5 e-Book App Features That You Need To Build App Engagement


“Gaining Knowledge through reading books is like a deep ocean, the more you gain knowledge the lesser it is”

You have a new app idea, now what? You need to start with your end in mind. Start by developing an ebook app that will help you build your audience and connect them with the information they need to create a successful venture. 

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary for producing an application for either Apple or Android devices. It is meant to be used as a resource when building an application of any kind, not just apps.

As if you want to start up your own ebook app and with the help of that app you want everyone to gain knowledge and at the same do not want to waste time on features and want to get a ready-made eBook app which can be customized as per your requirement then this below is those apps which will sort you out:

Granth - Flutter eBook App + Admin Panel

1 – List of Available Books

The list of available books is one of the most relevant features because with the help of adaptive machine learning and AI technology which enables the available books as per user’s behaviour like which books they like to read and how much they read those books. 

For keeping a list of books, it should be the perfect way of listing both that are downloaded and are ready to read. And usual category list is based on genres like non-fiction, romance, historical, professional, and also the status of the book which is the most popular a demand or on length or on ratings. 

2 – Store & Sync your Favorite Books 

It is for sure that you also know what I mean by Store & Sync your Favourite Books is by storing and adding them to your favourite list. This feature will not only help you but also your reader, he or she can have quick access to their reading list books.

They just have to lower their eBook apps cache and they can read their book even when they are offline without disturbance. 

3 – Reader Friendly-Interface 

An app has to have a Reader-friendly interface which will make them, well designed and have an amazing experience. Every little detail assists, many interactions in common use are based on the real-world experience of reading paper books. 

If you are looking for an app that comes with the whole app then I have mentioned before apps are the one: 

4 – Gamification of Reading 

If someone is regularly reading books from your app, then you can give them a reward like how long have been reading!

Like how long have they been reading, keep their reading hours counting and then evaluate it all then tell them at week ending on how long hours they have been continuously reading and many more things 

5 – Social Integration 

You can gain lots of benefits from using social media, everyone can share their opinion on different books which they read. And why they like the book. 

With the help of social media, they can share their thoughts and have a group discussion with a knowledge mindset. And it also helps in many more things by being socially active. 


As seen before, steps are given to start up your own eBook app in the fastest way and easiest way possible, follow these simple steps before starting your own eBook App, you will be able to kickstart your app and stand out unique way far than others. 

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