5 Essential Features To Make A Highly Functional File Storage Like Google Drive


One of the most popular cloud file storage services is Google Drive. It not only offers a lot of space for online file storage but it also comes with a wide range of features that make it essential for both personal and professional use. If you are looking for Google Drive alternative or if you are using another file storage and are not happy with it, then you should consider switching to Hope UI – File Manager dashboard

Now talking further about the features that are needed for having highly functional file storage like Google Drive. 

Here are the five essential features that make it the best cloud storage service out there:

1) Delete File Retention

Ever used a PC that has a recycle bin you will get a hint about what this is about. 

Some of the cloud file storage services keep your files indefinitely, and others keep them for some time. And it maybe won’t count against your cloud storage. 

2) Note-taking

Some of the file storage services provide a note-taking app within their File storage app and it is kind of confusing to find. Some note-taking apps are very often perfect for letting you take notes. Some are more effective like they let you add a checklist and to-do list and overall this also allows you to add images. 

3) Document Editors

Having a document editing feature is one of the most efficient features for online file storage. Now you do not need to waste your developing time building a document from scratch. So most Cloud file storage provides an inbuilt service. 

Hope UI – Bootstrap admin template is the best example of this, it will help you edit the documents as per your requirement. 

4) File Previews

Thought that every Cloud file storage would let you peek at the files. Let’s say you only will be able to peak at images, files, or maybe audio or something. Some may allow you to peak at the PDF documents and simple Text files. 

5) Organizational Features

These are some of the minor things that are to be noticed subconsciously and people miss them. They come with color coordination according to your file and some features like customized icons. 

Are you a Developer, Designer, or Startup working on a project for a File managing Application?

Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component

Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component is a revolutionary future of Admin UI dashboard. With the following fully packed features admin template it guarantees to save your development time. 

  • 400+ Components 
  • 60+ Menu Styles
  • 100+ Pages and dashboards 
  • 7+ Technologies 
  • 6+ In Built starter apps 

Out of those Built-in apps, one App built is the File manager dashboard that Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component come with. It gives out multiple options for viewing files and storing your files securely. It also shows your Activity in an infographic way, recently added files and many more likable features that are inspired by Google Drive UI. 

Grab your Bootstrap template file manager now with Hope UI. 


A cloud storage service should have the ability to access your files from anywhere at any time. Google Drive offers this feature along with a wide range of other features that make it a great choice for online file storage. If you are looking for a similar service, then Hope UI – File Manager dashboard is a good option. It offers the same features as Google Drive along with some additional features that make it a better choice for some users.

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