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5+ Designed Flutter UI Kits to speed up coding hours


Benefits of using UI Kit? 

Flutter UI Kits are best at saving your time and putting designs more appropriately. This kit comes with pre-made elements. These UI kits offer multiple solutions and common design problems. 

Following are the benefits that will come from using UI Kit – 

1) It helps save a lot of design hours.

2) It will assist you in raising Productivity and Profitability. 

3) Your design skills would evolve. 

4) Don’t need to start everything from scratch. 

5) You can customize whenever you add elements and components. 

1) Prokit – Biggest Flutter UI Kits

Prokit - Flutter UI Kits | Iqonic Design

Prokit is a perfect source for Flutter UI app templates. It comes with a wide range of app UI kits, full apps, and UI themes that come in dark and light modes. If you are an Android developer or an iOS developer this flutter UI kit offers high-quality UI designs. 

With Prokit Flutter UI kits, create some unique screens rapidly and easy to use, which can be customized to match your project requirements. This UI kit includes everything that you need to get started quickly and easily which combines and edits any app UI kit, text, or image and saves time and effort.

 Below are a few themes examples from Prokit UI Kit – 

  • File Manager Flutter UI Kit
  • Exercise Tips Flutter UI Kit
  • Food Recipe Flutter UI Kit
  • Feed App Flutter UI Kit
  • E-Wallet Flutter UI Kit
  • And many more themes. 

Flutter has taken the world of mobile development by storm. This open-source framework from Google makes it incredibly easy to create cross-platform apps with minimal coding. With a growing library of widgets and built-in animations, Flutter is perfect for creating high-quality user interfaces in a short amount of time.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the Best Flutter UI Templates for Flutter development. These kits will help you 

Below are a few Full apps examples from Prokit UI Kit – 

  • Sneaker Shopping App
  • Smart Home App
  • Wallet App
  • QIBus – Bus ticket booking App Flutter UI
  • Quiz – Quiz Flutter App UI
  • And many more Fully Apps. 

2) E-Commerce Mobile Application 

E-Commerce Mobile Application 

If you are looking for a complete and editable mobile app store template, the E-Commerce Mobile App UI kit is perfect for you. With multiple screens available in dark and light versions, this template is fully customizable using Figma. You can easily change colors, sizes, fonts, and elements to suit your needs. Modern styling with fresh and dynamic colors is great for starting e-commerce projects.

3) Modern Mobile App Design

Modern Mobile App Design

This UI kit is packed with a ton of different designs and styles that you can use for inspiration. It includes 15 distinctive templates that can be customized for various industries like food, technology, and luxury brands. Each style is unique and comes with 3 screens that feature basic elements like navigation, awesome colors, distinct fonts, and buttons. Plus, everything is editable using Figma.

4) Dating App 

Dating App 

This dating app UI kit has a clean and minimalistic style with modern and interactive elements. With multiple screens, it includes everything you need to create a functional dating app. The files are well organized and easy to customize in Figma. This template is the perfect size for iPhone resolution at 375x812px.

5) Music UI Kit

Music UI Kit

This UI kit has everything you need to create amazing user interfaces for your music app. With fully customizable design elements including colors, typography, buttons, icons, and navigations, you can create any look you want. This music UI kit is exclusively for Adobe XD, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality and design.

6) Car Rental App

 Car Rental App

Flutter is an open-source application developed within the SDK created by Google. It can be used to develop applications for Android and iOS. Flutter widgets incorporate most of the critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts to provide full accurate performance.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get started with Flutter development, be sure to check out these Flutter UI kits. They are sure to help you get your project up and running in no time.

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