5 Best WordPress Data Visualization Plugins You Need In 2024


Data Visualization is one of the most hyped topics passed up in Data-driven marketing. With this, WordPress data visualization plugins are utilized for conveying messages clearly and thoroughly to the masses, and a large amount of raw data is beautifully added in a visually appealing, infographic way. 

As Data Visualization WordPress Plugins become a popular topic for discussion amongst marketing professionals, having a tool to exhibit the amount of information churned from their skills and expertise in an infographic way is vital. 

So we have researched for and what we have found are the 5 best WordPress Data Visualization Plugins that you need in 2024 –

1) Easy Charts 

These charts are utilized easily but are still plugins with a strong base that has magic in creating their charts. This allows users to create unique and multiple varieties of charts which include line charts, polar chart areas, donut charts, pie charts, etc. It allows the plugin to collect and display it on your site in the easiest way possible. 

2) wpDatatables

With the least amount of experience in web design, it shows that the data tables are not easily done or utilized without having coding knowledge and experience. It becomes hard to understand if it’s a large amount of data. 

And that’s where Data Visualization WordPress Plugins show their charms which are effective and long-term at the same time. And it is easy to set tables that function on similar screens just by resizing your browser. 

3) Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

Now, this is a WordPress Plugin that is the most unique. It stores data like Google Sheets and Cloud and can be used for gorgeous charts, graphs, and sortable and searchable tables.

Setups like this will update blog posts and pages whenever a Google spreadsheet or CSV changes take place. Now more variety of different sources of data can be used from spreadsheets, google apps scripts, CSV files, and your WordPress Database which has SQL database. 

4) M chart 

Supportive M chart will turn your raw data into gorgeous-looking WordPress graphs and charts. If you have data that needs to be displayed. Then M chart is the answer for it. 

It manages any amount of data easily but lacks freedom. Editing and preparing your content with shortcodes and charts that need to be posted. Online presence with sophisticated charts through the assistance of M chart with multiple options for adding information and details to your charts.

Installing, activating, and completing this process is very straightforward and modish for every user.  

5) Graphina – Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin

WordPress data visualization plugins

In the first position, we have kept the Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin. Why? Because it passed all of our tests and exceeded expectations.

And now you may ask what type of tests did Graphina pass to become one of the Best Data Visualization WordPress plugins

Below are your questions and answers and then it will pass your test too! 

Que 1 – How many Graphs and charts does Graphina provide? 

Ans. 14+ types. 

Que 2 – How many variations does Graphina Provide? 

Ans. 1000+ Variations 

Que 3 – Loading takes a long time. What makes loading faster and more interesting? 

Ans. Ajax loader 

Que 4 – Are there any options for customizing? 

Ans. Yes! 100+ Customising Widgets 

Que 5 – Is my data safe with Graphina? 

Ans. Absolutely, With Views Restrictions 

Que 6 –  I guess, it is no use for me! Anyhow, I don’t know how to code. How can I operate it? 

Ans. Yes! You can operate it without any coding knowledge. 

Que 7 – Ok! I bet it has so many features! I am sure this plugin would hurt my Wallet. 

Ans. NO! It won’t hurt your wallet at all because Graphina is a FREE WordPress Chart Plugin

Want to see more about this Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin Click here  

Free Version has multiple varieties but the PRO version has more, Free has multiple Customizing Widgets but the PRO version has more. So try out the free version of Graphina and then when satisfied, you can update it with the PRO version of Graphina

And as we have 50k+ Holders of Graphina we also have a PRO version of Graphina with more options and more advantageous features. 

Click-here for the Lite version of Graphina

Click-here for the PRO version of Graphina


5 of the best WordPress data visualization Plugins have been shared and you have been given its benefits which will be the ease of your presentations and management of large amounts of data.

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