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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the hassle of designing user interfaces and fixing unnecessary code errors was eliminated? You could focus more on the operations, smoothen the revenue stream, and plan the expansion better. 

Now, you can do it! If you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey and don’t want to waste several hours designing a user interface, then Prokit is for you!

Prokit’s Best Flutter UI Templates, the most prominent Flutter UI Kit for mobile applications, was developed specifically for developers using Flutter. There are over 960+ screens in this biggest Flutter UI kit, making it the most extensive library of assets. 

If you don’t know what Flutter is, the Flutter software development kit is an open-source UI toolkit created by Google. A single codebase can be used to develop cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web.

Over 24 thousand Flutter apps have been downloaded over 11 billion times. It is considered one of the best among the top four frameworks for developing mobile apps. Over 3.55% of the apps and 8.33% of new apps are created with Flutter. 

Companies already use Flutter to build beautiful, high-performing native mobile apps that look and feel like they were built with native tools. Additionally, Flutter can create hybrid Android/iOS applications that one team can work on simultaneously.

What is Prokit?

With an exhaustive range of over 960+ stunningly coded and crafted screens, Prokit is an all-inclusive, massively created Best Selling Flutter UI Kit

Excellent code quality, detailed designs, limited issues, widgets, and sample integration provide access to the universe of possibilities. 

With the help of ProKit, the biggest Flutter UI kit allows you to access a wide variety of user interfaces and visual components that can be embedded into your application. Developers can create all the screens and widgets they need within a few minutes, with over 1600 screens and 100+ widgets to choose from.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1640+ Beautiful Screen 

Pre-built screen designs that are clean, modern & detailed.

  • 37+ Full Apps

Easily start any project with 37+ pre-designed full-app UI Kits.

  • 26+ Integrations

Done-for-you modern libraries integration to save you time.

  • 2500+ Happy Customer

ProKit – Flutter UI Kits are used by 1000s of users to create stunning apps they love.

Benefits of Using Prokit

Prokit | Best Flutter UI Templates | Iqonic Design

Today, Prokit is the best Flutter UI templates on the Internet. Using a single codebase, you can build apps for Android, iOS, web, and desktop. Prokit – biggest Flutter UI kit also offers numerous other benefits, as listed below. 

Faster Development

With no need to restart the application, you will be able to see the results of your changes to the code as soon as you make them. By eliminating the need to compile each time, you can significantly speed up your development workflow. You will save a great deal of time if you are working on a larger project.

Experiment More

You can experiment with different UI designs or implementations without having to start from scratch every time. The 37+ pre-designed full-app UI kits on this site can make it easy for you to get started with any project.

In addition to a bundle of mobile app templates catering to different designs, this Best Flutter UI Templates – UI kit is a masterpiece for those working with Flutter.

Prokit’s Mobile Apps Perform Better

A unique characteristic of Prokit is its use of the Dart programming language, which is one of the things that makes it stand out from other frameworks. Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation is one of the most powerful features of Dart, a client-optimized language. 

This means that code, Rather than being interpreted by a virtual machine at runtime, can be compiled into native machine code. The result is faster performance and shorter development times.

Fast Implementation 

It is well known that time is money when it comes to software development. The Prokit’s Flutter based hot reload feature helps you to make changes to your code and see the results in real-time without needing to restart your app each time you make a change. As a result, you will be able to save a significant amount of time and frustration during the development process.

Beautiful Designs 

Prokit’s material design widgets are one of its biggest selling points. Your app will look sleek and modern with these widgets.


Using the Dart programming language, Prokit’s apps are compiled ahead of time, which means that they run faster and smoother on devices because they are compiled in advance.

Globally Available

If you want to reach a global audience, Prokit – biggest Flutter UI kit supports internationalization. It is easy to create an app that is multilingual with Flutter.

Enables Advanced Tech

ProKit’s Best Flutter UI Templates includes everything you’ll need to create modern and user-oriented mobile apps.

It is integrated with the following tech services. 

  1.  Flutter
  2.  Ios
  3.  Android
  4.  Firebase
  5.  Onesignal
  6.  Stripes
  7.  Razorpay

Prokit Provides Stellar Customer Support

You can quickly contact them for any issue, and they’ll do everything possible to resolve it in the best way for you. Also, as a customer, you can avail of their 6 months of tech support in case you need it. 

Wondering what else Prokit brings to the table? Here’s what you need to know! 

Save Your Development Hours with These 14+ Themes

With Prokit – biggest Flutter UI kit, you can save hours of development time by choosing from 14+ themes. A developer’s time is valuable, and Prokit understands that. To save time and get your project up and running quickly, they’ve compiled a list of 14+ Flutter app themes.

It is easy to use and customize Prokit’s mobile app themes, so you can create exactly the app you want.

Here are some of our top recommendations to browse through. 

Save Your Development Hours with These 14+ Themes

Prokit is already loved by 2500+ clients, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your time with Prokit’s advanced and dynamic Flutter UI Kit.

Wait! You can always ask for a free live demo at ProKit Flutter UI kit.

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