5 Latest Free WordPress Themes Lite Versions To Check Out (Startups Guide)


WordPress is a great platform for building websites. A big part of its success is the release of themes and plugins, which allow you to change the look and feel of your site, adding new functionality in the process. While there are many paid WordPress themes, there are also plenty of Free WordPress Themes Lite Versions. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best free WordPress themes.

Below is the Secret Tip for the Startups  


By evolution, I don’t mean that Evolution is necessary in every way. Just like that your audience or your site visitor who is visiting your site needs to see something new. 

So, the WordPress themes that I am going to share with you are their evolution. These WordPress themes are not like other themes, once made don’t come with any new updates. 

Updates according to community needs

This theme comes with regular new updates, and keep in mind that those updates are done and come with thorough research on what the community is demanding and what is helpful for them. 


With Unique I mean that your site’s layout should stay unique! Because the unique layout is what will catch people’s eyes because it will be something that no one has ever seen before. 

As I said these themes are created for the needs of the community, so by all means they will serve something new and beautiful every time.

The WordPress themes that are going to be shared are user-friendly and gorgeous.


By support, I mean that there is the latest element or page builder, where you can build your pages without learning coding by just dragging and dropping the widgets. 

The latest Elementor Page Builder will be supported in all these themes.

Were those secret tips informative for you? Of course Yes! Lol! 

In the end, you will find if this blog is helpful then I would suggest you choose a positive option, and let me say that I appreciate it that you are reading this right now!!

Below are the 5 themes that have been qualified with all the qualities needed in WordPress themes – 

1) Xamin Lite – Best Free Data Science WordPress Theme 

Xamin Lite | Best Free Data Science WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

If you need a website for your business or if you run a Data Science and Analytical agency, Xamin Lite is the perfect theme to use. This Free Data Analytics WordPress Theme comes with powerful features, including the Elementor page builder. With this page builder, you can create web pages without any coding knowledge.

Xamin Lite is the perfect Elementor WordPress Theme for Data Science and AI-based business projects. It’s designed to be easily customizable, so you can create a website that fits your needs. Plus, it includes all the features you need to showcase your data analytics work.

Why Xamin Lite is the Best Free Data Science WordPress Theme? 

Looking for a WordPress theme that will work for your data science or AI project? Take a look at Xamin Lite. This Elementor-based theme is perfect for a wide range of business applications and includes customizable home pages, inner pages, and UI elements. Plus, the Contact page makes it easy to get in touch with you.

If you’re looking to create a website for a data science or analytics-based business, the Free Data Science and Analytics SaaS WordPress Theme is a great option. This theme is designed with a professional look and functionality that will help you launch your site quickly and easily.

2) Sofbox Lite – Tech and SaaS Multipurpose Software WordPress Theme

Sofbox Lite | Tech and SaaS Multipurpose Software WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

Sofbox is a great Tech and SAAS Multipurpose WordPress Theme for startups and businesses. It’s rich in demo pages that are designed to save time and energy in development. Using only the latest technologies, this theme is future-proof and highly adaptable to any small to mid-sized scale of business.

With its cutting-edge UI design, Softbox – Tech and SaaS Multi-Purpose Software WordPress Theme offers an impressive array of UI elements, effects, and animations that make your website stand out and provide the best user experience. SofBox Lite is one of the best free WordPress themes.

Why Sofbox Lite for Tech and SaaS Multipurpose Software WordPress Theme?

Sofbox – Tech and SaaS Multipurpose Software WordPress Theme is designed to be easy to use and user-friendly. The code is simple and the theme quickly adapts to modern screen sizes. This makes it easy for potential customers to understand what Sofbox is all about.

With Sofbox – Tech and SaaS Multipurpose Software Theme, you can create an amazing website without having to worry about coding or design. The theme comes with a stylish menu bar, CTA buttons, hover effects, and professionally coded inner pages. You can also use the theme’s blog section to keep your website updated with the latest news and trends in the industry.

3) Cafe XP – Best Free Modern Coffee House WordPress Themes

Cafe XP | Best Free Modern Coffee House WordPress Themes | Iqonic Design

Introducing CafeXP Lite – the best Free WordPress Theme for modern coffee houses. This theme is perfect for highlighting the best aspects of your cafe or high-end bistro-styled business. If you want to launch a website for an exquisite restaurant, food eatery spot, cafe, or bar, this theme is an ideal fit.

Why Cafe XP Lite is the Best Free Modern Coffee House WordPress Themes? 

WordPress technology is used to create CafeXP Lite – Best Free Modern Coffee House WordPress Themes, which is compatible with the latest browsers. Elementor, a popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin is used to create the Free Elementor WordPress Theme for Coffee House. This theme is easy to use, even if you don’t have coding expertise.

4) Dotware Lite – Best Free WordPress Theme for App Landing Page

Dotware Lite | Best Free WordPress Theme for App Landing Page| Iqonic Design

When you have an app and a website, and use Dotware – the best free WordPress theme for App Landing pages – your customer conversion rate will go through the roof.

Dotware is a highly attractive landing page theme that comes with pre-designed home and inner pages, so you can customize it to fit your project’s needs. This free responsive WordPress Theme for App landing pages helps connect with customers more effectively.

With Elementor, the powerful drag-and-drop WordPress page builder, Dotware lets you edit pages in real-time preview. So you can create an App Landing page quickly and easily.

Why Dotware Lite is the Best Free WordPress theme for App Landing page 

As people become more obsessed with mobile apps, Dotware – the best Free WordPress theme for the App Landing pages – continues to rise in popularity. With a creative-looking header, design sections, menu styles, and footer, this free WordPress theme is perfect for anyone looking to create an app landing page. Plus, adding exemplary images and a retina-ready design layout is easy with the Elementor WordPress Theme for App Landing Page.

5) Knost Lite – Best Free Creative Agency and Digital Studio WordPress Theme

Knost Lite | Best Free Creative Agency and Digital Studio WordPress Theme |  Iqonic Design

Design agencies and creative studies tend to change their style and representation a lot. Knost Lite is a modern-day, innovative Creative Agency and Digital Studio WordPress theme that focuses on web design trends and features. This free Elementor WordPress theme has a logo placement, clean and elegant-looking sliders, and Call to Action buttons, and is perfect for showcasing your best portfolio and work on pre-designed inner pages. 

Why Knost Lite is the Best Free Creative Agency and Digital Studio WordPress Theme?

The Elementor WordPress Theme for Creative Agency is about launching a wonderful small to mid-sized agency website. It offers easy customization options in real-time preview, powered by a classic drag-and-drop page builder WordPress plugin Elementor.


Whether you’re starting a new blog or just looking for a change of pace, we think you’ll find one of these themes to your liking. All of them are available as lite versions, so you can try them out before committing to a purchase. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy these themes!

And a little Reminder all of these themes are available in the Premium Version too, try out the free version and then make an update to the Premium Version. 

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