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Mobile design is much more than just looking good and grabbing the attention of consumers with bright colors and engaging pictures. This phrase has certainly been repeated many times before, and for good reason: convenience, user-friendliness, and new features are all equally vital.

But how do you ensure that your app’s design isn’t out of date, both in terms of appearance and in terms of user experience? Being abreast of current trends and best practices is a good start. Let’s take a look at the top 10 mobile app UI/UX design trends for 2022 Because being prepared is always a good idea.

UI and UX

UX & UI design trends are continually shifting around the world. Keeping up with the newest market trends may appear to be a difficult task. We took advantage of the opportunity to peruse the most recent mobile design trends. Our goal is to forecast what user interface and user experience design trends will be in 2021.

What is the Biggest Flutter UI Kit – Prokit?

Biggest Flutter 2.0 UI Kit - Prokit | Iqonic Design

Prokit is the largest  Flutter Mobile App template. As the name implies. It’s the most comprehensive collection of Flutter UI app templates compiled into a high-quality UI kit for Android and iOS developers. App UI kits, entire apps, and UI themes are all included in the collection. This Best Flutter UI Template is available in two colors: dark and light.

The most popular face unlock and biometric integration app UI is included in the Prokit Flutter UI kit. This massive flutter kit is ideal for eCommerce store apps, bus and travel booking apps, hotel booking apps, grocery, and food delivery apps, online education and learning apps, digital wallet apps, fitness, and gym apps, movie streaming apps, and much more.

How is Prokit Useful?

  • Prokit comes with two powerful, ready-to-use widgets – Scale transitions and floating action buttons to build impressive and sleek Mobile Apps
  • The elements and styles in the Prokit Flutter UI kit were created using Material Design Guidelines. 
  • This bundle of mixed App UI kit and UI themes is easily your own solution, thanks to its clear code and single code base.
  • Customize Prokit Flutter UI kits to quickly create different screens. 
  • Get this mix App UI kit, mix and match any UI app kit, text, or image, save time and effort with these well-thought-out pre-designed and ready-to-use entire applications and themes, and just launch your app. 
  • Flutter App UI Kit includes everything you’ll need for a more efficient workflow and improved results. 

In the market, there are a variety of App design trends. Allow me to demonstrate some of the top 7 Most Recent App Design Trends. These are some of the Prokit advantages that will draw your attention to its advantages.

Laundry service 

Book nearby laundry service 

Laundry service -Flutter App UI Kit |Prokit | Iqonic Design

Recipe and cooking 

Browse Unique recipes from Best Chefs 

Recipe and cooking -Flutter App UI Kit | Prokit | Iqonic Design

File manager 

File manager - Flutter Mobile App template | Prokit | Iqonic Design

Feed App

Feed App - Flutter Mobile App template | Prokit | Iqonic Design

Exercise Tip

Exercise Tip - Flutter Mobile App template | Prokit | Iqonic Design


E-commerce - Flutter UI app templates |   Prokit I Iqonic Design

QI Bus 

QI Bus - Flutter UI app templates |   Prokit I Iqonic Design


The best user interface and trendiest app designs will be provided by these Seven UI UX trends. The world around us is always changing and evolving. The same is true when it comes to mobile design trends. Giving users the most pleasurable interfaces aids them in having better experiences.

Every developer wants his flagship software to be noticed. Flutter is a new Google Software Development Kit that aids in the development of mobile apps. Flutter makes it possible for anybody to create beautiful, high-quality apps for both iOS and Android thanks to its easy-to-use Dart language and excellent UI components. If you’re not a programmer but want to make great user interfaces for your app, try out our Flutter UI Design, which is both powerful and large.

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