend media gallery upload, image preloading, image opacity, background color settings, and more. 


The Elementor page builder is one of the most popular and feature-rich page builder plugins. Several great third-party Elementor add-ons can extend the core capability of this page builder even further. Adding animations to your site will unlock more design potential of your creation. With all the above free elementor animation plugins, we tried to bring out the best open-source free elementor plugin for animation. These are our favorite free animation plugins to help you create an outstanding site in no matter of time. 



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