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Calm Down! Calm Down! I know your favorite “writer” is back! Hahaha…Lol! Well, you may deny it but you are here again to read. Right? Let’s Go forward to the second chapter about Top Secret Data visualization WordPress plugins in 2024 and Dig deep into the Data visualization WordPress plugin

WAIT! You are reading this for the first time, well then you have skipped you must chapter one first about “What is Data Visualization?” where all knowledge can be gathered about Data Visualization and learn why Data visualization in WordPress is one of the important parts.

All right, let’s start the second chapter! Shall We? But first, let me ask you one question. Do you know back in the day, how painful it was to build a website? But compared to current days creating a website can be done within a snap of a finger, because of the Modern Content Management System

CMS users have the biggest advantage because they stay like an alpha while having the independence of which platform to use. 

Do you remember the last time I shared some fun facts with you about Data Visualization? So this time again I will share some fun facts with you about WordPress! 

But do you know that 69% of readers become more engaged after reading fun facts?  

Below are a few fun facts about the WordPress –

1) Do you know that WordPress is older than Twitter and Facebook? 

2) WordPress Powers nearly 27% of all websites. 

3) WordPress Dominates 76.4% of the CMS market. 

4) WordPress is open-source and free. 

5) Theme and Plugin Support. 

All the data of big firms are important and now showcasing and preserving those data is supposed to be done in a meaningful way with WordPress charts and graphs plugin.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Beauty with a Brain?” Does that same thing go when data visualization and WordPress combine? Because WordPress is easy to go with plugins and there is some refinement Data visualization WordPress plugin that turntables around. 

Ok! This is too much information at the same time! I need to give you a real-life example that will help me understand it. 

Imagine the terms – text data, single-page web apps, dashboards, business intelligence reports, etc. as a ‘to-be bride’s checklist’. 

All things are essential for her D-Day but how these all will come out together, no bride in the world can be 100% sure. 

Now imagine that same bride on her wedding day with her white gown on will look so elegant, Wouldn’t she?

Now sit tight, we are going to read about the top 3 Data visualization WordPress plugins which will present your graph in a gorgeous, engaging, and understandable way. 

For the first product, we will look for one of the peaking WordPress charts and graphs plugin that is Graphina PROElementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Datatables

1. Graphina PRO – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Datatables 

Graphina PRO - Data visualization WordPress plugin  | Iqonic Design

Graphina PRO – Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin is considered as Mike Tyson of WordPress Chart plugin

Graphina PRO – WordPress plugin for Apex charts, Elementor charts show your large and messy data in an appealing way that is easily understandable by your clients. And also can operate without any coding knowledge. 

With premium features of live data which has a feature of updating itself. Graphina PRO – WordPress Chart plugin directly summons data from 5 multiple sources from Google Sheet, Rest API, CSV, SQL & Firebase

Besides that  Graphina PRO – WordPress charts and graphs plugin provides 12+ Fully dynamic charts with counters & data tables which are customizable and have 100+ variations that will showcase humongous data in a gorgeous and infographic way. 

Top 5 Features of Graphina PRO – WordPress charts and graphs plugin : 

  1. Set your colors & gradients. 
  1. Interactive charts with smooth animations. 
  1. Multiple Legend Positioning Options. 
  1. Responsive Design. 
  1. Auto Ajax reloads chart. 

Do you sometimes think that multiple problems should have one solution? That is what Graphina PRO – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Datatables are about in the WordPress Charts world. 

2. wpDataTables

The wpDataTables plugin offers a way to create charts and graphs in the easiest way possible for your WordPress site. It utilizes the Google Start engine and accepts data from multiple sources and this also includes Google Excel sheets and CSV data format.

3. Visualizer

Visualizer is a table and charts plugin for WordPress that lets you create interactive data visualizations for your site.

It comes with 9 types of charts, including line charts, area charts, bar charts, column charts, pie charts, geo charts, table charts, bubble charts, and scatter charts.

You can add these charts without installing any extra plugins, too.

There are pleasant plugins that will help you implement Data visualization in WordPress.

Visualizer is a table and charts plugin for WordPress that assists you in creating interactive data visualizations for your site. 

It has multiple charts including line charts, area charts, bar charts, column charts, pie charts, geo charts, table charts, bubble charts, and scatter charts. Add extra charts without installing any extra plugins too. It will help you implement data visualization in WordPress

Man, this chapter was long LMAO! But it was worth it. 

And officially make the statement we are ending this 2nd chapter and by here and I am signing out, and we will look further at these below things in the course: 

  1. Top 5 ways to implement data visualization in WordPress.
  1. How to create a finance/trading dashboard in WordPress.
  1. All things about making your data REAL TIME.
  1. Privacy in Data Visualization.
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