15+ Best Free Responsive Website Templates For Better Mobile User Experience


Are you searching for a simple and quick way to quicken your web design process? You’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve gathered 15+ pre-built responsive HTML5 templates that, with a little creative editing, will have your web design project live in no time. The best part is that all of the website templates are entirely free!

A ready-made template is an excellent way to quickly create a powerful website for your company. There are a lot of professionally created templates out there, but they all require a lot of customization. Eventually, you’ll arrive at lines of code that need to be changed in order to achieve the desired outcome.

It’s wonderful if you know the basics of HTML and CSS, but what about users who have no experience with coding?

All of the Best free website templates in this collection came from trustworthy websites. They’re also designed with the most up-to-date web design trends in mind, combining a beautiful appearance with unmatched functionality.

Check out this post if you’re looking for free Bootstrap templates and UI kits.

Phifi – Creative Agency HTML Template Free

Creative Agency HTML Template Free | Phifi | Iqonic Design

Phifi is a Creative Agency HTML Template Free for agencies and company sites that is both modern and attractive. This creative agency bootstrap template Free features a dynamic tone and an appealing color scheme that visitors will love.

By free adopting the Phifi – creative agency HTML template free, users can save hours of research into the current UI and UX design trends. Apart from its ease of use, this Free Bootstrap Template is also free to download and has a lot to offer as compared to other creative agency templates.

The well-researched design layout promises to get your agency business site up and running quickly. Phifi – Creative Agency HTML Template Free is a highly popular template and has been a rewarding template for many users around the world.

BizBag – Free Startup Business HTML5 Template

Free Startup Business HTML5 Template | BizBag | Iqonic Design

Bizbag is a Free Startup Business HTML5 Template with a professional design for any business niche. The Bizbag – Free Business HTML Template was designed with a creative color combination to make any creation stand out from the crowd.

This Responsive Website Templates Free Download for Business which is great for startups, businesses, agencies, freelancers, and professional service providers because it is multifunction. The integration of useful elements will help the user’s project get off to a good start.

With the Bizbag – Free Startup Business HTML5 Template, customization is simple. Users may develop and launch an outstanding website in no time thanks to the various customization options.

With many functional and rich inner pages such as an About Us page, Services page to convey services, Team page to add human talent, Pricing plan to offer, Clients page to showcase credibility with a high-valued client-base, FAQ page for better SEO and user-friendly information, Contact Us page for potential visitors, and so on – this Responsive Website Templates Free Download for Business can quickly build a unique online presence.

The specialized portfolio portion and home page banner ensure that the message is delivered in a visually appealing manner. Without coding knowledge, any business site may be launched with the help of 5 different home pages.

Sofbox Classic – Free Software Landing Page HTML5 Template

Free Software Landing Page HTML5 Template | Sofbox Classic | Iqonic Design

Sofbox Classic Free Software Landing HTML5 Template can be used to launch projects like website, sites related to CRM and ERP, point of sale/payment processing solutions site, IoT link solutions, web design, data migration and upgrade landing page and infrastructure support services.

Sofbox Classic – Free Landing Page Template Bootstrap has such a large graphic header at the top with a banner and page title, followed by text, images, buttons, and everything in between.

Sofbox Classic – Free Software Landing HTML5 Template is a free piece of software. As visitors arrive, the landing page HTML5 template directs their attention to the first page. Sofbox Classic is one of most popular Free Responsive Landing Page HTML Template, supporting a company’s or agency’s many marketing and promotional activities.

This Free Landing Page Template Bootstrap takes visitors’ information and delivers a targeted content strategy to a certain bunch of people. Sites created using Sofbox Classic – Free Responsive Landing Page HTML Template are designed for speed. A long-lasting company website may be built with a strong Bootstrap framework and a responsive style.


Chomp | Restaurant Website Template

Chomp is Webflow eCommerce Template is a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to offer online food and takeout delivery. Your business may quickly change the template and create a beautiful eCommerce experience.

Apollo – HTML template for photographers


Apollo, a black and white one-page HTML template designed using Sass and Jade by Bucky Maler, a Front End Developer from Texas. This template was created by creative designer Jakub Kowalczyk for professional photographers who require a simple, appealing, and effective approach to communicate their work with clients.

Plotlist – Listing Template


Content tabs and carousel item lists are included in the Plot List Bootstrap 5 template. This template has four HTML pages that could be simply transformed into dynamic CMS pages. The homepage includes a search bar, content tabs, an item listing, and a three-column footer. There are five content tabs on the category page. There are several types of carousel listings on the listing page. The Contact page has a Maps section as well as a contact form.

