Why Graphina WordPress Charts And Graphs Plugin You Need On Your Website


Graphina is a WordPress plugin that makes adding charts and graphs to your website ridiculously easy. No more struggling with Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets to create data visualizations for your blog posts or presentations. With Graphina, you can create beautiful, professional-quality WordPress charts and graphs in minutes, without having to learn coding or design.

In today’s data-driven world, it’s more important than ever to communicate data insights effectively and graphically. Graphina – WordPress charts and graphs plugin can help you do just that.

Graphina – Data Visualization WordPress Plugin

Graphina - Data Visualization WordPress Plugin | Iqonic Design

Now build responsive, fully customizable tables and charts without wasting your developmental time. 

Few reasons to grab Graphina – Data visualization WordPress plugin before you miss out on any chance – 

Edit Charts Instantly

Edit charts more often and you can also see how they look in real time. 

Keep Pages responsive  

Charts will fit any size of the screen with its built-in cross-browser compatibility and mobile compatibility. 

Customize the charts

Each chart can be styled and can give you a taste by customizing the chart as per your requirements. 

Quickly import data from multiple sources

Importing data using multiple sources like Google Sheets, SQL builder, CSV, External API, etc. 

Engage your Site through WordPress Charts and Graphs

Multiple Options 

15+ Varieties in WordPress charts and graphs out of those attractive choose the right chart that would appropriately fit your data. 

Interactive charts 

Now create engaging and creative WordPress charts and graphs while able to customize their color and designs as per your requirement. 

Synchronize your data 

Now synchronize your data online in minimal time by using multiple resources. 

Create charts from your activities

There are many ways to create charts based on information about your WordPress charts installation. For example, you can track the number of posts, pages, or attachments on your site. You could do this for your knowledge or to show your users how active your site is.

Viewers Restriction 

With the Viewer restriction feature, you can control who can view or edit your WordPress charts. You can allow only certain editors to modify charts, or you can allow anyone to modify the data on-page!

Click here and be a part of our 65k+ Graphina adopters. 


If you’re looking for an easy way to add a WordPress charts and graphs plugin to your WordPress website, look no further than Graphina Pro – Elementor charts and graphs. This WordPress plugin makes adding data visualization in WordPress a breeze, without requiring any coding or design skills. So if you want to add WordPress charts and graphs to your blog posts or presentations, be sure to check out Graphina.

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