5 Essential Features To Build A Great Handyman App


With an increasing number of customers using mobile devices as their primary means of communication with call centers, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to ensure that customers using mobile devices have a positive experience when they contact them – regardless of the communications platform they choose. 

Many businesses are now operating online, and some may even have their own apps to make it easier for their clients or consumers to hire their services. With respect to the current technology, you will agree on making a well-functioning handyman app for customers. 

If you have extensive knowledge and abilities in house repair and maintenance, a handyman app is an excellent tool for you. You get everything, from helping you manage your business to developing it!

A handyman app is a platform that offers a variety of expert services such as home repair and maintenance on both the exterior and interior of a home. 

Your customers may book a variety of services such as cleaning, plumbing, pest control, painting, and more with a Handyman Services App in only a few clicks! All they have to do is log into your Handyman Marketplace choose a service, pick a date and time, and pay.

Now comes the 5 Essential key features that are required to build a Handyman App

1) Managing Line ups 

Handyman Service - Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution | Iqonic Design

We live in a fast-paced, hectic world where convenience is essential. As a result, make this a high focus while developing your handyman app. This means you’ll need to incorporate tools that allow users to make and cancel appointments, as well as pre-book expert handyman services at their preferred time and location. Furthermore, your application manager will have easier time managing professionals and their working hours.

To stand out from the pack, your app should also have a cancellation function that allows consumers to cancel services at the last minute without incurring a price.

2) Guidance and DIY videos:

Users are more attracted to and appreciate apps that go above and above with their features, believe me. Post tutorials, videos, and basic suggestions on a regular basis to pass on knowledge and make them feel like they’re part of a larger learning group. You can also make movies to aid consumers in resolving simple problems in their homes.

Visual content is more engaging, and providing the material that covers themes like home décor, cleaning, organizing, and throwing house parties will attract more users. This shows that your handyman app goes above and beyond basic services, and your app will undoubtedly win some hearts!

3) Compensation Methods

Handyman Service - Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution | Iqonic Design

Inconvenient payment methods can lead to a poor customer experience, which can harm the business. Include a variety of payment alternatives, such as card payments, payment gateways, and mobile wallets, to make payments easier. Furthermore, any payments made through the app should be quick and safe.

Make well-known payment methods available rather than new and unexpected payment options, because difficult payment options or unsuccessful transactions might cause customers to feel insecure or frustrated.

4) Venu Tracking

Handyman Service - Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution | Iqonic Design

After consumers have confirmed services, giving them the option to track the handyman will allow them to know the handyman’s exact location and expected arrival time. It is also incredibly beneficial for the handyman to be able to locate the customer’s location and come on time. This feature includes the following:

  • The use of GPS to capture an area
  • Submission GPS location reporting
  • Map placement
  • Monitoring the work system

You may get detailed reports on all ongoing activity thanks to real-time tracking.

5) Estimates and Revisions 

Handyman Service - Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution | Iqonic Design

In the handyman application, each user should have the option to rate and review the service provider for their respective services. In the Handyman application, all users should need to have the option to rate and review on the basis of how they have received service.  These are valuable tools for existing and new customers to learn about the quality of services they can expect from the service provider/handyman.

On the other side, bad ratings and reviews that are given show the disappointed customers, it provides you with an opportunity to evaluate the workforce and replace an underperforming worker with more effective ones.

Now let me introduce to you a tool that includes all these top 5 features and also makes your work super easy. 

Handyman Service – Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution

Handyman Service - Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution | Iqonic Design

With the Handyman Flutter Home Service App app, you can start your own mobile-based online On-Demand Home Services business. This excellent app’s adjustable templates may let developers easily build up a service booking system that accepts bookings from clients from anywhere in just a few minutes.

This Home Service Provider app comes with ready-to-use Sign-in pages, Sign up pages, Payment options pages, Booking lists, Service Type demos, Handyman detail pages, Coupon pages, and more, allowing businesses to have a fully functional booking service system app in no time.

This Home Service provider app software has a Laravel PHP admin panel that provides useful information via the admin dashboard and statistics. With this software, you may assign multiple roles and permissions, such as Admin, Service Provider, Handyman, and Customers.

This Handyman Service software also has support for several languages and RTL. This fully customizable, ready-to-use software has support for both light and dark themes, as well as push notifications for more interactive client engagement.


The ability to set appointments with only a few touches on the screen is one of the nicest features that your Flutter Home Service app should have. Customers do not want to waste time on the phone attempting to schedule an appointment, nor do they want to drive to a physical place to interact with someone. Your app should also have a real-time chat option that allows consumers to speak with their handyman while the service is being completed.

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