Scribbler – Website Template


A responsive HTML template with a clean, user-friendly design for coding projects. The template, which was created using the most up-to-date web technologies, is suitable for landing pages and documentation.

Scribbler was designed for developers who wish to create a simple landing page for their coding projects as well as a documentation/usage page. It’s built using Vanilla JavaScript along with several amazing new CSS features including CSS variables and CSS grid. The template is developed without any unnecessary overhead of libraries and is easy to adjust with performance and simplicity in mind.

Scribbler is free to use for personal projects or client business.

Fitnesso – Fitness Website Template

Making an online coaching website is a time-consuming and stressful process. Fitnesso will simplify the never-ending process of finishing your website.

Fonts, colors, and images

With a few clicks in the style guide included in our template, you can keep your brand rules up to date. Everything for your brand may be changed in minutes, from the logo to the fonts and colors. At University, you may learn how to customize Webflow sites or contact us for support.

Ready for mobile visitors

Pixel-perfect renderings on all devices – your portfolio will appear great on every device, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Edit your content with few clicks

In minutes, you can have a clean and responsive Fitness Coach Ecommerce User – friendly website. All of this comes with an easy-to-use Content Management System and Editor that allows you to add and update content right on the page.

Arsha – Free Corporate Bootstrap Template

Arsha – Free HTML Template is a clean and modern business Bootstrap template that was designed with startups, apps, and IT services in mind. You’ll be able to display your content on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. Arsha’s design is based on minimalism and unique sections. With its pixel-perfect structure and crisp sectioning, this template will help you quickly construct a professional-looking website for your company.

Arsha –  Free HTML Template is designed the latest web technologies (Bootstrap framework, NodeJS, Sass, Gulp, etc.) with a focus on coding quality to assure that the template compatible with all the browsers and devices.

iPortfolio – Portfolio Websites Template


iPortfolio is a modern HTML template for a personal CV and portfolio. It’s a creative, clean, and basic design. iPortfolio can be used for a variety of applications, including presenting work, projects, products, clients, and services for freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and many more.

iPortfolio is entirely responsive and looks fantastic on all device displays, ensuring the best user experience. It’s made with the latest Bootstrap version, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and SASS. Every file and line of code is well-organized and documented. You can quickly and easily modify the template to meet your own requirements.

FlexStart – Bootstrap Startup Template

FlexStart is a modern Bootstrap website template that is creative as well as efficient. FlexStart – Free Bootstrap Template is a website builder for people and businesses who wants to develop websites for software, startups, digital agencies, mobile apps, SaaS, internet services, finance, and other related services and products.

FlexStart’s source code is developer-friendly, clean, lightweight, and well-documented. It’s simple to customize and apply to your next project. It offers a lot of features, blocks, and sections that give the developer a lot of versatility in terms of creating excellent websites quickly and easily.

FlexStart is a fully responsive template that looks great on all devices and screen sizes. It also comes with essentially everything you’ll need to build a beautiful new website.

FlexStart was created using Bootstrap 5 and does not require jQuery.

Mentor – Education Bootstrap Website Template

Mentor is a Bootstrap-based education website template that is modern and creative. It’s ideal for any type of education, online learning center, academy, or educational activities.

Mentor is made out of well-organized, easy-to-customize components. Different page styles, about, courses, trainers, and other pages are included in this free website template. The major qualities that set MENTOR apart are its high-quality code, extensive and easy-to-read code, and prompt and qualified support.

Parker – Software & Startup Landing Page Template

Parker is a Bootstrap 4 landing page that may be used for a number of purposes. This responsive landing template comes with three demo variations that can be used to create landing pages for your business, service, marketing, product, app, or SaaS.

Kelly – CV Resume HTML Template

Kelly is a bootstrap portfolio, resume, and CV template that is professional, clean, versatile, and customizable. It’s a great way for anyone to show off their internetwork. It’s quite savvy, basic, and stylishly shows your information while remaining professional. It is easy to personalize and built with clean and current HTML5 + CSS3 code.

Kelly is a clean and attractive way for creative professionals, designers, freelancers, painters, illustrators, photographers, and anybody else to showcase their work and services online. It’s fully responsive, so it looks great on every device and on any screen size.


Find a suitable template for your website and give it a completely new look and advanced features. You will definitely cultivate a growing audience and increase your conversion rate with any of these Best Free Responsive Website Templates.

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