Simplifying Charts For Your Business: Use Cases For WordPress Site Owners


In recent years, sales and marketing technology has been giving out powerful tools for collecting data and analyzing data from our perspective and customers. And keeping that kind we have come up with tools which will provide value to our clients.

As a business owner, you likely have a lot of data that you need to track and monitor regularly. This data can come from website analytics, sales figures, customer data, and more. To make this Data Visualization more manageable and less overwhelming, it’s often helpful to visualize it in the form of charts and graphs. 

Every here and there, there is a breakthrough in technology that will teach us to understand the data and provide insights that will tend to increase the range of activity of sales and marketing. A recent breakthrough involves easily collecting data from multiple data sources, and then creating visual displays that enhance our ability to interpret and take action from sales and marketing activity and trends. 

Following are a few use cases for data visualization

1) Identifying trends 

Sales and marketing are some of the most relevant and important professionals to identify trends in the data required. explanation and sort it out. A most common use is to have a look at the blog traffic and compare it to the last month or a couple of weeks back. Research found that interactive and engaging blogs bring out over 50% of the site traffic. Just like this blog that I am writing right now! Lol! 

So a marketer concludes that new blog posts, will be effective and bring a significant increase in traffic. 

2) Monitoring Goals

Now this use case is all about slowly but with a fine pace moving towards your goal or multiple goals. Take a look at sales performance and compare it to the quarterly goals for the revenue. Now get a resolution of overall performance and could lead to some actions and achieving goals. Focus on the team while the deal is being created or realize why major deals are stitched with negotiations. 

3) Being known when changes occur 

An intellective sales manager is a highly appreciative sales manager. A sales manager needs to keep himself/herself updated with the latest significant deals. As new deals are coming, a notification email should pop out to the sales manager, who will examine the new deals more thoroughly in the CRM and have a talk with the sales reps who are working on closing the deal. 

4) Diversity Data 

It can be tough to track the performance of your marketing channels and determine which are most effective. Luckily, we have created a visualization that summarizes website page views, Facebook page views, visits, and contacts by source and keyword performance over the last 30 days. This data can help marketers better understand which channels are most successful.

5) Accessing Data Remotely

Because we live in a mobile world, it’s essential to have access to critical data anywhere, anytime. This is especially true for sales and marketing people. The manager needs mobile access to their CRM when working in the field or remotely. Marketers will need regular summaries of their KPIs to make agile adjustments to campaigns for optimizing results. 

Graphina – Best WordPress Data Visualization Plugin

Data Visualization

Graphina is a great Elementor Charts and Graphs plugin that lets you create unique charts and graphs. It’s essential to have both good data consumption and data visualization for any site owner. Making things easier and more appealing with the best WordPress chart plugin can make a big difference.

Graphina is a great WordPress plugin that makes it easy for developers to display data in a visually appealing way. Elementor charts and graphs are highly customizable and allow developers to create the perfect graph or chart for their website.

Apex Charts, Elementor Charts and Graphs, and Graphina – WordPress charts and graphs are all great options for creating Data visualisations on your webpage. These plugins are essential for business professionals and presenters who need to create reports and statistics. 

1000+ Variations 

15+ Unique Charts 

100+ Customization Options 

  • Data-Driven 
  • User-Friendly 
  • No coding Knowledge Required 
  • Multiple Google Fonts 
  • Real-time Customization 
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