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There is a multitude of different file managers on the market these days, but very few of them come with a dashboard. Those that do often include useless features and end up taking up more space than they’re worth. That’s not the case with Iqonic Design’s File Manager Dashboard, which is not only highly functional but also extremely lightweight. 

Here are five fantastic ways to put it to use for your ultimate benefit: 


Upon launching files, you’ll be delivered to a major display that has tabs: clean and skim. Beneath smooth, you can unfasten up the area with just a few taps. Delete vintage photos and memes from chat apps, do away with replica documents, erase unused apps, clear your cache, and more. You’ll even get a spark off to eliminate junk or transient documents, in addition to helpful guidelines about documents to erase earlier than you run out of space.


If you choose the Browse tab, placed at the lowest of the documents app, you’ll be added to a screen that permits you to find documents on your device via types, such as downloads, obtained documents, pix, videos, audio, and documents. Sincerely look for your documents or navigate to them via classes and filters. From there, you can manipulate documents, whether you need to view, delete, pass, rename, or proportion them.

In case you want to hold a record for all time, choose it from the files menu and again it as much as Google Power or some other cloud garage app.

Share Offline  

The percentage offline function used to have its tab however it can now be observed on the pinnacle left of the menu (three horizontal strains). Once you supply the app with the required permissions, it will help you percentage your pictures, films, files, or apps with others nearby at a fast speed up to 480Mbps.

It works without the internet, too. Just pair up your cellphone with everybody close by who has Filed. The app makes use of Bluetooth to set up an encrypted and direct fast Wi-Fi connection. 

Plus, in case you run out of storage for your telephone, documents will let you switch massive documents or videos to your SD card if you have one.

Finding Files

When you download, capture, or create a record on your Android smartphone, it’s not usually obvious where it’s saved. Documents using Google make it clean to navigate folders for your tool to discover the object you need.

Encrypt Private Folder  

If you have personal pictures or sensitive files stored on your smartphone, you gained want them to be displayed in documents with the aid of Google. Instead, you can use the app’s safe Folder feature to relax these files from snoopers.

Safe Folder lets you create an encrypted, PIN-covered folder. This locks robotically while you navigate away so that nobody else can get the right of entry to the documents, snapshots, films, and different files stored in it.

File Manager Dashboard By Iqonic Design – Hope UI Pro 

File Manager Dashboard By Iqonic Design - Hope UI Pro 

Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component

Building a custom application from scratch may be pretty complex and time-consuming. Luckily, with the help of a pre-built factor like Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin template seasoned, it’s viable to create an effective and complex record manager dashboard distinctly quickly. 

The number one purpose of the back of the Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component project is to provide an easy, practical, and effortlessly customizable report manager for ordinary use. You could carry out your everyday mission together by copying, transferring, and looking with no trouble using the Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin template.

  • Drag and Drop Support 
  • Easily Customizable 
  • Beautiful UI elements 
  • 3 Modes theme Support 
  • Storage Details 
  • Activity Chart 
  • Cloud Storage 
  • Recently Added Files 
  • 7+ Folders Viewing Option


File manager dashboard tools are a great way to manage and organize your files. They are often more functional than traditional file managers, and they are usually lightweight and easy to use. Iqonic Design’s File Manager Dashboard is a great example of a file manager dashboard that is both highly functional and lightweight.

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