5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid As A Hope UI Pro Admin! – Creator’s Guide


There is a saying that “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” and we knew that while making the future of the UI admin dashboard we were going to make mistakes I mean perfection is the evolution of mistakes, and we learned from those mistakes while creating one of the most beneficial UI admin dashboards for the community. 

Going further will share some of the mistakes you need to avoid as a Hope UI Pro Admin – (Tips from experts) 

Following the 5 mistakes that you need as an admin of Bootstrap Admin Template – 

1) Not spacing your menu Navigation menu efficiently

Hope UI - Bootstrap Admin Template | Iqonic Design

Your application needs enough space to prioritize the multiple designed components to showcase it to your visitors. However, applying too much content on your site’s free space will only increase your site’s or application’s bounce rate. As an engaging feature, you will give it a bit of space which will allow it to showcase its benefits and boost the user’s experience. 

2) Following UI UX trends blindly 

Hope UI - Bootstrap Admin Template | Iqonic Design

Every trend that is trending today is not guaranteed to it will be in trend tomorrow too, so make sure and think twice before following or applying any new trend to your appropriate project. It’s not easy to always stay dominating in this field so try to avoid this trending influence and apply it to your UI UX design, or maybe who knows your design will be tomorrow’s trend? So make sure you make a big rational decision with your team or by yourself whether to follow that trend or not. 

3) Big is always better 

Hope UI -  Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library | Iqonic Design

The latest technologies of the UI UX design have made it possible to access from the smallest screens too. As users will visit your site or application from Multiple devices the “Big” UI UX design won’t look attractive on smaller screens. Responsive UI should be added to your whole application which would make the user’s experience smooth on your site. 

As you clicked on this article, I think you are already an adopter of Hope UI –  Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library that comes with 100% fluid responsiveness it. 

4) Different fonts and icons to alter inside Menu Bar 

Hope UI -  Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library | Iqonic Design

Attractive typography is an essential part of a flawless user experience. Unsuitable typography is another reason why the failure of a site or application happens. Maintaining a low level of icons from multiple UI elements will not balance your site’s accuracy. Different fonts will trigger the user’s subconscious and will make a bad impression on your site.

Elegant typography will simply deliver the message that you want to convey to your users. The key to a high concentration of typography is not to use more than 2 types of fonts and styles. Remember that icons are the keys to better communication with the users.

5) Playing with the Navigation Menu bar often

Hope UI -  Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Library | Iqonic Design

Remember that the Navigation Menu is a key part of your website. You should not neglect it when you are designing your menu style. The Navbar should make the user’s journey simpler, not more complicated. If users can’t find the Menu or it’s hard to see, they will leave your site. A well-designed menu that matches your brand will be more successful.


This article provides a list of the five most critical mistakes to avoid as a Hope UI Pro – Admin Dashoboard template and UI Component Library. By understanding these mistakes, you can avoid costly errors and ensure the success of your project. By understanding these mistakes, you can avoid them and keep your site functioning properly.

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