The Simplest Data Visualization Plugin To Create Business Presentation And Reports


The ability to process data can become a competitive advantage these days and having a Data Visualization plugin to do it for us is a blessing. Having the ability to conclude data through graphs, charts, data tables, and counters can help entrepreneurs make better decisions and save overheads.

Using data visualization formats like WordPress charts and graphs in business presentations and reports helps recapping research findings, sales, and profit reports, and summarise the performance of each department. 

Data Visualization In Business Today

As a business, entrepreneurs keep on digging through enormous amounts of data for every single product, service, competitor, and offering in general. Data visualization plays a brilliant role in transforming this chunky data into insightful reports and visual presentations for simplifying the decision-making process. 

The simplest definition of data visualization is the presentation of data in a graphical format to make decision-making quicker and easier. Understanding trends, outliers, and patterns in data is a part of an entrepreneur and decision-maker to meet short-term and long-term goals.

From weekly data on Sales, Purchases, and Profits, to annual Sales reports, product reports, and more, having a data visualization tool to create pictorial charts and graphs gives you the power to make calculative action plans.

Website owners and managers use data visualization tools to analyze data efficiently. For making more informed decisions based on data, the WordPress charts and graphs plugin comes in very handy. Without complicated data analytical knowledge or coding expertise, WordPress data visualization plugins extend the power to churn gigantic numbers into sensible data in minutes. 

Data visualization also makes it easier to see the correlation of independent variables on the product and communicate the insights to relevant departments. We have our hands on the most powerful WordPress Charts and Graphs plugin GRAPHINA to create impressive and highly dynamic WordPress Charts and Graphs from your WordPress site.

First, we will see what type of data visualization formats businesses today use for presentations and business reports. 

Business presentation examples come in various forms, including interactive dashboards, visually appealing infographics, engaging slideshows, and captivating videos, all of which leverage data visualization techniques to convey information effectively.

Types of WordPress Data Visualization For Business 

Online businesses have myriad ways of visualizing data and with various types of WordPress Data Visualization, it is possible to categorize any form of data in the most stunning and meaningful ways. 

Some of the most specific types of WordPress Data Visualization business uses are as follows: 

Line Charts

The most frequently used chart solution is Line Charts in business. Line charts are ideal for business reports to show trends over a period of time. 

Pie Charts

Graphina – Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin | Iqonic Design

Pie charts are aesthetically pleasing data visualization formats and ideally visualize the data as the proportional parts of a whole. 

Radar Charts

Working on business appraisals and review process? A Radar chart comes to the rescue. Ideally, this chart helps manage quality improvement, as it displays performance metrics. 

Data Tables

With the ability to display a range of outputs, Data Tables are mostly used to perform sensitivity analysis for Financial reporting and valuations. 

Most Popular WordPress Data Visualization Plugins / Tools For Businesses

Data-driven decision-making can be a fractured process and each step of the funnel is critical to plan the next action plan for the product. WordPress Data Visualization plugins can help map charts and show the journey of how the target audience perceives products and promotions projected by the business.

Below are the top data visualization plugins WordPress site owners can totally count on. 

Graphina – Data Visualization WordPress Plugin

The super colossal data visualization WordPress plugin – Graphina comes with extensive potential to empower WordPress Elementor, site owners. Making WordPress charts and graphs easier, quicker, and fun, Graphina is a ruthlessly effective WordPress charts solution

The free version of Graphina features more than 14+ Graphs and Charts options with over 1000+ variations to check out. Graphina comes with business-specific charts like WordPress Line Chart, Column Chart, Nested Column Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Donut Chart, and more.

For more specific, tech-driven SaaS or technology businesses there are chart options like Radar charts, Radial charts, Bubble charts, Polar charts, Heatmap charts, Timeline, Mix charts, Data Tables, and Counters. The premium version of this powerful data visualization plugin Graphina Pro comes with the ability to dynamically build charts that are highly interactive.

With Ajax-based auto-reloading, User ID-based restrictions, Real-time change options, Scatter Chart, Conditional Colors, Filters, and External MYSQL connectivity, Graphina Pro – WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugin is ready to take over any WordPress charting requirements. 


Tableau is yet another popular data visualization tool that translates raw pieces of data into valuable insights.  Assisting businesses in collecting and interpreting data from various sources such as spreadsheets, cloud apps, and Salesforce, Tableau allows users to build interactive dashboards through operating worksheets.

With a distinguishing feature of handling large amounts of data and complex statistical analysis, Tableau is great for large organizations. The only drawback we found was it takes time to import data. 


Visualizer is the most used WordPress charts plugin and comes with a simple, easy-to-use tool to create, manage, and embed charts & tables into your WordPress pages.  Using Google Visualization API,, and ChartJS, Visualizer adds animated charts to the website in no time without any technical expertise.  

The Future of WordPress Data Visualization Plugins In Any Business Industry 

Create visually appealing charts and graphs in literally minutes. By mapping out data visually it is not only easier to digest the important information but also make data-driven decisions.

Without any analytical expertise, you can now discover key patterns, significant trends compelling co-relations between campaigns and offerings, and more. The future of business is data-driven and summarizing this data is one of the best practices that will prosper eventually. 


Take your reports to the east level using these impressive WordPress Data Visualization plugins. The attention span of a layman is about 8 seconds and ensuring the data is consumed in a meaningful way in these 8 seconds is only possible with data visualization.

Download the free version of Graphina to get started with WordPress charts and Graphs for your business. If you run a niche business and wish to go a level above with data, the premium Graphina Pro is available being the most powerful WordPress Charts plugin that ever existed on WordPress. 

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