7 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Tables, Charts, and Graphs


Your postings get more credibility when you include more insightful information. Finding data is not difficult these days (thanks to the Internet), but the real challenge is making it easy for readers to understand. It is difficult for readers to get the message when the data and figures are continually presented. They eventually become bored! It does, however, work when data is presented visually, like in tables, charts, and graphs.

Now, a lot of people utilize photos, default tables, or embedding charts to give that visual impression, which is not an easy method to do. This is due to the fact that updating the data would not be possible using this way.

You need a dynamic solution for this, which can be provided by qualified WP plugins. Fortunately, there are many fantastic plugins available for streamlining the process of producing dynamic and gorgeous images.

WordPress plugins for tables and charts 

1) GraphinaFirebase WordPress Plugin

Graphina - Firebase WordPress Plugin | Iqonic Design

It is much simpler to digest information when presented in colorful charts and graphs, according to Graphina (Add-on) – WordPress Chart and Graph. To provide your data credibility and context, a WordPress plugin integrating Firebase is essential. 

For marketers and business owners, the Firebase WordPress Plugin makes it easier to create an informative and dynamic categorization of information. For managers and business leaders, sorting through all the information can be time-consuming and intimidating. The Graphina – Chart and Graph WordPress plugin with Firebase streamlines the information in a visually appealing manner.

A flexible plugin based on well-liked Apex charts is the WordPress chart plugin with Firebase. This Firebase WordPress Plugin is the best solution if you want our statistics organized or want to generate reports.

Highlights Features : 

  • 12+ Firebase-based dynamic charts
  • Several possibilities for easy customization
  • Support for CodeCanyon customers for six months is included.
  • Detailed Users Manual and Installation Guide
  • tested and verified to work with WordPress 5+

2) wpDataTables


With its simple-to-create tables, charts, and graphs, the top-rated WordPress plugin wpDataTables enables you to handle your data with ease. It is trusted by over 30,000 enterprises. This plugin can handle any form of data you need to portray, including statistical, financial, commercial, and other types of data.

From data sources like Excel, Google Spreadsheet, CSV, MySQL query, JSON, XML, PHP, etc., you can quickly generate tables in WP.

Follow these three steps to use wpDataTables:

Add information to the table. You can do this by manually entering the information or by uploading a file, URL, or MySQL query.

Adjust the table to your specifications, such as responsiveness, conditional formatting, and editability.

After saving the table, insert it into your post.

3) WP Responsive Table

WP Responsive Table

WP Responsive Table is an excellent option if you’re seeking an economical yet powerful WP plugin. Charts.js allows you to build charts and supports seven different types of charts, including polar, radar, pie, bar, doughnut, and line charts.

Data can be manually entered or directly uploaded using CSV files. Additionally, it offers CSV templates so that you can preview the structure of the data before uploading it. On smaller displays, you can use this plugin to horizontally scroll HTML tables. It may therefore simply suit the screen properly.

4) amCharts


An invitation to irritation is sent when adding JavaScript maps and charts to a WordPress article. It is a result of WP eliminating all JavaScript material. By allowing you to produce code snippets of a chart that you can place into your post or page in the form of a shortcode, amCharts saves you the hassle of having to do this.

Additionally, a PHP function can be used to call the generated chart in a template. You won’t need to add JavaScript libraries to your theme code if you use this WP plugin because it will take care of everything. The footer of the page will automatically contain all the JavaScript libraries you might require.

5) Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator

With over 30,000 installations, Data Tables Generator by Supsystic can automatically construct responsive tables. To change the size of the table, you can also choose to turn off this feature. Your table can have as many rows and columns as you need, and your charts and graphs can be sorted and filtered as well.

Additionally, you can choose the background color and text, as well as their horizontal and vertical alignment. This plugin provides a range of various charts, including area charts, line charts, pie charts, bar charts, column charts, and bubble charts, because different types of data require different sorts of representations.

6) M Chart

M Chart

M Chart is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a free WordPress plugin. Through the use of the Highcharts or Chart.js chart libraries, you can display data as charts. The charts may be embedded in your article using a short code, and you can manage all the data sets using a spreadsheet interface.

You can choose whether or not you are permitted for remote embedding by using the “general settings” found under “M Chart Settings.” You can choose from four different styles of charts: line, bar, pie, and column.

7) Premium Charts for Elementor

Premium Charts for Elementor

Using Premium Charts for Elementor, you can easily create beautiful charts and graphs in the Elementor Page Builder. It makes the claim to be the first advanced Elementor widget, offering a variety of customization options to assist you in building charts.

Seven distinct types of charts are supported by this plugin. These chart styles use different data sets, and everything is done inside of Elementor, where the data is rendered in real-time.

Using this tool, you may make both linear and logarithmic charts. Although it comes with a linear scale by default, you can switch to a logarithmic scale if necessary. You can exhibit data tastefully to meet your website’s color scheme with effective customization.


Even with so many options available on the market, Graphina is still my personal favorite for the following reasons:

More than 100 different chart versions that are easily adaptable are included in the Graphina – Chart and Graph WordPress plugin with Firebase. An installation instruction that is comprehensive enough to get you started with data visualisation is included in the WordPress Chart Plugin with Firebase bundle.

The most recent WordPress 5+ version has been tested and is compatible with the Graphina – Firebase WordPress Plugin. Professional technical customer support and help are provided with the Graphina – Chart and Graph WordPress plugin with Firebase. This Chart & Graph WordPress plugin with Firebase is incredibly versatile and flexible because it is cross-browser compatible.

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